CSGO Jump Throw Bind – Learn How to Jump Throw

csgo jump throw bind

The CSGO Jump throw bind is a specific set of commands that a player needs to input in order to be able to execute a jump throw by pressing a single button. While the jump throw is normally performed when you hold your left click, jump, and then release the left click to throw a grenade further, it is a lot harder than it sounds which is why many players choose to create a simple bind and bind all of the actions mentioned to a single key.

What is a CSGO Jumpthrow?

Jumpthrow is a technique in CSGO which players can utilize in order to jump and throw any sort of grenade simultaneously. Doing this allows the player to jump and throw the grenade far away, much further than the regular throw which in turn allows the player to land a smoke grenade further, or throw flashbangs over tall buildings in order to gain an advantage over the enemy team.

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It is worth noting jump throw works with all grenades including Molotov, however, it is very difficult to successfully perform. In order to perfectly execute a jump throw, the player is required to unlock the grenade, jump, and as he is jumping release throw the grenade in the desired direction. As mentioned, the jump throw is very difficult to perform and only a small number of players can execute it manually, which is why many choose to go with the Jumpthrow bind.

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Jump Throw Bind Commands

There are two different ways to go about creating the jump throw bind while both of them are relatively easy, they both require you to know specific commands. The two examples below will walk you through the different methods, and while both of them are the same in terms of what they do, the first one is will allow you to keep your settings after you configure them the first time. If you choose to go with the second option, you will have to input your settings every time you start the game.

The CSGO Autoexec.cfg file

The first thing that you will need to do in order to create an Autoexec.cfg file is head to you

Once there you will need to create a new text document that you will need to name autoexec.cfg so your game will be able to read it as a configuration file later. Once you have successfully created your config file, you are ready to start creating your CSGO jump throw bind.

Open you newly created config file and type out the following set bind command lines:

alias “+jumpthrow” “+jump;-attack”

alias “-jumpthrow” “-jump”

bind “alt” “+jumpthrow”

The bind “alt” “+jumpthrow command will ensure that your two actions will bind to a single specific key, in our case, it is the “alt” key but you can use any one key that you prefer. After you have done so, simply click on the “X” in the corner of your document to close it and click save when prompted the option to do so. Congratulations, you have successfully created your CSGO jump throw bind.

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Using Binds via the CSGO Console

Another way to create jump throw binds is through the use of the developer console. To use the console, you will have to enable it in the game settings, and once you do, you can toggle it by pressing the “~” key.

Upon opening the console the first command that you should enter in is the alias “+jumpthrow” “+jump;-attack” and then press enter. Command-line number two should be alias “-jumpthrow” “-jump” and once again, after you have successfully entered it, press enter. Finally, the last command that you should input is “bind “v” “+jumpthrow” and with the last press of the enter key, you will be done. Congratulations, you can now jump and throw your grenade with a single key. No more need to jump and click one of your mouse buttons to perform a jump throw. You can also simply paste everything into one command line like so: alias “+jumpthrow” “+jump;-attack”; alias “-jumpthrow” “-jump”; bind “v” “+jumpthrow”.

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How to Use The CSGO Jump Throw Bind?

Using the Jump Throw Bind in CSGO is very simple and anyone can do it regardless of skill and experience. Provided that you have set everything up as showed above and that you didn’t make any mistakes when entering your commands, executing a perfect Jump Throw in the game should be relatively easy.

The first thing that you need to do is purchase your grenades and know where you want to throw them. Once this is settled, the first thing that you will need to do is take the position and aim in the direction in which you want to throw your grenade. Upon doing so, click the left mouse button to remove the pin from the grenade and hold the left mouse button until you are ready to throw your grenade. Keep in mind that if you hold the grenade for too long like that, it will damage your health. Lastly, press the button that you have chosen to bind with the jump throw command, in our case, the “alt” button.

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Whether it is allowed to use the CSGO jump throw bind in competitive CSGO matchmaking differs from one match to the next and while there are many comments that differ in opinion, today we will be answering that question once and for all. In regular matchmaking ESEA, FACEIT, and even most professional CSGO tournaments it is perfectly legal to use the jump throw bind so you should have no problems. However, there are some tournaments in which “alias” commands are forbidden, so you should always check the rules and regulations of each tournament every time just to be on the safe side.

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In this article, we will be focusing on what jump throw is, how to make a jump throw bind, and what commands you need to use to bind your jump throw key. We will also be showing you how to successfully perform a jump throw, what is the jump throw command used for as well as whether it is allowed to use this kind of binds during counter strike global offensive tournaments.

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