CS:GO Riot Shield: Where to Buy It and Do You Actually Need It

In 2021, the Counter Strike community was buzzing when Riot Shields were added to Casual mode as part of the Operation Riptide update. This move on Valve’s part changed everything we previously knew about Hostage Rescue.But what is this all about? What exactly is Riot Shield and do you even need it? In this article, we will answer all your questions. With us, you’ll find out whether Riot Shield is actually worth all the fuss.

So let’s get started.

What Is A Riot Shield?

Riot Shield in Counter Strike: Global Offensive performs the functions of any other shield available in a computer game. It allows you to protect yourself from attacks, or in this case from enemy bullets. Which, of course, means that it is quite a useful gadget in one’s inventory. However, it is not unlimited. Each hit on our shield inflicts damage to it, which will eventually cause it to break.

Some Important Features of the CS GO Riot Shield:

  • Shields don’t protect from Melee Attacks
  • Having the shield (either actively or in one’s inventory) reduces the player’s speed
  • The damage inflicted to the shield = Base Damage x Penetration Power
  • When equipped, the shield protects the player’s front
  • When carried, the shield protects the player’s back
  • The Riot Shield has its own inventory slot
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Were Riot Shields Available Before?

Yes, Riot Shields were available in the game before. Previously they were known as Battle Shields. However, these were a Danger Zone exclusive, which meant that you could only equip them in that mode. In September of 2021, Valve made the decision to also add them to Casual mode, specifically for Hostage Rescue.

What is the Danger Zone mode?

Danger Zone is a game mode that was designed as Valve Corporation’s response to the growing popularity of Battle Royal games. It involves 18 players being thrown into an arena that gets smaller as time passes (thus forcing them to confront each other). The last person standing wins the game. Here is a full tutorial on how Danger Zone works.

Additionally, If you want to learn about some cool new Danger Zone maps, visit our blog where you can read all about them!

What is the Hostage Game Mode?

Hostage Rescue is a mode that (as the name implies) relies on the C side’s goal to rescue the hostages and the T side’s goal to prevent it. It has been available in every installment of Counter Strike to date and is one of the so-called “Classic” game modes. This also means that Hostage Rescue is available in both Casual and Competitive matches, but remember that the use of Riot Shield is only possible in Casual mode.

In Global Offensive, there are two hostages on the map who need rescuing, and to win, all you the C side has to do is rescue at least one of them before time runs out.

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How to Get a Riot Shield in CS:GO?

Obtaining the Riot Shield in CS:GO is a piece of cake. Provided that you chose the right game mode, which is the Hostage Rescue mode, the shield will be available for you to purchase in your Buy Menu. It can be found in the heavy section and currently costs $1100.

Do You Actually Need The Riot Shield?

The answer to this question, unfortunately, is not straightforward, because … it depends.

CS:GO Riot Shield can be a really cool and useful gadget that can allow you to dominate the opposing team. There are many moments in the game where being able to hide from gunfire while on the move is of great value. However, you should also be aware of all the negative sides that come with wearing a Riot Shield. As we have already mentioned, players have to deal with a decrease in their movement speed, as well as the fact that the shield does not protect against Melee Weapon attacks. In addition, while wearing the shield, you cannot hold any other weapons.


Whether it’s worth wearing a Riot Shield in CSGO depends entirely on your style of play and the strategy you and your team decide on. However, before you settle on a decision, be sure to read our article so you can compare all the pros and cons.

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