how to bind text in csgo

Gamer’s Guide: How To Bind Text in CSGO?

Updated: August 8, 2022

By learning how to bind text in CSGO, you can allow yourself to program any message you want to be instantly typed in-game with the press of a single button of your choice.

The how to bind text in CSGO console commands is easy to master and simple to execute. In return, it saves you tons of time when it comes to typing common messages during your gameplay.

So, if you want to learn this type of bind command in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, follow this guide.

What Does Bind Mean in CS:GO?

A bind in CSGO involves assigning some type of action to a single bind key on your keyboard. For example, your basic movements in CSGO have bind keys. Usually, these keys are W, A, S, D. You may not know this, but you can actually change these keys, and many other keys, with different ones on your keyboard.

It’s the same when it comes to typing text. The how to bind a text in CSGO bind command lets you type in a custom message and assign it to a key of your choice. Then, when you press this key on your keyboard, the text you wrote previously will instantly get sent to the other players.

csgo how to bind text

How Do You Bind Typing in CS:GO?

There are two important, but very easy, steps for a successful bind command in CSGO.

First up, you have to enable the developer console in the game. This is crucial and must not be skipped. To do this, you must:

  • Launch CS:GO
  • Open the Settings
  • Find the section titled “Enable Developer Console”
  • Toggle this to Yes

Second, you have to open the developer console by pressing the “~” button on your keyboard. Once it is open, you have to use the bind console command such as in the following example.

  • bind [key] “say [message]”

Instead of [key], you have to type in the exact key from your keyboard you want to press in order for this command to activate. Instead of [message], you should type in the exact bind message you want to be displayed in the chat messages.

In real practice, this would look something like this: bind k “say how are you guys?”

bind phrase in csgo

If you want to display a message only for your team chat, you can use this version of the same command:

  • bind [key] “say_team [message]”

How To Bind a Mouse Wheel Jump in CS:GO?

As we mentioned, a bind console command can be assigned to almost any action in CSGO. The same can be done for the jumping action. You can even choose to set the jump action to your mouse wheel button.

Here’s how. All the following commands are related to the mouse wheel and the jump action in CSGO. You can use whichever one you find easiest and most convenient.

  • Open the Developer Console in CSGO and use the following bind mousewheel jump command
  • bind mwheelup +jump to jump when you scroll up, or
  • bind mwheeldown +jump to jump when you scroll down, or

bind text csgo

A few commands in CS GO already have default keys. The jump action is on the space bar by default. To unbind it from this key, you simply need to type in unbind “SPACE” +jump in the developer console

How To Bind Chat in CSGO?

By using the bind [key] “say [message]” console commands, you will be able to bind any desired message. You can also use as many CSGO chat binds as there are available keys on your keyboard. If your keyboard has a Numpad, that’s an excellent option with all the necessary keys to use as your pre-written chat messages.

There are two types of CSGO in-game chat binds you can use. An “all chat” bind or “team chat” binds. If you use the all-chat command, every player in the current game will instantly see your message. If you use the team chat bind, only your team will be able to see it.

Additionally, if someone asks you how to bind phrases in CSGO, this is basically the same thing.

How To Remove Bindings in CS:GO?

Chat binds CSGO are extremely useful and easy to set up. Likewise, they are also easy to remove. All it takes is another simple command that instantly removes any bind you wish.

To remove bindings in CSGO, you need to use the following command:

  • unbind [key]

This command will remove any and all bindings that have been associated with the key that you type in. After that, you will be free to bind the same key once again with a different command of your choice.


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