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csgo server status

Imagine, you just got home after a long day of work and are looking to relax by playing a quick game of CS:GO with your buddies. You log into your account, launch the game, and all of a sudden, you notice that your favorite server is not online.

After a few angry comments, you take a breath and calm down, it is time to consider your alternatives, so let’s take a look at everything you need to know to choose a perfect gaming room for you and your friends.

What CSGO Servers are There?

When it comes to CS: GO servers there are two different types that you may log into, them being the Official CS: GO servers and Community CSGO servers. Between these server groups, there are some very important differences so let’s take a closer look at each of them and even some pros and cons that these gaming rooms may have.

Official Servers

Official servers are CS: GO servers that you can see at the main Play CS: GO screen. This server group hosts a wide variety of popular CS: GO game modes including Competitive Matchmaking, Casual Mode as well as the newer CS: GO modes Wingman and War Games. The biggest advantage that these servers have over the Community servers is the fact that they are always VAC-Protected. This means that this type of server uses the official Valve Anti-Cheat to ensure players that there will be no cheaters present in their lobbies and that they can expect a fair gameplay environment and punish those players who get caught cheating or using any third-party software that is not allowed.

Community Servers

This type of gaming hub is usually hosted by Steam users by using dedicated server tools. Those that are public are usually visible in the Play CSGO screen while the private ones are hidden and/or usually require a password to sign in. Due to being run by players themselves, many of these are not VAC protected and in order to sign in, you will have to be in contact with someone who is an admin, or find the required information on their website if they have one.

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About CSGO Server Status

Whether we are talking about community servers or the official CS: GO servers, there are a few parameters that you should be aware of in order to have a pleasant experience when you join a server and know what kind of servers you should be looking for in the first place.

Among the first important things that you need to consider if you are looking for a perfect server for you and your team to join is latency. In essence, latency is the time that it takes the information from your PC to reach the server and for the server to respond to one or more of your actions. These actions include basic things such as walking, clicking, shooting, and pretty much everything else that you do in Counter-Strike. If the latency is high, the time that it takes for the data to reach the server and back will take longer, and it will result in a choppy experience which players usually refer to as lag.

Server health is another thing that you should keep a close eye and it is usually connected to the CPU usage. Its condition is almost always displayed with color, green for good, yellow for encumbered, and red for malfunctioning.

At last, the third thing you and your team should get some information about the server load. The load is the number of processes that are currently in the queue on the server. The load is affected by the user number and the actions that players perform in the game. Basically, it depicts the overall performance of the server.

How to Check CSGO Server Status?

When it comes to server status, it might seem that you don’t have too many ways to figure out what is really going on behind the scenes as Valve Corporation doesn’t really like to report when their platform or website is experiencing any problems. Lucky for you and many other CS: GO players and Steam users, there is a website or rather several of them that are dedicated to displaying problem reports and other servers related information. These websites are known as server monitoring sites and players can use them to check the status of specific Counter-Strike servers at any date or time.

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If you wish to see if a specific CS: GO server or any other Steam server is experiencing any issues, you can check online by visiting the Staeamstat.us website. The server information will be displayed on the left side of the screen and you can search the website to see if any new changes have developed in the last couple of hours. On this website, you can also see if the CS: GO matchmaking scheduler is working properly as well as other Steam services such as the store.

However, things work out a little differently when we are talking about the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Community servers. You can see a good chunk of information related to them in CS: GO itself such as the latency and even the number of active players. Additional information and server description are also displayed. All these things can vary from one community server to the next which is the reason why any user should log into one that is tailored to their own experience and preferences. Some more popular community servers also have a website of their own that always displays the server status as well as some additional information about the community such as the number of players, how to join, and links to other social media.

Why are CSGO Servers Down?

We already know that you can check the status of the servers for your favorite Steam games at any given time as well as the status of the matchmaking services on the website that we mentioned above, but regardless of whether the server that you use is not online, or the store is not working properly or the server is dealing with long lading or sign-in times, the bottom line is that there is something wrong and you can’t play your favorite Steam game at a time.

The reasons why either the official or a community server is having issues may differ from one server to the next, but generally speaking, the official Steam game services are rarely down, and if they are, the first thing you should do is check and see if it is Tuesday. Yes, we are serious, because Tuesday is maintenance day for all steam services which means that any online game that uses a matchmaking system will not be available at the time of maintenance. If it is not Tuesday, then it is likely that either a specific Steam game or Steam service is having some smaller issue which is likely to get fixed very quickly.

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When it comes to the other server type, it is not as easy to figure out the reasons that may be causing issues, however, you won’t have to search long to figure out if there are loading time issues, or any major setbacks are in play as there is likely a dedicated website used to relay the latest news, problem reports and comments like when its services will be back online, etc.

How to Find CSGO Community Servers?

There is not a single best way to answer this question simply due to the number of ways that you can go about doing this. Group chats and discord communities are some of the most popular ways used to find this server type but are by no means the only ones you can use. Many such communities have a website of their own or some other social media account that you can use to contact a user like yourself who will provide you with the latest and greatest gaming rooms. Lastly, you can view some of them and their reports in the game itself.


In this article, we are taking a deep dive into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers and all the information that is somehow related to them. We will be taking a look at the differences between the official Valve servers and the ones run by the community as well as the issues that servers can experience and have experienced in the past. We will also be talking about how to check the server status of some CS: GO servers, matchmaking issues, and any other problems that can affect your loading times. Lastly, we will touch upon why some CSGO servers are experiencing problems and how to find Counter-Strike community servers that are just for you.

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