Guide To CSGO Raffles

There’s a saying that all the good things in life don’t come for free. However, this doesn’t apply to CSGO skins. Although any site that offers completely free CSGO skins might look like an obvious scam, there is actually one method to get skins completely for free, without having to bother with completing tasks or playing games. Here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know about CSGO raffles.

What Are CSGO Raffles?

CSGO raffles are yet another gambling method, that was introduced to professional Counter-Strike. Unlike skins betting, CSGO raffles don’t require there to be a match to allow you to gamble. Instead of match betting, you purchase a number of raffle tickets, each increasing your chance to win skins worth the amount that was in the raffle pool.

In traditional raffles, when you enter you purchase a ticket. You can also purchase a bigger number of tickets, each increasing your chance to win, as well as the size of the pool. Most CSGO raffle sites offer raffles with hundreds of people, sometimes even thousand or more. While the raffle sites take a significant percentage cut on every jackpot, the one person that wins the raffle can come out much richer.

Most raffles have simple rules and only one winner. However, in some cases, raffle sites offer a variety of different games such as case opening raffle. All raffles are a quick way for you to try your luck and win skins.

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How Do CSGO Raffles Work?

With traditional raffles, anyone who was interested in taking part had to purchase a raffle ticket, which had a number and was worth a certain amount of money. Players could purchase as many tickets as they found necessary, each ticket increasing the price pool and giving its owner an extra chance to win the jackpot.

CSGO raffle sites work on a similar principle. Instead of paying for tickets, players can throw into the pool a number of skins, the more skins they put on the line the higher their chance to win. In some cases, players purchase raffle coins with the skins they put in while being able to select a different payout method entirely, allowing a lucky winner to make real cash from CSGO raffle sites.

If you want to take part in CSGO raffles, you will first need public Steam inventory for the raffle sites to be able to trade skins you want to bet. Raffle websites generally also require you to log-in with your Steam account. The best CSGO raffle sites are perfectly safe, so you don’t have anything to be afraid of. The websites will need to access your Steam inventory, requiring you to do a Steam log-in.

After you’ve successfully logged in, all you have to do is find ann ongoing raffle and join in. Most raffle sites include some type of registration bonus, meaning that if you want to start joining CSGO skins raffles, you can do so immediately after registering your account. When you join the raffle and pay your entry fee, all that’s left to do is simply wait and hope for the best.

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What Are The Best CSGO Raffle Sites?

It’s true that raffles are completely random and the only way to improve your chances of winning is to purchase more tickets.. Still, many CSGO raffle sites stand out when it comes o various benefits they offer to new users. Here are te best CSGO raffle sites if you want to try your luck:

CSGO Empire

CSGO Empire is one of the best CSGO raffle sites, hosting hundreds of ruffles at regular times, each with loads of players betting their skins. The raffles themselves are pretty standard, although CSGO Empire offers some of the higher payouts from other raffle websites, while at the same time offering many different withdrawal options. If you happen to win, you can choose a payout in CSGO skins, but also crypto or real cash. CSGO Empire also offers a nice welcome bonus and promo codes, meaning that you can easily start joining raffles as soon as you finish signing up.


CSGOFast offers many different features besides the traditional CSGO raffles, as well as match betting. Players can choose to play a weapon case opening raffle or one of the many different games offered on the website. If you want to try something different from the traditional raffle sites, CSGOFast is nice if you want to switch things up once in a while. The website offers some nice welcome bonuses as well, that you can spend on all kinds of different online gambling, as well as many different payment options, making gambling on CSGO Fast easy.

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CSGOatse is one of the CSGO skin betting sites that also offer raffles to interested players. The CSGO raffle site part of CGOatse actually offers a lot more than some of the other top CSGO raffle sites, making this site a great pick if you want to make some money off CSGO raffles and bet them on something else from the same website. CSGOatse combines all the useful features of any good CSGO gambling sites, while also allowing you to use the resources you get from CSGO skins for further online gambling.

In Conclusion

It’s hard to tell if CSGO raffle sites are a good method of getting free CSGO skins. Whether you win or not depends almost solely on your luck, as well as on how much you’re willing to spend on raffle tickets. Still, if you’ve got some free skins laying around, CSGO raffle sites are an easy way to try and make money off them.

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