Counter Strike 2: Where to Buy CS2 Skins for the New Game?

Big things are happening in the Counter Strike world, as Valve recently announced the game’s official move to Source 2. Many articles have already been written on the subject, but players are still calling for answers. Fortunately, we are here to provide them. The economy of Steam items is huge and people have spent years filling their inventories with interesting skins. Will all that be lost now? Will people still be able to buy CS2 items on their favorite sites? Come and find out.

No More Global Offensive

Yes, you read that right! Counter Strike: Global Offensive is set to disappear in the summer of 2023. If this is the first time you’re hearing (or reading) about it, then you’ve either been living under a rock for the past few weeks, or you’re just new to the game. But don’t worry. We’re here to keep you up to date on everything.

The Big Move

Valve Corporation recently announced that Counter Strike would be ported to their new Source 2 game engine. Of course, this came as no surprise, as gamers had suspected for some time that it would happen. Even the renowned gaming journalist Richard Lewis confirmed over a month ago that Valve was indeed cooking up something big at its headquarters. The part that surprised everyone is that the transition to the new engine will not happen as a simple update. Instead, the developers have decided to develop a brand new game practically from scratch. That project is now officially called Counter Strike 2. Such a decision is related to the fact that “this is the biggest technical leap in Counter-Strike history, guaranteeing new features and updates for many years to come.” At least, that’s according to the game’s official website.

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What Is Going to Happen With Your Weapon Skins?

If since the announcement you’ve been worrying about the fate of your Steam inventory, you can now rest assured. Valve has confirmed that all skins will be safely transferred to Source 2 and automatically updated to the new version of the game. Therefore, you can take a deep breath and continue exploring online marketplaces as well as selling skins on SkinCashier. We are pretty confident that trading will always be a huge part of Counter Strike, no matter if it’s Counter Strike 2 or Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Community members love their cosmetic items, and Valve is well aware of that.

Where Will You Buy CS2 Items?

Since cosmetic items will remain pretty much the same, the process of buying them is also likely to remain the same. There is a chance, of course, that the migration of Counter Strike to Source 2 will somehow affect the demand and supply for skins, and thus skin prices. However, the buying process and the sites where you can stock up on new items will not change.

Here are some of the best platforms where players can buy CS weapon finishes.

Steam Community Market

Steam Community Market is the official marketplace of Valve Corporation. It’s where most of the trading takes place, and not just concerning Counter Strike. Items from other Steam games can also be bought and exchanged there. It is a very reliable website. We recommend it especially for people who are just starting out with trading, or who do not plan to make big profits from exchanging items. This is because Valve’s platform uses its own currency, namely Steam Wallet funds. These cannot be withdrawn or directly cashed out, which means they are pretty much stuck in your Steam account. On top of that, the developer charges a hefty commission on each of the transactions conducted on their site. This can be quite a blow to players who trade very expensive and rare items.

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Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are third-party websites where players can both sell and buy cosmetic items. They act as intermediaries and are not directly involved in transactions. Essentially, they are like an online town square (or a flea market, if that sounds a bit more hip) where players can meet to make transactions, compare prices and share opinions. These types of sites are great because they often provide better deals than the Steam Community Market and help players make more money on their trades. However, keep in mind that it can take a lot of time to find good trading opportunities on them, as the platform itself doesn’t help with this. In addition, you have to watch out for scammers because you are dealing with real players. There is always a risk that someone will want to take advantage of you.

Third-party trading sites

Third-party sites are Internet platforms where players can sell and buy skins. The difference between them and online marketplaces is that you are not dealing with real people. Typically, you trade against a trading bot that sets its prices based on various data pulled from other reputable platforms, such as the Steam Community Market. They are great because they allow you to conduct transactions within minutes (or sometimes even seconds). There is no negotiating or comparing prices. It’s all up to you and whether you accept the offer made by the bot. If you want to try trading on such a site, we recommend going with SkinsMonkey. It is not only very easy to use, but also provides you with great skin prices, as well as 24/7 Customer Service.

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As you can see, big changes are coming to the Counter Strike community, and it’s important to be well-informed. Now that you know that your skins won’t be lost, and Valve is happy to transfer them to the new Source 2 engine for you, you can continue exploring the Steam market. No matter which version of CS we’re talking about, players will always be able to purchase, trade, and sell skins, as well as take advantage of fluctuations in the economy of cosmetic items.

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