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CS:GO has experienced a fading interest at one point of time until it introduced the “Arms Deal” update which creates an unofficial CSGO gambling world for players

Earlier in May this year, FaZe Banks revealed publicly of his involvement in running a CSGO skins gambling site that failed to restrict minors from engaging in betting-related activities on his venture. Known as CSGOWild, it is one of the many CSGO skins betting sites that Valve has taken past legal actions against. Admittedly, the majority of Banks’ earnings did not come from tournaments, but was instead derived from the venture, and that has enabled him to acquire FaZe esports team from G2 esports in early 2016. As a result, the high-profile news has exposed the lucrative business since the feature was introduced back in 2013 via the games “Arms Deal” update.

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CSGO is undoubtedly one of the most successful First-Person Shooter (FPS) games and have created a vibrant competitive scene in the gaming industry. It has the ability to grab people’s attention and keep its game play invested over time. Valve is adept at innovating their games and capturing new market opportunities, thus with the introduction of CSGO skins it has not only given them a run for their money but also gained more traction in third-party CSGO skin gaming marketplaces, and skins gambling. In 2016 alone, over $5 million was spent on CS:GO gambling sites.

Unsurprisingly, most gamers who play CSGO have probably heard about CS:GO gambling sites at one point or another. The speculative activity was very popular during the formative days of CSGO’s pro scene and have inevitably helped the game play to attain its popularity today. However, with the stringent regulations occurring in the gaming industry today, skin gambling no longer appeals to players active in CSGO. While CSGO skins remain as one of the most attractive features in the game play itself, players prefer to obtain these weapon skins through case openings or third-party CS:GO skins marketplaces which are technically legal to operate at the time of writing. But before we dismiss the topic of CS:GO gambling sites, it is worth looking back at this activity as it has shaped the CSGO skins economy that we are seeing today.

Appealing factors of CSGO skins

CSGO skins have a far reaching influence over the game economy (in terms of real money) of many popular games like Call of Duty, Valorant and LoL. It has proven to industry players that virtual items appeal to players as the latter care about the cosmetic elements in the game. In the case of CSGO skins, they may not influence the gameplay and offer weapon buffs, but the wide variety of intricate designs catered to various weapons have encouraged players to actually earn or spend real money on them. Because there are close to a thousand unique weapon skins to choose from, Valve has created the best mechanism that dictates the aesthetic condition of each skin. As a result, certain skins get better price valuation over others.

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It is worth noting that default weapons without CSGO skins are normally dull-looking and do not appeal to players. Putting on CSGO skins not only add a ‘cool’ factor to the player’s weapon, but also allow players to create their best identity within the game.

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Express your best in-game personality through CSGO skins

Some players may appreciate the attention that they receive when they go on a match with the best AWP Dragon Lore skin, others may identify themselves as ‘cool kids’ with the M4A1-S Hyper-Beast skin. No matter one’s preference, it is without a doubt that CSGO skins allow players to exude their ideal style in the game. Naturally, most CSGO players would prefer to own many CSGO skins to compliment their outfit of the day, just like how they do in real life. Therefore, people may utilise CSGO gambling sites to aim for a particular set of skins for their Steam inventory, although some CSGO skins are highly sought after due to its limited quantity.

The quest of getting rare CSGO skins

For players who are seeking rare CSGO skins to include in their inventories, CSGO gambling was a no-brainer since it allowed them to try their luck to acquire one as compared to spending tons of real money on keys which do not guarantee them with their ideal CSGO skins. CS:GO gambling sites require less amount of money for a better chance at winning a rare skin. For instance, the ‘Skadoodle’ autographed souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skin worth a whopping $61,000 (That’s enough money to buy a luxury sports car or a house in some countries). In reality, not many players have the financial ability to afford such rare skins. So, considering how insane the price of a rare CSGO skin could get, players would rather engage in gambling which costs them much less to see if tables turn in their favor.

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Despite the popularity in CS:GO gambling sites, not CSGO gamble is meant to be for one’s usage. Instead, there was a group of players who saw the opportunity in CSGO skins trade, in which rare skins provide value and could be converted into real money through third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier. CSGO skins marketplaces provide a safe and secure platform for players to sell CSGO skins for real money via various instant cashout options like Paypal, Payeer and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). It is known in the community that anyone who sells CSGO skins can make sure of an actual profit, hence some players have turned to CSGO gambling as the best alternative to acquire rare CSGO skins without spending too much on case opening and keys.

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An indirect approach to supporting CSGO

Similar to casino games, the CS GO gambling site could actually provide passionate players an additional stream of income or opportunity. Given that there are so many different rare CSGO skins available, gambling could offer the player the best opportunity to claim popular weapon skins that many players will come to envy. As mentioned in earlier paragraphs, to use a skinned weapon is a bonus, as it could accentuate your in-game personality to everyone in any given match.

CSGO as a game, has held varying significance to players in the FPS game. It could either be due to one’s nostalgia as one of the very first multiplayer games played (Counter-Strike) during their childhood days, or because it allowed them to befriend players from all walks of life, beyond borders. Whichever the reason that it may be, some of these players are looking to support the game through CSGO gambling or actively participate in weapon skin trades. Investing in the game is definitely a great way to show support and appreciation for the people and your memorable experience forged through the game. It does not necessarily mean that ‘financial’ support is the only way forward to give back to the game, as players who never fail to login to the game frequently and engage in frequent battles do deserve the recognition for their efforts in supporting the game franchise. Skins gambling sites, on the other hand, could give the player not just a way to support the game, but also a chance to get something nice in return such as earning real money through selling rare CSGO skins obtained from gambling sites.

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The current state of CSGO skins gambling

As one of the best publisher of video games, Valve has made a point to not regulate its game titles so as to breed creativity and innovation into their respective game communities, unless the said activity is deemed as inappropriate or illegal. Due to the 2016 United States gambling laws, which include the Illegal Gambling Business Act, Valve is determined to dissociate itself with any possible connections as a gambling entity like casino games operators, which it was never set out to be. Consequently, CSGO gambling sites were affected by that, with Valve’s shutdown of the tools that were used to keep those sites running. The gambling site made moves to become more traditional betting operators. Others went in the direction of becoming more of a trading hub for CSGO skins that were previously used for betting.

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Today, it is not possible to bet and get weapon skins based on the outcome of your game play, since it is largely a thing of the past. Fortunately, there are still a few different ways to enjoy the benefits of owning or selling CSGO skins, through third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier.

CSGO gambling is certainly the best pastime for some players who have experienced it and the legacy will still live on to some degree alongside its massively popular game play. But if you are still keen on getting your hands on something similar to gambling, the best and safest way to bet on popular first-person shooter games and other esports is to do so with more traditional currency.

According to a site focused on gambling sites in CS:GO – GlobalCSGO, these types of sites are very popular among players of the game and on average 25% of players have taken advantage of gambling at least once using items on Steam. These sites take care of the players just like the classic casinos, among other things, they require the age of majority, and they may also do checks on the user’s personal data to prevent phishing or money laundering. On most of these sites, the player has the option to lock their account if they find that they cannot stop themselves from playing. According to the experts at GlobalCSGO, CS:GO gambling sites will spring up more and more as this shooter becomes more popular and generates more demand for such forms of entertainment. (Source:


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