Give Weapon Command CSGO – A Complete Guide

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If you’ve ever wanted to master every weapon in CSGO, then the give weapon command CSGO has to offer is the way to do it.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive lets all players use console commands that influence the game world and mechanics. With the give weapon command, CSGO can give you any single weapon you request. This way, you’ll be able to practice with all the guns and pistols until you master them all.

NOTE: You must remember that you can only use the give weapon command CSGO on a locally hosted play or on a private server that lets you enable cheats. Otherwise, the command won’t work.

How Do You Request Guns in CS:GO?

With a simple command to give a weapon in CSGO, you can request any guns you want. After you input the give weapon command CSGO shown below, the ammunition will instantly spawn before you.

However, there’s something else you must do first. You have to enable the Counter-Strike Global Offensive developer console in order to activate these commands.

Luckily, this is an easy process that requires following these steps:

  1. Launch Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  2. Go to Game Settings
  3. Find the section titled “Enable Developer Console”
  4. Toggle the button to “Yes”

Once you have done these steps, it’s time to jump into a private cheat-enabled CSGO server or into your locally hosted play.

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Once you’re inside, click on the (`) button on your keyboard and start typing in any of the options from the CSGO weapon give command list below.

TOP CSGO Command To Give Weapon List

Here is the ultimate list of CSGO console commands that let you request any CSGO weapon you want. To type in a weapon give command in CSGO, you only have to open the developer console and paste the weapon commands you see here.


desert eagle csgo

  • give weapon_deagle – Desert Eagle
  • give weapon_usp_silencer – USP-S
  • give weapon_fiveseven – Five-SeveN
  • give weapon_revolver – R8 Revolver
  • give weapon_glock – Glock-182
  • give weapon_cz75a – CZ75-Auto
  • give weapon_p250 – P250
  • give weapon_tec9 – Tec-9
  • give weapon_elite – Dual Berettas
  • give weapon_hkp2000 – P2000


bayonet csgo

  • give weapon_bayonet – Bayonet Knife
  • give weapon_knife_canis – Survival Knife
  • give weapon_m9_bayonet – М9 Bayonet
  • give weapon_butterfly – Butterfly Knife
  • give weapon_falchion – Falchion Knife
  • give weapon_flip – Flip Knife
  • give weapon_gut – Gut Knife
  • give weapon_knifegg – Golden Knife
  • give weapon_tactical – Tactical Knife
  • give weapon_karambit – Karambit Knife
  • give weapon_survival_bowie – Bowie Knife
  • give weapon_knife_push – Shadow Dagger
  • give weapon_knife_t – Default terrorist knife
  • give weapon_knife_ct – Default counter-terrorist knife
  • give weapon_knife_ursus – Ursus Knife
  • give weapon_knife_stiletto – Stiletto Knife
  • give weapon_knife_widowmaker – Talon Knife
  • give weapon_knife_cord – Paracord Knife
  • give weapon_knife_outdoor – Nomad Knife
  • give weapon_knife_skeleton – Skeleton Knife
  • give weapon_knife_gypsy_jackknife – Navaja Knife


p90 csgo smg weapon

  • give weapon_bizon – PP-Bizon
  • give weapon_mp7 – MP7
  • give weapon_mac10 – MAC-10
  • give weapon_ump45 – UMP-45
  • give weapon_p90 – P90
  • give weapon_mp5sd – MP5-SD
  • give weapon_mp9 – MP9
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give weapon command csgo ak 47

  • give weapon_ak47 – AK-47
  • give weapon_famas – FAMAS
  • give weapon_galilar – Galil AR
  • give weapon_m4a4 – M4A4
  • give weapon_m4a1_silencer – M4A1-S
  • give weapon_aug – AUG
  • give weapon_sg553 – SG-553

Sniper Rifles

awp sniper rifle csgo

  • give weapon_awp – AWP
  • give weapon_ssg08 – SSG 08
  • give weapon_g3sg1 – G3SG1
  • give weapon_scar20 – SCAR-20


nova shotgun csgo

  • give weapon_nova – Nova
  • give weapon_mag7 – MAG-7
  • give weapon_sawedoff – Sawed-Off
  • give weapon_xm1014 – XM1014

Machine Guns

machine guns csgo

  • give weapon_m249 – M249
  • give weapon_negev – Negev


grenade csgo

  • give weapon_decoy – Decoy
  • give weapon_flashbang – Flashbang Grenade
  • give weapon_smokegrenade – Smoke Grenade
  • give weapon_hegrenade – HE Grenade
  • give weapon_molotov – Molotov Grenade
  • give weapon_incgrenade – Incendiary Grenade


csgo zeus

  • give item_kevlar – Kevlar
  • give item_assaultsuit – Kevlar+Helmet
  • give weapon_c4 – C4 Bomb
  • give item_defuser – Defuse Kit
  • give weapon_taser – Zeus

Mission Gear

csgo rescue kit

  • give item_heavyassaultsuit – Heavy Assault Suit
  • give item_nvgs – Nightvision
  • give item_cutters – Rescue Kit
  • give weapon_healthshot – Heal Shot
  • give weapon_breachcharge – Breachcharge
  • give weapon_tagrenade – Tactical Awareness Grenade

Danger Zone

  • give weapon_tablet – Tablet
  • give weapon_diversion – Diversion Device
  • give weapon_shield – Ballistic shield
  • give weapon_snowball – Snowball
  • give weapon_frag – Frag Grenade
  • give weapon_bumpmine – Bump Mine
  • give weapon_firebomb – Firebomb


  • givecurrentammo – gives ammo for the weapon you are currently holding

All the commands you see here will instantly grant you the weapon you have requested. Each give weapon CSGO command should be typed in exactly as you see in the bolded letters in the list above.

How Do You Give Armor in CS:GO Console?

If you’re hosting your own CS:GO servers, you can allow all players to spawn with armor and a helmet simply by typing in the following command: mp_free_armor 1

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You can also do the same if you have admin privileges on a private CSGO server that has enabled cheats.

Final Words

Every give weapon console command CS GO option you see here is simply a weapon code that forces the game to spawn a weapon of your choice.

The most important thing to remember from this guide is that you cannot use any CSGO commands to give weapons on multiplayer public servers. The only way is on private servers with cheats or on a locally hosted play.

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