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CSGO Aim Training: Build up Your CS:GO Skills in 2021

September 15, 2020

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) aim training maps from the Steam workshop can help to boost your skills to greater heights.

During this pandemic, we may be given an unprecedented amount of spare times due to the ongoing lockdowns and movement controls enforced across the world. Regardless of whether you are a working professional, student or a full-time gamer, we are suddenly caught in scenarios where there are ample opportunities to upgrade ourselves. If you are looking to optimise your time spent playing, perhaps you should read on as SkinCashier has prepared a guide to help you with the goal of boosting your skills in the game.

Contrary to popular belief, deathmatches may not be the only option to improve on your skills. In the competitive space, there are seven specifically designed maps which require a player to acquire the ability to understand the function of grenades, peek angles and other expertise in order to become a versatile player who is much appreciated in any match.

However, players who are new to CSGO often resort to playing countless rounds of casual matches as a form of aim training. Unfortunately, deathmatch alone may not be an effective way to boost your skills and to improve your game. Furthermore, it does not have any relevant tutorials that are catered for players to practice on specific techniques such as movement, aim and reaction time. This is where Steam Workshop comes in.

Steam Workshop is a platform that allows the community to contribute their artworks with the hope that their designs will be chosen as the next weapon skin. Numerous popular skins like AWP | Dragon Lore and M4A4 | Howl were winning designs from the Workshop. In addition to that, the Workshop also contains fan-submitted maps which are increasingly used for aim training purposes.

These custom maps are ideal for players to practice skills on training aim in a match, and it is easily accessible to anyone. Simply launch the game and choose ‘Workshop Maps’ from the dropdown menu and start browsing for these custom practice maps. Select the map from the list. Depending on your aim training objective, there are tons of different maps for you to download and get started with the training regime.

Our team at SkinCashier has consolidated a list of some of the best aim training maps from popular contributors that could possibly help you in specific areas of your training quicker than the over-reliance on deathmatches. Consider using them in order to refine your CSGO aim training, speed, and even recoil skills, for your upcoming competitive matches.

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Get your training fix with YPrac Map Series (Download Here)

Yesber is one of the most active contributors of CSGO practice maps who have developed multiple maps for various training such as aiming, prefiring and movement. His YPrac map series is also famed for training that is related to competitive maps like Mirage, Dust II and Overpass. Each map has multiple practice settings that enable players to work on many aspects of the gameplay.

The YPrac map collection is suitable for both casual and more seasoned players to practice difficult techniques, and the maps’ diversity is designed to allow anyone to work on exactly what they require for their practices in the game.

Work on your CSGO aim training while moving (Download Here)

Yesber’s series of practice maps may be comprehensive enough for most players, but there are other map contributors who offer excellent training for specific skills like Aiming and Movement.

Since it is a first-person shooter game, aiming properly and accurately is definitely one of the fundamental skills required for every player. Hence, it would be ideal for you to spend some time working on your CSGO aim training, especially if you are new to the game and are struggling with moving targets (ie. your enemies). In this case, Dreazc0v’s Aim and Movement map is certainly beneficial as part of your aim training routine.

Dreazc0v’s Aim and Movement map integrates practical features from an aim map with other additional features that can allow you to reach your goal at movement and aims, easily and effectively. This map even has an entire room for players to perfect their maneuverability and aiming at the same time. For example, at the beginning of the practice round, you would be spawned in the middle of the map as a Counter-Terrorist (CT) and Terrorists (Ts) bots will run towards you constantly from every corner of the map. Your objective is to then eliminate these moving targets (i.e. Ts).

Moreover, Dreazc0v has a convenient viewmodel customiser in his map to allow the player to easily find their preferred viewmodel. It is known to many experienced CSGO players that customising the right viewmodel setting could help a player’s performance.

Build up on your CSGO aim training with range targets  (Download Here)

There may be only 3 practice maps created by Cardboard, but Cardboard’s Training_aim_csgo2 is one of the most sought-after practice maps for CSGO aim training. Available in both dark and bright versions, players can choose either maps to practice their aim during a nighttime or daytime setting. Unlike earlier mentioned maps by Dreazc0v and Yesber, Cardboard’s aim map consists of a target board and your objective is to fire at circles on the range target. While it may sound unappealing to spend hours on maps like these, it is used by many players who are looking to work on aim accuracy and reaction time.

To track your aim training progress, the map has an electronic scoring board which displays your hit or missed targets, pretty much like a scoring board in a real-life shooting range. The digital scoreboard enables you to view how much you have improved throughout your aim training duration.

Furthermore, you can select from five aim training modes that provide varying sizes of the target. You can also pick the weapon of your choice and eventually master the handling of your weapon and best aim through the aim training maps.

Mr. uLLeticaL’s Aim Botz  (Download Here)

Mr. uLLeticaL is one of the most reputable map makers in CSGO with over 15 million subscribers on the Workshop. The team has partnered with Betway and BLAST Entertainment to create specially designed maps to distribute to fans. Thus, it is not surprising that their Aim Botz training map is widely recognised by players as the most popular map out of all CSGO practice maps.

Unlike Dreazc0v’s Aim and Movement map, this easy-to-use map by Mr. uLLeticaL comprises dozens of non-moving targets which appeared in the form of Ts or CTs, and is designed to train on your CSGO aim training with weapons of your choice. There are many professional players who have used the map’s timed mode to compete and to warm up before playing their next deathmatches.

In addition to the default training map, there are also other maps for practices on weapon sprays, as well as a series of other challenges that you could encounter in the actual PVP game.

Overcome your weapon’s recoil and spray in the game (Download Here)

Recoil Master is another popular practice map created by the Mr. uLLeticaL team, and is catered for players who are learning to identify the recoil pattern of the weapon. As many have known that the game has a wide range of weaponry from pistols to machine guns, each weapon is subject to different recoil rates. Some weapons like the AWP (Most popular skin: AWP Dragon Lore) and M4A4 (Most popular skin: M4A4 Howl) are highly popular due to their firepower, but they also come with the drawback (or penalty) of having a heavy recoil rate.

Compared to regular players, professional players are able to master and identify the weapon’s spray pattern easily. But that is not to say that regular players should ignore the aim training on weapon’s spray and recoil. This map aims to offer players the chance to learn how to achieve accurate aims, even with the pre-existing conditions such as weapon’s spray and recoil pattern.

The Recoil Master map allows you to choose the weapon of your choice and train on the weapon’s spray and recoil through a streamlined spray aim training process. You can also find all the information you need on two walls in the training map. The left wall displays the available weapons for selection, while the main wall with the Recoil Master logo is the firing area. On top of that, there is a screen above the firing area that displays the spray pattern of your chosen weapon. With the information, you may attempt to memorise the pattern or enable the ‘Ghosthair’ setting that prompts to you exactly where your crosshair should be aiming.

This is an opportunity upskill yourself and expand your capability

As the famous saying goes, “Practice makes Perfect”. CSGO may be a video game, but due to its competitive nature and highly complex mechanism involved in the game, it is necessary to improve on your skills in order to ace the match. Ideally, we would recommend spending hours aim training via these training maps. Although it may sound boring or tedious, it is an unavoidable path to being one of the better players and eliminating your enemies at ease.

After all, many players have depended on training maps for years to work on their CSGO aim training, movement and handling recoils, so it is vital as an active player to allocate some time to achieve better results in future matches. For seasoned players, these aim training maps are good as a warmup tool before your next competitive match. But at the end of the day, it all depends on your objective in the game.

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