All CSGO Knives Types

CSGO knives are some of the most iconic skins and most valuable items in the game. Many players dream about owning at least one of the expensive knife skins available in the game. Some knives introduce only visual changes, while some other knives can significantly change how the weapon, as well as the attack animation, works.

Although the classic knife is a perfectly fine weapon, knife skins will let you kill others in style and can also be a nice investment, since all the knives available in the game cost some serious money. Some of them, however, are significantly more expensive. Here’s a list of all CSGO knives that you can get, from worst to best.

  1. Navaja Knife

Navaja knife is generally the least popular of all the knife skins, and Navaja knife skins are generally mong the cheapest ones available for CSGO knives. This is mainly due to it’s unimpressive visual design, as well as the fact that Navaja knife doesn’t really look all that different from the default CSGO knife. Still, this isn’t all bad, since thanks to this state of things Navaja knife is a great choice of skins for those who want to own a CSGO knife skin of their own, without spending tons of money.

  1. Shadow Daggers

Shadow Daggers were one of the most controversial items introduced in the game, as the item completely changes how your knife animations look. When you have the Shadow Daggers equipped, your character will pull out two small knives instead of one. Same with stabbing, your character will perform an animation where they stab forward with both blades. The visual effect, however, according to many players is really unimpressive. In addition, the animations of two blades look awkward in-game, completely missing the intention of having a knife skin in the first place.

  1. Gut Knife

Gut knife’s position on this list might be surprising since the knife is quite popular and looks very nice. However, the reason why Gut knife skins are some of the cheaper knife skins in the game is simply that they are mostly visually unimpressive. The pull-out animation, as well as the skin’s model doesn’t really look all that better than default knives. Because of this, most players consider Gut knife to be one of the least visually impressive skins in the game.

  1. Bowie Knife

Bowie knife’s position on this list is generally due to a certain visual issue, that comes with using this knife skin. One signature element of the Bowie knife is it’s enormous blade. As a matter of fact, the blade is so big that it will not only take up the larger part of your screen but will also obscure one of your gloves. This makes them a poor choice for anyone, who’s interested in possibly showing off their gloves’ skin.

  1. Falchion Knife
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While the Bowie knife blade is too big for many of the players, Falchion knife struggles with the opposite issue. For many players, the Falchion knife blade is simply too short in relation to the other knives and parts of your HUD. Worst case scenario this can make your Falchion knife look like a fancy switchblade, which is why most players who want to show off their fancy knife skins would rather choose something different.

  1. Huntsman Knife

Like the Bowie knife, Huntsman knife also has a large blade, which can obscure a big part of your screen. The Huntsman knife blade, however, comes with many jagged edges and looks particularly deadly, giving the stab animation an additional punch, even if only a visual one. The skins for Huntsman knife also look quite nice, since any changes on the large blade are immediately visible and stand out in a match with other players.

  1. Survival Knife

Survival knife is a great combination of deadly visuals, with a practical look. The short handle compared to the length of the blade fits perfectly in your character’s hand, giving you a look that’s ready to kill. Also, most knife skins for Survival knife significantly change the look of the blade, giving most of them some impressive visuals.

  1. Paracord Knife

Paracord knifes are meant mostly for use in the wild, since their soft handle can be modified as to it’s size, and the paracord can also be utilized for something else then covering the knife. Because of this, seeing a Paracord knife in use in combat might be surprising, but many people still enjoy the simple visuals of this skin. Although most skins for Paracord knife don’t look too impressive, if you’re going for a simpler-looking loadout then Paracord knife is for you.

  1. Ursus Knife

A simple but more stylish design, the Usus knife is actually a real life tactical hunting knife, used for professionally gutting game. The blade is sharp at the tip and comes with a sturdy handle, allowing it to pierce thick skin of most animals. Ursus knife looks like a slightly more tactical version of the Paracord knife, but the similarities don’t stop there. This knife skin also shares some animations with the Paracord knife, making it a nice alternative if you enjoy the other skin as well.

  1. Stiletto Knife

One of the all-time favorites of many players in the game, the Stiletto knife has a unique and signature look about it, that everyone can recognize from afar. The Stiletto knife has a toothpick-like blade, which extends from the handle and even though it’s not much for slicing or cutting, a stab from this knife can be deadly. Stiletto knife has some of the nicer looking knife skins in the game, and many of them are quite expensive.

  1. Flip Knife
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This weapon is great if you want a Counter Strike: Global Offensive loadout, which will look deadly both up close and from afar. The Flip knife comes with a curved blade and has an awesome pull-out animation, where the blade flips out of the handle. The slicing animation is particularly great-looking, but if you want to add some Flip knife skins to your collection, it might cost you some money, as they are generally more expensive than many of the knives mentioned previously on this list.

  1. Classic Knife

Some may be surprised to see Classic knife so high up on this list, since it’s one of the least visually impressive knife skins in the game. As a matter of fact, many players complain that you can’t really see much of a difference with some skins while using this weapon. Still, even more, CSGO players love the default military look of the game, and the Classic knife simply builds up on all the classic visuals that so many players love.

  1. Talon Knife

Easily one of the coolest knife skins in the game and absolutely deserves this high spot. Talon knife is one of the best skins you can get not only for your knife but in general in CSGO. The knife has a great pull-out animation, where your character will dangle the handle on their fingertip, before flipping it upside down. The Talon knife is held upside down, and your character attacks with swiping motions. If you want some change in your game than Talon knife is definitely something you can try.

  1. Bayonet

Easily one of the most desired skins for fans of the military look, Bayonet is the best skin that you can get if you enjoy the simple military aesthetic of classic CSGO. The Bayonet is just that, a bayonet blade used as a normal knife. The long blade and metal handle give this weapon skin a stylish look, and it looks great in all available finishes. If you’re looking for something to add to your rare skins collection, consider getting a Bayonet for your Steam inventory.

  1. Nomad Knife

A signature weapon skin of a pro player from the N’avi team, S1mple, Nomad knife has been on the wanted lists of all N’avi fans. The knife looks deadly by itself, with a sharp blade extending from the handle, but if you’re not convinced yet, you might catch the rare ‘cutting yourself’ animation while pulling out this weapon. As the name suggests, your character will cut themselves on their finger while pulling out his knife, giving a testament to its deadliness.

  1. Skeleton Knife
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For the fans of a more serious but deadly look, the Skeleton knife should tick all the important boxes. One of the more unique knives available in the game, the Skeleton knife looks almost like tiny sword, with a cloth-wrapped handle and a large hole at the base. Many of the skins for this knife look really great though, as they change the color of the blade and the cloth, often creating a pretty-looking contrast.

  1. M9 Bayonet

The regular Bayonet evokes the aesthetic of the previous century, with its sleek blade meant for fighting in the trenches. In comparison, the M9 Bayonet is a more modern version of this weapon, coming in with a slightly more tactical look. The jagged edge near the base combined with a sturdy-looking handle give the M9 Bayonet a deadly look that easily let it secure a spot in the top 3.

  1. Karambit

The Karambit skin is easily one of the most legendary items in the game. This is thanks to one particular finish version, known as ‘blue gem’. This is a special float value version of the traditional Case Hardened Karambit skin, which makes the blade look like it’s made out of blue gem. This skin is one of the rarest CSGO items, and there is no price available, although one collector claims to have been offered a million dollars for his Blue Gem.

  1. Butterfly Knife

This most likely isn’t a shock to any CSGO player, the Butterfly knife still reigns as one of the best and most expensive CSGO knives available in the game. All Butterfly knife skins rank in the more expensive ones, and the extremely rare skins only continue to increase in price. As a matter of fact, most Butterfly knife skins have quadrupled in price since their release, and the trend is only looking upwards. If you can afford it, getting a Butterfly knife can be a legitimate investment.

In Conclusion

Here are all the different knives you can get in CSGO. If you liked any of the items on this list, remember that you can always get them for the lowest prices at

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