Which CS:GO Skin Concepts Should Be Introduced in the Next Case Update?

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players are always coming up with ideas for their own weapon skins. Here, we take ten different ones that we’d like to see inside the next CSGO case.

CSGO is one of the most competitive multiplayer FPS video games from Valve. It is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series and is played by millions worldwide. The game offers a wide range of weapons which players can use to compete with their opponents. They are a central part of the game and also determine your performance on the field.

CSGO has, and always will be, about proving your first-person shooter skills but some fans use it to showcase their creative skills. Some decide to build maps, interesting game modes, and plenty of other things. The most creative ideas usually come in the form of skins. These skin ideas usually set social media ablaze and have fans begging Valve to add them to their next case release.

When you first start out in CSGO, you get a standard set of weapons that you see in the military. And while it may seem all cool at first, the green AWP skins and the generic black M4A4 will start to get a bit boring. This is one of the reasons why developers at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive decided to spice things up before eventually bringing a set of new skins to the shooter game like AWP Dragon Lore and M4A4 Howl.

The first weapon case in the game was introduced in 2012 after the game launch and a number of new skins have followed over the years. As of now, the game has close to 1,000 skins. So, we have compiled a list of some of the best weapon skins in the game.

Some of the best existing weapons in CSGO

The AK-47 is certainly the most powerful rifle you can have in the CSGO game. It first appeared in the game as part of the Phoenix Weapon operation case, however, it can only be used for the Terrorist Team. The weapon can hold a total of 30 bullets in a single magazine. 

Another hot favorite is the AWP. It is a sniper rifle which is part of the bolt action. This means that the weapon has the ability to take down opponents with a single shot. However, if a player fails to land the shot, it can be difficult to hold the enemy as the AWP reloads the bullet with every single shot.

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The AUG is a good choice especially for players who are new to the game. This is because the recoil system on this machine is fairly easy to control and is mostly used for firing single shots. The weapon also comes with an in-built scope that helps maximise the bullet accuracy. 

The USP-S is a pistol which can give players a great advantage when part of a Counter-Terrorist team. This is because the gun packs a pre-applied suppressor in the muzzle and also offers a decent recoil recovery.

Other weapons including M4A4, Glock and knives like M9 Bayonet do see a fair share of usage and accompany CSGO skins for active users of these weapons. Thanks to Steam Workshop and the dedication within Valve’s development team, we have been treated to a wide array of weapon skins that has captivated us and even wowed us in terms of value, like the recent record-breaking sale of the StatTrak M4A4 Howl skin. However, our hunger for more cool CSGO skins is intensified by the recent skin release by the rival game – Valorant. 

Though the skins in Valorant were hit with criticisms during the beta, the post-launch versions seemed to be favored a lot more by the general player-base. The intricacies of the designs with the added VFX upgrades can make people eager to see more of them in action. Like many of Valorant’s other skin lines, the new Elderflame skins have a variety of upgrades that players can choose to unlock. Since these skins are the most complicated and elaborate in the game, it’s not a surprise that the upgrades, which include things like new animations, sound effects, and finishers, are pretty intense as well. Admittedly, CSGO has been lacking in terms of additional animation effects that could likely resonate with respective CSGO skins.

However, comparing CSGO and Valorant is akin to DOTA 2 and LoL, since each game hosted different gaming mechanics and direction. At the current progress that CSGO is developing, it is bound to set itself apart from the new rival game and emerge as the godfather of First-Person shooter games. Bolstering with the fact that CSGO has one of the largest pool of loyal communities in the wider game ecosystem, it is no wonder that CSGO players are still looking forward to more CSGO skins release that often consist of weapon skins that are created by the community themselves through the Steam Workshop.

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Here, we’ve compiled a list of ten incredibly impressive skin ideas – ranging from your standard pistols, to knives, and the AWP – that should be added to CSGO in the near future.

Flying Tiger | AWP

The first concept comes in the form of the “Flying Tiger” AWP skin from ssslifer. The World War 2 plane inspired look gives the iconic sniper a real bite – literally, with teeth at the end of the barrel. It draws some comparisons to the Spitfire Famas skin that is already available in Global Offensive, however, with this being the AWP, it would no doubt be highly sought after by players.

Warplane | AUG

Keeping with the military aircraft theme, next up on our list is the Warplane idea for the AUG that comes from Mad Polygon. Unlike the Flying Tiger, there isn’t exactly an iconic finish to the skin but the impressive exhaust illusions that are located just below the scope would really give the assault rifle a unique look compared to its counterparts.

Prey | M4A4

Getting our feet back on the ground, the next idea comes from Reddit user condorviii, who put forward their M4A4 – Prey concept.

The white assault rifle skin uses the image of a huge, fearsome-looking Raven amongst a flock of others to strike fear into the heart of enemies. It invokes the spirit of the hugely popular Howl skin, but has the label of Prey marked onto the magazine so the enemies know what’s hit them.

Anemoia | M4A4

Keeping with the M4A4 theme, hollandje’s Anemoia concept would add a funky violet, pink, and black variant of the CT assault rifle to the mix of skins that are already available. The skin depicts two people on a trial against the backdrop of a night sky as well as the outline of distant mountains and balloons. It would certainly stand out amongst the rest.

Valkyrie | P90

One idea stand that might not stand out, especially if you’re playing on Anubis, is the P90 | Valkyrie – with the added bonus of being able to own some virtual hieroglyphics. The Egyptian themed skin comes from skin creator K A S I, with its gold and black popping look adding a style of skin that is currently missing from CSGO.

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Blocked | Glock

Moving away from assault rifles and into pistols, Reddit user Hoxton_Workshop had the fun idea of giving the T side a Lego-themed Glock. The impressive multi-color, multi-bricked skin might fit in more with a game like Fortnite than the serious CSGO, but it would certainly bring a smile to faces during pistol rounds – especially if you’re deep in the hole at half time.

CVBER Flowers | USP-S

On the opposite side of the default pistols comes the USP-S | CVBER Flowers from mokryi. The CT pistol has a long line of impressive skins like Neo Noir and Kill Confirmed, but this impressive concept could certainly stack up against them and be able to hold its own.

Obreron | Desert Eagle

Looking at more powerful pistols, millenia3d conjured up the idea of giving CSGO a bit of Fallout feel. Fallout: New Vegas, to be precise. The Obreron Desert Eagle concept gives the deadly sidearm a railgun-like look perfectly, switching it’s light blue color at the back to orange-tinted barrels the further forward you get. It’s certainly an eye-catching idea.

Mechanized Purple | CZ-75

The last gun concept idea comes from OniLolz, as they put forward their impressive-looking purple ‘Mechanized’ CZ-75. The idea is just a small part of their wide-ranging collection but the purple stands out from the pack. Don’t worry about the loose wires that appear to be dangling from the side though, they won’t hurt you.

Zebra Tooth | Bayonet

Last but not least, knives have got to get some love as well. They might be incredibly hard to get from a CSGO case, but having something like the Crimson Web Bayonet or Karambit Fade can really set you apart from the crowd.

Filipforslin’s Tiger Tooth-inspired skin would give the classic skin a Zebra-themed design – switching from the yellow and black pattern to white and black. It’s such a clever idea that you might be mistaken for thinking that it’s come from Valve themselves. Of course, these are just skins that we’d like to see in CSGO’s next case, and though Valve does use fan concepts now and again, they might have a few ideas of their own coming down the pipeline.

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