Dota 2 Best Support Heroes 2023

There’s no denying that support heroes win matches in Dota 2. Best supports can create a lot of advantage for their team with the various utility items but also dominate team fights mid and late game with their powerful crowd control abilities. Support heroes are also a great pick for Dota 2 beginner heroes, allowing them to easily learn more complex mechanics and focus on details such as map control instead of farming. In many games, support can be the most important of the Dota 2 roles in the game.

Want to start playing as a support in Dota 2? Here are the best support heroes you can try out in the game today!

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1. Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is one of the most popular support heroes in the game thanks to her powerful ability kit. Crystal Maiden can deal damage, stun enemies, and provide global mana regeneration to her entire team. One of the best hard support heroes in the game, Crystal Maiden can harass the enemy team and stay relevant throughout the entire game, thanks to her powerful team fight ultimate, Freezing Field. The only downside is that Crystal Maiden is one of the slowest heroes with one of the worst turn animations in the game. Combined with a low hp and armor it makes her an easy target for any mobile enemy hero. If you’re struggling with not dying to enemy heroes, try purchasing some movement items.

2. Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman is another great control support hero. With disabling skills like Hex and Shackles, he can lock down enemy heroes, making them vulnerable to aggressive advances from teammates. His Mass Serpent Ward ultimate is best used for pushing towers or controlling team fights, and with a little bit of skill you can even trap the enemy inside, unable to move while your serpent wards take them down. Shadow Shaman has been enjoying some increased popularity thanks to his versatile skill, and can be a great pick for any team composition that needs more crowd control or magic damage.

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3. Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor thrives in team fights, thanks to his Death Ward ultimate that bounces attacks between enemies with the aghanim upgrade. A well-placed Death Ward can easily tear through the enemy team, decimating supports and other squishy heroes. Besides his powerful ultimate, Witch Doctor also has a stun ability which can disable multiple enemies for a long period of time, and a healing ability that allows him to keep his team alive. Last but not least, his Maledict ability works great with any high-damage core heroes, making the Witch Doctor a great support to pick with auto-attack heroes.

4. Enchantress

The Enchantress is a bit of a strange hero, who has seen play on many different positions over the game’s history. At the moment, she’s a commonly picked support heroes, mainly thanks to the change in her ultimate. Her signature ability Impetus, which deals more damage the further she is from her opponents, has been changed to a basic ability, allowing her to get it early game and deal massive damage in a lane. Enchantress can really destroy the enemy team’s plans early game, since few other heroes can trade with her damage. She also has a kit full of useful abilities, such as a powerful heal, crowd control and a skill that allows her to control neutral creeps. If you want a support hero who can dish out some serious damage, the Enchantress is for you!

5. Jakiro

Jakiro, the legendary twin-headed dragon, sees a lot of play in higher Dota 2 ranks mainly thanks to his powerful crowd control ability, ice path. Although it can be difficult to land, Jakiro can use it to stun multiple enemies in a single shot, making him a powerful teamfight hero. Combined with his AoE ultimate, Jakiro has a lot of lane control and magic damage to dish out in a match, which is why he has been support players favorite for a long time now.

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6. Undying

Undying is one of the most powerful tank heroes in the game, capable of harassing the enemy team early game with his powerful abilities, while also being able to tank in team fights later on with his Flesh Golem ultimate. Undying has an ability kit, which focuses on self-sustain and tanking, allowing him to attack multiple opponents with his abilities while draining their life and healing himself in the process. His signature Tombstone ability can completely turn the tide of any teamfight, and his soul rip can also heal his allies. It is always annoying to see Undying on the enemy team, so make sure there’s one on your side.

7. Shadow Demon

What many might consider a surprise entry on this list, the Shadow Demon has seen some increased popularity in ranked games, mainly thanks to his unusual ability kit. Some changes introduced to his character have turned him into a strong support, allowing him to save allies and spawn their illusions with Disruption (or use it as a crowd control). He can also spread out the damage that a target receives over all enemies in an area, but most importantly, his ultimate provides a powerful heal, while removing all harmful debuffs from the target. Although Shadow Demon is a bit difficult to play, knowing how to use this awesome hero can really help you improve your support gameplay.

8. Rubick

Rubick is one of the favorite lane support heroes picked by the pros, and has seen regular play in most big tournaments ever since he was introduced in Dota 2. Potentially having one of the best and most versatile ability kits in the game, Rubick can stay relevant throughout the entire match and can fit into almost any team composition. Besides a powerful burst damage nuke and one of the best crowd control abilities in the game, his signature ultimate, Spellsteal, allows him to copy the last ability used by an enemy hero for himself. Rubick can copy ultimate, nukes, summon abilities and almost anything else, making him a great choice for pretty much any team that needs some extra support in the game.

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9. Dazzle

A valuable pick for any team that relies on physical damage, Dazzle can provide support with his Shadow Wave heal ability, which also debuffs enemies with his ultimate. Dazzle’s abilities will slowly wear down the enemy armor, allowing your carries to easily tear through the enemy heroes. In addition, his Shallow Grave can prevent death when cast at the correct time, meaning that Dazzle can be a great support hero in the hands of a skilled player. Dazzle goes great with any team that uses heroes such as the Ember Spirit or Sniper.

10. Lich

We’re finishing this list with another classic support hero, who has found his place in many different team compositions that required some extra magic damage. Lich also has a useful support ability, Frost Shield, which can be used to give extra armor to his allies and slow down the enemies, but he’s really mostly picked for his ultimate. Chain Frost creates a powerful ball of ice, which bounces between enemy heroes, increasing the damage dealt with every jump. A well-placed Chain Frost can decimate the enemy team and completely turn the game around in your favor.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right support can greatly improve the synergy within your team and provide crucial advantages in fights. By understanding each hero’s strengths and weaknesses, you can make informed decisions that could lead your team to victory. However, remember that mastering these heroes takes time and practice, so stay persistent and keep experimenting. Happy Gaming!

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