Best SSG 08 Skins in CS2

One of the best ways to start a new year is by refreshing your old skin collection and turning it into a brand new loadout, ready to impress all players on CS2 maps. That is why today we’re gonna bring to you some of the best SSG skins that are capable of fully revamping your Counter Strike equipment and making everyone’s jaws drop as soon as they see you in a match.

Here are the top 8 SSG 08 skins available in CS2. Also keep in mind that if you need funds for any of them, you can easily sell CS2 (CS:GO) skins on SkinCashier, and thus get cash for fresh new weapon finishes!

SSG 08 || Fever Dream

As the first entry in our list, we present Fever Dream, an item that was first made available in CS:GO in 2020 along with the Prisma 2 Case. Today, it continues to make waves on CS2 maps. The name of this weapon skin is truly fitting, as it is a real fever dream for all fans of neon CS2 skins. So, if you’re looking for a funky addition to your CS2 collection, this is the perfect piece for you. However, don’t let that intimidate you. Even if you prefer a more classic look, we can guarantee that Fever Dream will fit right into your collection.

  • First Added: 31 March 2020
  • Flavor Text: H@@HH@H@H@HA!!
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.19
  • Highest Steam Price: $1.20

SSG 08 || Dark Water

And now, to balance a bit the overload of color we showed with Fever Dream, we present to you Dark Water, an SSG 08 skin that is perfect for all lovers of the classic black CS2 skins. Interestingly, even though it was released a long time ago, back in 2014 as part of the eSports 2014 Summer Case, it’s still among the player favorites to this day, even after the transition to CS2. This seemingly simple black base layer decorated with an aquatic-stripe pattern featuring charcoal metallic paints, has proven to survive the test of time and is still a coveted item in many loadouts.

  • First Added: 10 July 2014
  • Flavor Text: Water gives life, but it can also take it…
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.92
  • Highest Steam Price: $1.04
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SSG 08 || Big Iron

Big Iron is different from other SSG skins, as it is a unique blend of black base coat and yellow-orange hydrographics. This piece is able to add a unique industrial vibe to any collection, something that has proven very enticing to players over the past few years. Introduced to the game in 2015 with the “Shadow Boxing” update, Big Iron is a staple of many equipment sets, both minimalist and colorful. It is an incredible and versatile item that can elevate your CS2 collection to a whole new level.

  • First Added: 17 September 2015
  • Flavor Text: A win with an asterisk is still a win – Rona Sabri, Rising Star
  • Lowest Steam Price: $4.81
  • Highest Steam Price: $14.92

SSG 08 || Jungle Dashed

Jungle Dashed is a very interesting weapon skin, which with its design fits perfectly into the tastes of both those who are enthusiasts of green CS2 skins, as well as those who live for camo prints or just unique patterns. Indeed, this item is not covered with a classic military print, yet it resembles it enough to provide military enthusiasts with a satisfying effect, while also fitting into virtually any CS2 collection. So if you are looking for a piece capable of fulfilling your army-related phantasies, this SSG 08 skin is what you need.

  • First Added: 3 December 2020
  • Flavor Text: none
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.27
  • Highest Steam Price: $2.33

SSG 08 || Hand Brake

Now something for those looking for an elegant-looking item that may not stand out for its color or fussy design, but for its elegance. The handbrake has been available in Counter-Strike since 2018, when the Paris 2023 Inferno Souvenir Package arrived in the game. Its casing is covered with a blue and white checkerboard, making it stand out from other weapons in the game, though in a good way. If you’re looking for a collection piece different from all the others, this SSG 08 skin is for you.

  • First Added: 3 September 2018
  • Flavor Text: Meant for oversteer, not parking
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.26
  • Highest Steam Price: $1.04
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SSG 08 || Dragonfire

Dragonfire is an SSG skin that has been available in Counter Strike for quite some time, as it has been introduced back in 2016 with the “Brothers In Arms” update. Nevertheless, its incredible design has made its popularity not only persist to this day, but also continue to grow. In fact, as trends may change around the world, one thing is for sure, dragons will always be fashionable, and apparently the designer “Puffin” foresaw this when designing this iconic weapon skin. Dragonfire may cost a little more than the other items on our list, but we guarantee it is worth the investment.

  • First Added: 28 November 2016
  • Flavor Text: Sit on your horde and wait for any who come to take it
  • Lowest Steam Price: $7.92
  • Highest Steam Price: $5.21

SSG 08 || Slashed

Just like the dragon pattern, animal prints also never go out of style, especially when it comes to Counter Strike maps. That’s why we think Slashed is a great addition to any CS2 equipment. This weapon is covered in a beautiful black base coat with an orange print that resembles the scratch marks of some wild animal. If you want to intimidate your enemies from the first moment you show up in a match, we guarantee that Slashed will be perfect for that. What’s more, this is the perfect time to invest in this finish, as its price is one of the lowest since it was introduced in 2014.

  • First Added: 1 May 2014
  • Flavor Text: none
  • Lowest Steam Price: $1.21
  • Highest Steam Price: $1.56
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SSG 08 || Sea Calico

Last but not least we come to you with the now legendary skin that is Sea Calico. Unfortunately, the legend is mainly attributed to its hefty price, but that doesn’t change the fact that its a weapon finish that can’t be missing from our list. The piece first appeared in the game in 2018 with the “Operation Shattered Web” update. Today, it’s an item that only the most affluent collectors can afford, however, anyone who manages to add it to their collection can be sure of earning respect among the CS2 community. Sea Calico’s beautiful yellow floral pattern is sure to make you stand out from all other players.

  • First Added: 18 November 2019
  • Flavor Text: You won’t need flowers when you’re dead
  • Lowest Steam Price: $222.32
  • Highest Steam Price: $1,500.00


CS2 is full of amazing SSG08 skins that are capable of taking any collection to the next level. If you’re looking for unique pieces to fill your equipment in the new year, be sure to stock up on any of the items on our list.

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