7 Practical Tips on How to Get Better at CSGO

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Becoming good at something is no easy task and takes a lot of time, dedication, and practice, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is no exception and while there are no shortcuts and no easy way to become good at any singe one thing, there are a few tips for CS: GO that can help you get used to the game a little more and help make things easier while at the same time increase the rate that you improve at, even if just a little bit. There is a lot to go over, so if you wish to play CS: GO like a pro, then make sure to pay close attention because we will be providing you with a detailed guide on everything you need to learn and know in order to improve your CS: GO skills and become better on the CS: GO competitive scene.

How to Get Better at CSGO in 2022?

Becoming truly great at something doesn’t happen overnight, and becoming better at anything, even a video game such as CS: GO is going to take a lot of time and effort.

There are many things that you need to take into consideration which is why we will go over them point by point below and see just what you will need to pay the most attention to in the game.

Practice Your Aim & Recoil

People who play CS: GO on a regular basis know just how difficult it is to aim your weapon at something and actually hit the target once you fire the bullet. This is due to the fact that every weapon has recoil, and recoil differs between all weapons so in order to get better at CS: GO, you will need to improve your aim to a point where you don’t miss your target, because if you do, and stop to reload your weapon, you could find yourself in quite a bad predicament.

The best way to achieve this and truly get better at CS: GO is to simply pick up one weapon and practice with it and play Counter-Strike Global Offensive over and over until you commit the recoil of that weapon to muscle memory. Once the first weapon is done, try another one, go back to the start and then practice with it. Play CS: GO with every weapon until you get better. It is a good idea to start with a popular CS: GO weapon such as the AK 47. If that doesn’t suit you, then just try a bunch of them out and see which one fits you the most.

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Listen To Footsteps

Looking for signs of your opponent’s presence is important, but is not the only way to determine if the enemy is in the vicinity but if you want to get better at CS: GO, listening to signs of enemy presence is equally, if not even more important while keeping as quiet as possible at the same time. You can learn a lot just by listening to your surroundings while playing the game. It is also a good idea to always use headphones while playing CS: GO in order to be able to hear everything clearly and determine various things like the position of the opposite team, their movement as well as their proximity to your own position. Remember, the sound is just as significant as vision.

Learn The Movement

Movement control is one of the most significant things that you will have to master if you want to get better at CS: GO. Regardless of how well you can control your recoil while you fire your weapon, if you are moving while doing so, your shots will never be on point in the first place. It is due to this reason that you have to learn proper movement control. If you want your shots to be on point and hit the target every time, you will have to stand still while you shoot.

Standing completely still however can be very dangerous in CS: GO especially when the enemy player is shooting at you. This is why you have to learn to strafe to the side in between your own shots while standing completely still when opening fire yourself.

Watch your CSGO Economy

Paying attention to how much money you have earned so far in CS: GO is an extremely important aspect of CS: GO gameplay and it is often overlooked not just by beginners, but more experienced CS: GO players alike. Knowing when to buy expensive equipment, and when to not buy anything and save money as well as how and when to spend it productively can often make or break the match for you. For example, going eco while things are tough for you and saving funds for the future can often be a wise move and can help you and your teammates recover from a losing streak.

Considering the bonuses that some weapons offer during the game can also be a great way to recover quickly and earn some extra cash for you to spend in the next round and buy the gear that you desire, so paying attention to such challenges can be important and can change the tides of the match for you and your team.

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Get to know your CSGO maps

Every single CS: GO map that you can play is unique, and as such, it has its own layout, different possible movement paths, bomb sites, various objects scattered all over the map, etc, however, that is not all. Each map has its own points of interest, rules, and possible strategies and as such, it can often dictate the behavior of both teams.

This is why it is very important to learn every popular CS: GO map inside and out and know what to expect from people who are playing on them with you. Having the knowledge of where to plant the bomb, where every path on the map leads, where the opponent can show up, and what are the best hiding places on various levels would give you a big advantage in coming up with strategies and reacting quickly to your surroundings, so it is in your best interest to learn every level of the game that you are planning to play on.

Since there are many CS: GO maps, this might seem to be really difficult at first, but once you actually start playing the game, and get to experience and practice every level a few times, you will notice that things are becoming easier. Over time, you won’t need to think about the map as much and you will notice your knowledge of every level improve.

While you can start by learning any CS: GO level, a good idea would be to start with a popular level and play a map like Dust 2, Inferno, or Nuke. Take your pick.

Communicate with Teammates

CS: GO is a team based shooter, and no matter how good you are at the game and how accurately you can shoot, no player is ever going to be as good as the whole team. This is precisely why it is extremely important to communicate with your team the whole time during the match.

While playing the game, inform other players of important opponent’s actions and advancements, share your position with your team, and coordinate moves and strategies with your team in order to be as effective as possible. If you get killed by the player from the opposing team, do not rage and clutter the communication line. Instead, try to keep calm and inform other players on your team of the possible enemy position or the weapon that your enemies might be carrying. Always look for a way to help your team and communicate as much crucial information as possible.

Learn Common CSGO Grenade Spots

While CS: GO has a plethora of weapons and equipment to choose from, a very significant part of any CS: GO player’s kit is the grenades. There are a few different types of grenades that you can use in CS: GO such as explosive grenades, smokes, and flashes as well as Molotov cocktails, and all of them have different uses and can hugely impact the outcome of the strategy that you are using. While hand grenades and Molotovs are used to cause extra damage, smokes and flashes are used to distract enemy players and hide the movement and actions of your team.

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While players can use all of these grenades freely, providing that they can afford to purchase them, every single CS: GO map has common grenade spots that provide ideal landing spots for various grenades, and therefore guarantee certain conditions that your team can use to their advantage. As such, it can be very useful to learn these common grenade spots and practice throwing grenades whenever you find the time to do so.

CSGO Aim Training Maps

While the best method to improve and become better at CS: GO is to actually play the game a whole bunch, there are other options that you can consider if you wish to enhance a specific skill, like aiming for example. Aside from the regular Counter-Strike levels, developers have also created what we call Aim Training Maps. These are exactly what they sound like, levels specifically designed to focus on improving the aim of a person. Such levels often feature various options that players can choose from such as moving or stationary targets, different weapons as well as how long the targets stay active and are designed to train the player’s aim and reflexes.

CSGO Tips from Pro Players

With the rise of the popularity of eSports, especially in recent years, many players have created careers with their favorite game and have actually gone pro. There are no people who are better at the game than those who play it for a living so reading about them, watching their streams and their pro matches can help you understand and learn a ton about the game, so don’t forget to check out tips from your favorite pros and streamers.


In this article, we will go over everything you should know in order to get better at CS: GO. We will go over numerous points like aim and recoil, popular level maps as well as basic communication. We will also go over additional information such as pro game tips from CS: GO players and anything else we believe will make you a better CS: GO, player. However, in this article, we will not be focusing on any kind of settings such as gameplay settings, graphics, or console commands.

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