how to get better at csgo

How to Get Better at CSGO in 2020?

October 9, 2020

How to get better at CSGO and what are the things that I should look out for while training to be the very best in the game?

There is nothing in the world where you can excel at without much practice and the drive to succeed. This can also be said with online games such as the massively popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The game is to some degree easy to pick up – all you have to do is to point your loaded gun at your enemy and shoot. However, this is far from the truth, as mastering CSGO is definitely not as simple as you think.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the multiplayer First-Person Shooter (FPS) game has made it to the esports industry with its highly strategic gameplay and complex weaponries which are uniquely different, be it with the handling, range or penetration rate. This is the reason why new and professional do struggle initially and even with thousands of hours of gameplay, few professional players can actually claim to really master CSGO. Thus, if you aim to become a better player, or possibly compete as a professional player on the global CSGO stage, there are several fundamentals that you should overcome before embarking on the journey on how to get better at CSGO.

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Become the Best CSGO Player

To date, an average Major CS:GO professional player rakes in earnings from a couple hundred thousands annually, and that amount is subject to increase with more experience and victories in tournaments. This coincides with the exponential growth in the global eSports industry as more tournaments and corporate sponsors such as Intel, Razer and Redbull contribute to the million-dollar prize pool for every Major. 

Compared to the early days of Counter-Strike, CS:GO tournaments are far more sophisticated and well-regarded in the eSports scene. This explains why CSGO is considered one of the leading eSports game titles alongside other game titles like League of Legends, DOTA 2 and Overwatch. And if you do participate as a spectator of various CS:GO tournaments, you will notice the comprehensive judging criteria set in place for these matches are on par with traditional sports like soccer or basketball. Therefore, as an active CS:GO player like yourself, you may wonder at times, if you could one day compete in Majors like Shroud or as a Faze Clan member.

Fortunately, there are ways for you to train to become a better CS:GO pro player. The path to becoming a professional CS:GO player certainly is not easy. But with enough practices, grit and determination, you can get yourself working your way up to the center stage of the global CS:GO eSports scene.

Eight steps to becoming a better CS:GO player

The difference between a casual player and a fully fledged CS:GO professional player is the ability to identify every possible scenario in any gameplay, on any map. Such gaming knowledge requires more than just memorising and you will need to practice a lot, and get every opportunity to attend local CS:GO competitions. Furthermore, this game requires teamwork, and you will need to better train yourself to be in an environment where you can establish rapport and role in a team. To allow you to kickstart some practices, we have prepared eight mandatory steps needed to pursue that goal, so here are some tips for CSGO . 

  1. Get familiar with core weapons

    More often than not, beginners may be lost when it comes to choosing the right weapon. You may have read online that better weapons such as Desert Eagle and AWP are deadly weapons that you can use in a given match. However, do keep in mind that each weapon actually requires a great understanding of the mechanism and countless hours of practice sessions before it could work well for you. 
    What we do suggest however, is that you could start off with weapons like Five-SeveN, AK-47 or M4A4 and take your time to learn how to effectively handle the weapon before moving on to more better ones like AWP. Also, do not rush to learn about other weapons until you have improved your skills with your ‘starter’ weapons up to a decent level. 

  2. Practice how to aim and shoot 

    This is pretty much a no-brainer for most people. In order for you to get used to the handling technique for each weapon in CS:GO, you will have to learn to properly aim and shoot with your weapon. Thanks to the CS:GO community, there are quite a number of CSGO Aim Training maps available on the Steam Workshop that you can use as part of your aim and shoot practices. Increase the level of difficulty over time by playing with bots and focus on your aim and shooting. Once you are confident enough to face real-life opponents, you may play the Deathmatch mode to get better aim and shooting with unpredictable human players. 

  3. Identify your weapon’s spray pattern and recoil compensation

    As you become more familiar with handling your weapons, it is time to identify the spray pattern and recoil compensation. As mentioned in earlier paragraphs, each weapon in CS:GO has different characteristics. Thus, it is important to identify your weapon’s spray pattern and how large the recoil movement is before training for headshots with a single shot. Similar to Step 2, there are several maps on the Steam Workshop that you can get as they are designed specially to practice on weapon handling. 

  4. Listen carefully and communicate clearly

    If you did watch competitive CS:GO gaming, chances are you will see most professional players wearing a headset while playing. This is because listening to your enemies’ movements are important. Whenever possible, practice with a noise-cancelling headphone so as to identify your enemy’s location. Furthermore, you can also get used to communicating with your teammates through your headphones while you and your teammates get better decisions to take down enemies.

  5. Master every map in CS:GO

    At this point, you should get better prepared and ready as a better player with more accurate aim, movement and the ability to identify enemy’s whereabouts and team communication. It is then, that you should start practicing on different maps. Identify maps that are more often used in tournaments (e.g. Dust 2, Nuke and Inferno) and start with a map first. Once you are more familiar with one, move over to practice on the next map. Learn how to locate and identify strategic waypoints where you could use it to your advantage in future. 

  6. Work together as a team

    We do understand that some games do not require teamworks and you may do fairly well as a solo player. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the competitive world of CS:GO. So, start developing your communication skills with your online teammates and eventually figure out the best way to convey your message at the best possible time.
    Get key messages such as your location, enemy actions and coordinate your strategy across well enough for your teammates to better understand what you are saying in the game.

  7. Handle any given map well

    Once you are familiar with certain maps from Step 5, start developing your own winning formula for each map that you are comfortable with. In CSGO, the gameplay involves a ton of teamwork, and you will be an indispensable part of the team if you do get better control over the map that you are playing to keep yourself alive and to stay together whenever appropriate to protect the team. Also, try out both CT and T roles as they each play a different role in each map.

  8. Go casual with bots and get involved with humans

    Finally, once you do manage to master the eight steps, it is worth returning to CSGO by playing with bots to work on your flaws and potentially create new strategies by playing with bots. Once that is ready, do play alongside real human players so that you can gradually identify the gaming style of different players in your game.
    We could not stress enough on the importance of familiarising yourself with your weapons, maps and working as a team. Hence, do practice for several rounds more with bots and human players until you are very sure of the strategy to take down your enemies at any given time, moment and map in the game.
    You will be able to play competitive matches only after reaching the experience level Private Rank 2. Feel free to take your time and start fighting for your rank only once you have strongly improved skills with our CS GO tips.

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Practice makes Perfect

Even though it might seem like a long way, with enough effort you will reach your goals and get better at CSGO. Nothing is off-limits when you put an effort into making full use of CS tricks and CSGO tips. Just remember that Rome was not built in a day, neither is our mastery over any game including CSGO. To get better at CSGO, consistency, determination and lots of practice sessions are vital towards your end-goal as a professional player

Tune your muscle memory to set your game to 64 tickrate if you are practicing for matchmaking. If you play Faceit or ESEA instead, then you should have it at 128 tickrate to adapt to the game over time. 

Hopefully, the above tips for CS GO could give you a better headstart over your peers when it comes to becoming better at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and play like how pro players do in the eSports arena. One thing for sure, with the help of a training schedule, you will definitely play the game better than you did before.

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