What Is Inside the CS:GO Operation Bravo Case?

From time to time, something happens in the CS:GO world that makes everyone pause for a moment. It could be a new update, a new map, some eSports event. No matter what type of thing it is, it is guaranteed to change the Counter Strike world forever. The Operation Bravo update was EXACTLY THAT, and the Operation Bravo case that came along with it only sealed that status. Today, we will explain to you why this container is so important to CSGO players and what exactly it includes. This will be the most comprehensive guide to the Operation Bravo case, and you will find on the Internet.

What You Need to Know About Operation Bravo

The Operation Bravo update was introduced to CS:GO in September 2013 and, thanks to its popularity, lasted almost six months. It initially included 7 new maps, and was later updated with 2 more during the Winter Offensive update. The locations featured were:

  • Agency
  • Siege
  • Ali
  • Cache
  • Chinatown
  • Gwalior
  • Ruins
  • Seaside
  • Cobblestone
  • Overpass

On top of the new maps, the update also included a new weapon case, and two skins collections – the Bravo collection and the Alpha collection.

The Operation Bravo Coin

Operations Coins are collectible items associated with a specific Operations update in CS:GO. They are awarded to players either for purchasing an Operation pass or for playing a certain number of hours on maps from a given Operation update. Operation Bravo included 3 different coins – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

  • Bronze: Awarded for buying the pass
  • Silver: Awarded for 10 hours of playtime and 5 Competitive wins on Operation maps
  • Gold: Awarded for 30 hours of playtime and 15 Competitive wins on Operation maps

The Operation Bravo Case

The Operation Bravo case was introduced alongside the Operation Bravo update and was available to every CSGO player. However, gamers who purchased the Operation Bravo Pass had a much greater chance of getting it organically in the game via drop. It was actually the first Operation weapon case in the game’s history. The container contained 15 new skins, some of which are among the most expensive Counter-Strike items on Steam today, and 7 rare special items. Over the years, the cosmetic skins included in this update, like the AK-47 Serpent or the P90 Emerald Dragon, have gained icon status in the CSGO world.

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Which Skins Were Included in the Operation Bravo Case?

Here is the full list of skins included in the Operation Bravo case, along with some elementary information that will allow you to fully grasp its value.

  1. Dual Berettas || Black Limba

This is a classic and elegant rendition of the iconic Dual Berettas, which have been a fan-favorite for many years. If carrying a single gun is not enough for you, this skin is the perfect addition to your inventory.

  • Flavor Text: Where classic construction meets modern aesthetics
  • Lowest Steam Price: $3.20
  • Highest Steam Price: $9,74
  1. Galil AR || Shattered

Shattered is an impressive version of the long-range T-side exclusive assault rifle, the Galil AR. This skin has been decorated with a polygonal patterned hydrographic, resulting in a very unique piece, perfect for anyone who feels like experimenting.

  • Flavor Text: My men are professionals, they’ll get the job done right… – Elliott Kingsman, Career Criminal
  • Lowest Steam Price: $3.72
  • Highest Steam Price: $12,16
  1. G3SG1 || Demeter

Like Shattered, Demeter has also been decorated with unique hydrographics. While this weapon may not be the most popular firearm in Counter-Strike, this skin is worth taking note of.

  • Flavor Text: Patience is a virtue
  • Lowest Steam Price: $3.44
  • Highest Steam Price: $9,93
  1. UMP-45 || Bone File

The Bone File appears to be an ordinary weapon, painted in military colors. However, if you take a closer look at it, you will notice a unique design depicting a pile of human skulls. This CS:GO skin is sure to freeze the blood in the veins of your enemies.

  • Flavor Text: One more for the collection
  • Lowest Steam Price: $3.72
  • Highest Steam Price: $9,92
  1. SG 553 || Wave Spray

The SG 553 is a great alternative to the infamous AK-47. The Wave Spray is its amazing rendition, which has been spray painted with abstract designs in gray and blue colors. This is a very unique item that is sure to improve your equipment.

  • Flavor Text: Perfect for the insurgent on the go
  • Lowest Steam Price: $3,04
  • Highest Steam Price: $13,73
  1. Nova || Tempest
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Tempest is another blue CSGO skin included in the Operation Bravo case. It features a tribal design that looks like it was taken straight out of Atlantis. If you’re looking for new items to add to your blue loadout, this one is perfect for you.

  • Flavor Text: A storm is coming
  • Lowest Steam Price: $4,51
  • Highest Steam Price: $9,99
  1. MAC-10 || Graven

The MAC-10 is one of the greatest SMGs included in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Graven is one of the most beautiful skins in the entire game. It is a gold item with an elegant design that gives it an ancient look.

  • Flavor Text: It breaks two commandments at the same time
  • Lowest Steam Price: $17,32
  • Highest Steam Price: $34,74
  1. M4A4 || Zirka

Zirka is an inconspicuous-looking black skin that would make a great addition to the inventory of any player who is a fan of the classics. The Cache star pattern featured on it is a nice little touch.

  • Flavor Text: Imogen shares her father’s eye for quality, but her ambition is even fiercer
  • Lowest Steam Price: $20,03
  • Highest Steam Price: $33,07
  1. M4A1-S || Bright Water

The M4A1-S is beloved for its built-in silencer, while the Bright Water skin is a fan favorite because of its original blue military pattern. It’s the perfect addition to a blue CSGO loadout.

  • Flavor Text: Ours is a world of intrigue…but sometimes camouflage is meant to be seen – Booth, Arms Dealer
  • Lowest Steam Price: $20,63
  • Highest Steam Price: $22,00
  1. USP-S || Overgrowth

The Overgrowth is a more traditional take on the military pattern. It has been painted with a green and yellow hydrographic, which would look great on any CSGO map. Getting this skin is an amazing way to enhance the beloved USP-S.

  • Flavor Text: Look me in the eyes and tell me that’s standard issue – Felix Riley, Commanding Officer
  • Lowest Steam Price: $17,89
  • Highest Steam Price: $53,34
  1. P90 || Emerald Dragon

This P90 skin has gained legendary status over the past few years. It is one of the most sought-after and impressive-looking items in the entire game. The Emerald Dragon has been painted with a dragon motif that is sure to impress everyone on CSGO maps.

  • Flavor Text: Tradition can be dangerous
  • Lowest Steam Price: $91,08
  • Highest Steam Price: $248,98
  1. P2000 || Ocean Foam
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Ocean Foam is one of the most expensive skins on our list, which is due to its beautiful design. This item is the perfect combination of a black base layer and a unique-looking blue pattern that somehow really reminds you of the ocean foam.

  • Flavor Text: Waves break, our resolve doesn’t – Kotaro Izaki, Breach Expert
  • Lowest Steam Price: $104,82
  • Highest Steam Price: $119,93
  1. AWP || Graphite

Graphite is an elegant-looking black skin that is perfect for any fan of the classics. Its best feature is its minimalist design and simple look, which is still able to catch the eye of every CSGO player.

  • Flavor Text: Pencils down, hands up
  • Lowest Steam Price: $143,31
  • Highest Steam Price: $159,00
  1. Desert Eagle || Golden Koi

If you like your CSGO weapons to look expensive, the Golden Koi is the perfect skin for you. It has been covered in metallic foil, which somehow looks like gold, and therefore gives it a very luxurious appearance.

  • Flavor Text: A loud gun in every sense of the word
  • Lowest Steam Price: $28,58
  • Highest Steam Price: $31,34
  1. AK-47 || Fire Serpent

We close our list with one of the most expensive items in the entire game. Fire Serpent prices currently reach almost $2,000 on the Steam market, thanks to its unique look and the beautiful fire serpent theme it features. It is by far one of the best-looking skins in the entire game.

  • Flavor Text: If you want to survive in the streets, learn to spit fire
  • Lowest Steam Price: $416,31
  • Highest Steam Price: $1910,88


The Operation Bravo case is one of the most famous weapon containers ever to appear in CSGO. The skins it includes are among some of the most popular cosmetic items in the game, and several of them have reached legend status within the community. To fully grasp the value of this case, go ahead and reach for the article we have prepared for you, where everything is explained in great detail. After that, feel free to visit SkinsMonkey.com to find the items that interest you the most.

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