The ABSOLUTE Best Pyro Cosmetic Items in TF2

Pyro is described as a mumbling pyromaniac, which… pretty much describes his personality. This crazy, fire-obsessed character is one of the main attractions in any Team Fortress game. Although he can be annoying, he can also be very useful, and more importantly – he comes with a number of great cosmetic items that you can utilize to gain the respect of other players. Here is a complete list of the best pyro-cosmetics in TF2.

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What You Should Know About Pyro

As mentioned above, Pyro is anything but mentally stable. His fondness of pyrotechnics can make or break a game – not only for the opposing team, but also for your own. After all, if you don’t know how to use him to your advantage, you may accidentally blow everyone up. But some would say that’s exactly what makes him so much fun.

Pyro is a character perfectly suited for close combat (to be honest, he’s pretty useless at closer range). His main weapon is a homemade flamethrower or one of its variants. No matter which version you choose, all are capable of inflicting major damage to enemies who are standing nearby. What’s more, they also leave afterburn wounds that slowly kill opponents after they’ve been hit. This means that anyone who is near your Pyro is essentially considered dead and you don’t even have to stand by them to finish things off. All you have to do is hit the guy with your gun and then basically let him burn to the ground.

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In addition, the character is perfect for spy-checking. Even a small blast of flame from his flamethrower is enough to destroy any camouflage in a matter of seconds.

When Not to Use Pyro?

While Pyro may seem really fun, since he allows you to simply run around the map with a flamethrower, he can actually be quite problematic. Not only is he hard to control, but he’s also useless at long-range. Seriously, you have to get really close to the enemy to kill them using Pyro. Otherwise, they will either see you when you run toward them, or you won’t even be able to hit them.

What’s more, if you’re up against other Pyros, you could blow up almost the entire map (ok, maybe not the entire map, but a significant part of it). And while an asbestos-lined suit will protect you from afterburns, it won’t help you against direct damage from other flamethrowers.

However, if you take all this into account and master Pyro’s skills well, playing with him can be really enjoyable.

The Top 10 Best Pyro Cosmetics in Team Fortress 2

Now that we have explained some basics. Let’s get to the heart of the matter, which is a list of the best pyro cosmetics.

  1. Stockbroker’s Scarf

Look, Pyro may be crazy, but that doesn’t mean he can’t sell you some good stocks. This stockbroker’s scarf is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of seriousness to their pyromaniac. If you plan to trade at 12, but need to kill some opponents at 11, this neck piece is perfect for you.

  1. Last Breath

The Last Breath is a community-made item that comes in red and blue variants. The piece is a skull-shaped mask, perfect for a fire maniac. By putting it on during a match, you will make sure that your opponents will see what their faces will look like after a personal encounter with your flamethrower.

  1. Head Warmer

Just because Pyro loves anything to do with flames and heat doesn’t mean he never gets cold! That’s why a head warmer is the perfect option to protect him from the wild winds on Team Fortress maps. Not only is it great and cozy looking, but it also comes in a variety of colors, including “pink as hell” and “dark salmon injustice.”

  1. Firewall Helmet

Ok, this joke may be a tad stale at this point, but we still think that putting a firefighter’s helmet on a pyromaniac is pretty funny. In fact, it’s safe to say that this classic headgear has gone down in TF2 history and you’ll see Pyros wearing it all the time. Truth be told, we may never get tired of it.

  1. Glob

To be honest, we don’t really know how to explain this one. The globe is exactly what its name implies, which is a green glob that replaces the Pyro’s head. It is a rather random element that is sure to confuse everyone on the Team Fortress maps, including even your own allies. That’s exactly why we love it!

  1. Toy Tailor

No list is complete without a good old Christmas-themed item. Toy Tailor will put Pyro in the holiday spirit, as it will make him feel like a cute elf, ready to make toys in Santa’s workshop. Of course, he won’t actually be doing that, instead he’ll be killing enemies with a flamethrower. But it’s the thought itself that counts.

  1. Propaniac

Are there any punk lovers out there? If so, we have the perfect cosmetic for you. Pyro may not have any hair, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do a mohawk. Propaniac puts 8 colored flames on top of his gas mask, which not only gives him an old-school rebellious look, but also simply looks great.

  1. Gas Guzzler
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Normally Pyro carries a gas tank on his back to power his flamethrower. But what if we replaced it with a motorcycle tank that has flames spray-painted on top? Sounds great, right? Well, the Gas Guzzler is exactly that. This amazing backpack will let you set things on fire in style.

  1. Carrion Companion

Everyone deserves a friend, Pyro included. This adorable little bird skeleton is a great companion for our favorite pyromaniac. It will obediently sit on his shoulder while he sets everything on fire and defeats all his enemies. We can guarantee that there is no other pet like this in Team Fortress 2.

  1. Plumber’s Pipe.

Look, before you say it’s ridiculous and doesn’t make sense…. Well, you may be right. But isn’t that what Team Fortress 2 is all about? After all, Pyro is a crazy, mumbling maniac who runs around with a flamethrower, so why not put a plumbing pipe on his head? We personally love this piece and think it will make you stand out during any match.


Whether you like Pyro or not, you have to admit that he has some great cosmetic items. Our list is just the tip of the iceberg of great skins waiting to be discovered. So go ahead, try this maniac out, and put some cool items on him to make yourself stand out from other TF2 players.

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