A Complete Guide: How to Surf in CS:GO for Beginners?

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CS:GO surf maps are an integral part of the popular shooter. Those maps were invented by a Steam Community member with the nickname ‘Mariowned’ two decades ago. Surfing has become viral since then. And today CSGO surfing maps help players in improving their motor skills. 

But to make the surfing process really enjoyable each CS GO user should constantly master the surfing skills. To help you to surf like a pro we have prepared a unique gamer’s guide. Thanks to it you can deeply improve your understanding of how to surf in CSGO in 2022. Read it until the end! And very soon you will beat all your enemies in the competitive CSGO matches.

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What is Surfing in CS:GO?

Surfing is a mainstream game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that allows users to improve their navigation skills and achieve an excellent run on a surf map. The principle of CS GO surfing is quite simple. All you need to do is to gain speed as quickly as possible while hugging steep angles. Regular training in CSGO surfing could positively benefit regular shooting.

Surfing also means a lot of fun in CS:GO. Of course, not everyone is keen to experience surfing. Especially if your interests are based on competitive shooting in Dust 2 or any other official maps. But in case you are ready to explore how to surf inCSGO, bear in mind that free surf maps are waiting for you. As an alternative, you can search for a CS GO surfing simulator.

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How to Surf in CSGO?

In short, how to surf is a concept that is similar to parkour. You need to overcome obstacles, jump over gaps and reach the finishing point. Keeping stable on a surf map may be rather difficult for beginners. Since it is a vastly different gaming experience compared to the typical CS GO match. 

Your main objective in CSGO surfing is to maintain your momentum as you propel yourself towards the end. While it may be tempting to perform complicated tricks and experience more advanced maps as seen on YouTube or Twitch, it is important to build on your fundamentals before working your way up into the more advanced surfing levels.

So, there are some simple rules how to surf in CSGO:

  • to utilize only ‘A’ and ‘D’ keyboard buttons
  • to press and hold ‘D’ to jump onto the left side and ‘A’ onto the right side
  • use your mouse to look around for your next ramp with ease
  • spectate other players in these surf maps just like how you could in a typical match. 

There is no preferred side as everyone has their ideal directions to pursue. Thus do not be afraid to surf in a side different from other players in the surf map.

Also, do ensure that you have picked up sufficient speed in order to travel from ramp-to-ramp without ever falling down completely. The key to gaining sufficient speed on ramps is your momentum in the map. 

Best CSGO Surf Maps for Honing the Skills 

There are a number of popular surf maps among CSGO players. The list of the best CS:GO maps for surfing includes:

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All of the above mentioned maps are fan-created surf maps. They are designed in such a way to motivate the players to overcome a wide variety of obstacles and ramps as they glide along them. Unlike typical CS:GO scenarios, the physics in these surf maps are tweaked to ensure that players have no problem skimming across the map.

These maps can be found in the Steam workshop and are structured into various difficulty levels (ie. Tier 1 is for beginners and Tier 6 for pro-surfers). So no matter how advanced you are in surfing, you will get a chance to practice on how to surf in csgo.

How to find CS GO Surf Servers?

CS:GO surf servers are also frequently updated unlike some of the Steam workshop maps. Just follow these three steps to explore those servers for surfing:

  1. Run CS:GO
  2. Choose the “Community Server Browser” option from the menu
  3. write down“surf” in the search bar at the bottom part of the screen
  4. then select the proper server from the list
  5. choose a “Connect” button to join the server.

Many servers have, in fact, a speedometer that is displayed on screen. You can use it to keep track of how fast you are going. Upon leaving the starting point, try to angle yourself so that you can proceed with a nosedive onto the ramp while skimming the bottom part of the ramp effortlessly. You may also wish to avoid touching the top peak of the ramp entirely as it will instantly deplete your momentum. By hovering around the lower part of the ramp, you will be able to cover a larger distance when you launch yourself upwards.

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Following this step-by-step instruction you can learn how to surf in CSGO once and for all. Due to surfing you can enhance your psychomotor skills in order to work on quicker reaction time and better control over your virtual character in the game. 

Therefore, surfing is a perfect way of gaining your combat experience for the live matches CSGO. It might help you improve on crosshair placement, general movement and judging speed in relation to distance in a CS GO map.

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