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How to Surf in CS:GO? Complete Guide for 2021

Updated: April 1, 2021

Surf maps have been an integral part of the Counter-Strike series over the past decade, learn how to surf in CSGO to experience the game differently.

The game franchise – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is all about killing opponents and showing off amazing CSGO skins like the AWP Dragon Lore. But CSGO players may beg to differ as they are constantly pushing boundaries. With a tinge of creativity and some sense of humor, the rules of CSGO can be broken for the joy and laughter or the community. Surf maps are known to be created by the active CSGO community and it was originally viewed as “half-time” maps where players took some free up time to engage in parkour-like maps. These maps are known to help players in improving their motor skills which could greatly benefit their next competitive match in CSGO.

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Avid gamers of CSGO would be familiar with times where they need some guidance and inspirations off Youtube videos and streams, and there is a chance that you have encountered a video of a CSGO map that enables the player to speed across slanted ramps in a seemingly acrobatic fashion. For those who are unsure of the definition, this is known as “Surfing” and is a popular way amongst the community to convert the competitive-based shooter game into something different. However, before you could confidently claim to your peers that this is a child’s play, do not let the look of this gameplay deceive you, as surfing actually takes practice and a great deal of skill to master. Fortunately, there are many resources online to teach players on how to surf on CSGO.

Fan-created surf maps challenge players to traverse a wide combination of obstacles and ramps as they glide along them, requiring perfectly timed jumps and turns to clear the objective. Unlike a typical game in CSGO, the physics in these surf maps are tweaked to ensure that players have no problem skimming across the map.

These maps can be found in the Steam workshop and are structured into various difficulty levels (ie. Tier 1 is for beginners and Tier 6 for pro-surfers) for everyone to have a chance to practice on how to surf. Some maps (such as linear and staged maps) are designed to focus primarily on movement while others are time-based challenges. Combat surf maps do exist as well for those who are looking to more challenging endeavors in surf maps. Speed demons and more experienced players can pit against one another in a game of speed and accuracy in these combat surf maps.

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How to surf in CSGO?

As with life in general, not everyone is keen to experience surfing when their interests are based on competitive shooting in dust_2 or other official maps. But believe it or not, there are more than a dozen of reasons that could likely motivate you to practice surfing for your actual game, and possibly allowing you to climb up the leaderboard quicker. What is the use of donning a fearsome weapon skin when you are unable to emerge victorious in every match?

Contrary to popular belief, players are able to utilise surfing maps as a way to enhance their psychomotor skills in order to work on quicker reaction time and control over your virtual character in the game. The same principle applies to learning how to drive a car, as we are taught on how to master the handling of our vehicles in any situation. Therefore, surfing is a satisfying way of gaining your combat experience in the actual game, by first building on achieving a perfect run on a surf map and controlling your speed and landing as you race across numerous obstacles and ramps. In addition to that, it may also help you improve on crosshair placement, general movement and judging speed in relation to distance in a map.

Popular CSGO surf maps for everyone

If you have decided to go for a shot at experiencing surfing, there are a number of popular maps that CSGO players who are learning how to surf or meet like-minded individuals who are improving on their surfing skills. This year, we have identified five surf maps which are popular among players who are bound to work or study from home due to the ongoing pandemic crisis. They are surf_beginner (for Beginners), surf_utopia, surf_kitsune and surf_mesa (improve surfing skills). There is also a visually pleasing map called surf_fortum, which was created to exhibit the alternative energy initiatives of Finnish power company and DreamHack sponsor Fortum.

Recommended servers for CSGO surfing

There are a handful of popular surf servers in CSGO, which include some of the best surfing maps around, such as the classic fruit and vegetable levels. Just a note for surfing beginners, Tier 1 servers will be ideal for you to get things started without being intimidated. There are currently two methods for players to join the surfing servers. You may access them through your console (or ~ keyboard button) by inputting values such as ‘connect’, where the digits are the server ip address. Alternatively, you may also add your favorite server in Steam. Simply go to ‘Favorites’, followed by ‘Add a Server’ and add your preferred server address in order to save the server permanently in your Steam account.

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A summary on how to surf in CSGO

Aforementioned paragraphs have given you a better idea on how to surf – it is a concept that is similar to parkour where you overcome obstacles, jump over gaps and reach the finishing point. Keeping stable on a surf map may be rather difficult for beginners, since it is a vastly different gaming experience from the typical match. Your main objective in surfing maps is to maintain your momentum as you propel yourself towards the end. While it may be tempting to perform complicated tricks and experience more advanced maps as seen on YouTube or Twitch, it is important to build on your fundamentals before working your way up into the difficulty surfing levels.

Almost everyone has to go through the Tier 1 server in order to get to grips with air-strafing and all kinds of obstacles that you will have to perform on the map. In this case, observe how others (e.g. through YouTube or Twitch) go through the course prior to your actual tryout and gain a better understanding of the basics. Once you are ready, get into the same map and jump onto the ramp, and strafe in the direction of the ramp itself. A general rule of thumb is to utilise only ‘A’ and ‘D’ keyboard buttons. For instance, press and hold ‘D’ to jump onto the left side and ‘A’ onto the right side so that you stay on the ramp. There is no preferred side as everyone has their ideal directions to pursue, thus do not be afraid to surf in a side different from other players in the surf map.

Also, do ensure that you have picked up sufficient speed in order to travel from ramp-to-ramp without ever falling down completely. The key to gaining sufficient speed on ramps is your momentum in the map. Many servers have in fact, a speedometer that is displayed on screen to keep track of how fast you are going. Upon leaving the starting point, try to angle yourself so that you can proceed with a nosedive onto the ramp while skimming the bottom part of the ramp effortlessly. You may also wish to avoid touching the top peak of the ramp entirely as it will instantly deplete your momentum. By hovering around the lower part of the ramp, you will be able to cover a larger distance when you launch yourself upwards.

It will take a while to be a seasoned surfer, but it is best to try and perform this action in one fluid motion as judders will affect the speed. Besides the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys, do remember to use your mouse to look around for your next ramp with ease. Over time, you will do better on the same course that other skillful players have completed. You may also spectate other players in these surf maps just like how you could in a typical match. Use the opportunity to observe how to surf.

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Advanced CSGO Surfing for Seasoned Surfers

Once you have attained a certain level of competency in surfing, you may learn how to bunny hop without relying on servers that include auto-hop. Auto-hop is useful for beginners as all they have to focus on is ‘A’,  ‘D’ and a look over their next ramp. Train up on your hopping skills for your next match by joining servers that have modified versions of Tier 1 and 2 surf maps, which exclude the auto-hop feature for your practice. A quick tip of bunny hopping is to bind your jump to your scroll wheel. That way you can focus more on getting the sweeping motion of your jumps on point. As you are gaining more experience on how to surf, avoid using auto-hop as much as possible so that you can learn the proper technique for bunny hop that may be crucial for a typical match.

It’s important to learn how to bunny hop without relying on servers that include auto-hop. Auto-hop makes bunny hopping easy by ensuring that you don’t have to worry about the timing of your jumps. The servers that run this modification typically have a lot of Tier 1 and 2 surf courses in their rotation. Try to avoid using auto-hop if you can, instead learn the proper techniques for bunny hopping.

Surf Skill and Surf Combat

Overall, surfing is not only a fun map to engage in CSGO, it can also be value-add to enhance your combat skills in a typical match. Surfing is an enjoyable experience for many, and it is a class of its own from the usual camping and sniping. Choosing CSGO surfing is highly recommended, but not a must. If you are looking to master the art of controlling your virtual character and weapon handling smoothly in your next match, do allocate some time for surfing.

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It is not mandatory for you to surf with other players. There are quite a number of surf maps on the Steam workshop that anyone can download like surf_mesa or surf_kitsune. However, these can be more complicated to set up on your own as you will need to know the commands to reset the map if you happen to fall off. Generally speaking, the surfing community uses existing servers as they are easier to access and you do not have to worry for the earlier mentioned issues. Additionally, these servers are also frequently updated unlike some of the Steam workshop maps that have been somewhat excluded in the update.

Becoming a pro surfer may just be the beginning of your way in mastering your next match in CSGO. So, whenever you are ready, let us learn how to surf in CSGO!

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