Most CT Sided Map CSGO 2023

When you ask gamers about what matters the most in ranked CS:GO matches, most will answer that skill is the most important factor. And while this is mostly true, sadly, only a few maps managed to get the win rate of both teams to more or less 50%.

In other cases, some features of the map tend to favor one team on top of the other. Tiny details in map layout can easily affect the outcome of a match online. Even some of the most fun maps in the game often favor one side over the other. Here are the most CT sided maps in current active duty pool in CSGO.

What Makes A CT Sided Map?

Before we go to the list, it’s important to understand what makes a CT sided map. When you look at the win rates for every team, you can see that even the best CSGO maps don’t have a perfectly equal win rate for both teams. Most of the time the deviations are very small, with one team having generally a 1 or 2 percent advantage, meaning that, for example, if the win rate would be around 49/51 for the CT team, the map would still be balanced.

If you look at win rates of all the maps, though, you’ll find that in some cases the win rate might be slightly skewed toward one of the teams. If it looks more like 53/47, chances are the map is unbalanced and thanks to the map layout, bomb sites locations and object placement one team has a significant advantage.

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So what makes a CT sided CSGO map? There are a couple of factors:

  • Only one traditional route to the bomb sites – If the Terrorist side can only approach from one entrance, it’s much easier for the CT team to expect them and prepare defenses. Also, with one route to a bombsite, it’s much easier for the CT team to smoke.
  • Tightly packed sites – If the plant locations don’t give enough place to maneuver and require your team to be packed, this heavily impacts team performance and makes you for easy targets. The CT team can just rush in after the Terrorists plant, kill them all and defuse the bomb.
  • Tight corridors and closed spaces – It’s pretty obvious, that tight corridors favor the defending team. It’s much easier to defend when the enemy team has to go almost in line through a tight corridor. Analogously, such a match layout also makes it harder to rush points.

What Are The Most CT Sided CSGO Maps In Current Active Duty Pool?

Now that you know what qualities make a CT sided CSGO map, it’s time to go with the list. Here are the current CSGO maps where the locations heavily support the CT team:


Starting off the list with one of the most CT sided CSGO maps, Nuke clearly favors Counter Terrorists with a 53% win rate in their favor. A part of the active duty map pool, you can encounter Nuke quite often when playing ranked matches. Sadly, if you find yourself on the Terrorist side, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

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There are many reasons why Nuke is such a CT sided CSGO map. One of them is the map’s confusing layouts. Nuke is extremely large for a CSGO map, with multiple layers, many hidden passages and an outside section (where players can also climb on buildings). Sadly, a design like this favors the CT side very much, making defense of the bomb sites much easier. Nuke also features one bomb site on top of another, which makes it very easy for the CT side to shift positions after the Terrorist side is finished planting. It’s also the only map with such tight entrances to the bomb site, making it super easy to defend versus effective utility.


Overpass is another very large map, with tons of open space and a small portion of select locations hidden in the tunnels. With a 52% win rate for the CT team, Overpass suffers from many of the same issues that Nuke does.

For one, the CT team spawns almost next to bomb site A, as well as right above a perfect spot looking out on bomb site B. Thanks to the Overpass two story layout, the Counter Terrorists can easily set up defenses as soon as the game starts with AWPs and grenades. On the other hand, if the Terrorist side would want to rotate to another bomb site, they have to go through almost the entire map, giving the Counter Terrorist side an easy window to shift their position, and even catch up with the Terrorist team in the map’s many tunnels.

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The third and final offender in the category of CT sided maps is perhaps the most CT sided map in the game at the moment, Ancient. With a whopping 56.8% CT win rate, you’re going to struggle on the T side rounds of your team.

Ancient has pretty much all of the worst qualities that highly favor the defending team. First of all, there are almost no open spaces on this map, meaning that the Terrorist side is going to be pushing through tight corridors, making them very easy targets for the CT side. There are also none to fewer angles which allow for easy entry to the bomb sites. On the other hand, the CT spawn is right next to both bombsites, meaning that the attacking team will be almost always rushing with a significant disadvantage. Because of this, Ancient is one of the least balanced CSGO maps in the active duty pool at the moment.

To Sum Up

Counter Strike Global Offensive maps and the competitive map pool, in general, aren’t exactly the most balanced. Keep in mind, however, that for pretty much every CT sided map, there’s a fairly T sided map as well. If you end up playing on any of the maps listed here, get ready to put in some extra effort on T rounds.

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