How to Use CSGO Float Checker?

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One feature Valve Corp implemented in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive back in 2013 was weapon skins. There are a few ways to get those skins, including gloves, knives and the best CSGO cases. You can buy them on the Steam Community Marketplace, and on trusted online bot trading sites.

CS:GO skins have a lot of features. And one of them that determines their value is float. With a CS:GO float checker, you can review the current state of your skin. An alternative way is a CSGO float checker extension. On the other hand, if you log in to a reliable skins trading website like SkinsCashier, you can do it easy.

Continue to read if you want to know more about float value checker CSGO, and learn about the float value chart CSGO has.

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What Is CSGO Skin Float?

Float value CSGO interprets the condition of the skins. While skin condition doesn’t matter to some because it is just an aesthetic feature, others, like skin traders, need to know the float values.

Float Value Chart

While it isn’t the only factor determining the skin price, it plays an important role. The higher the float value, the higher the selling price the skin will have. It brings us to the float value chart, which you can find in the Steam inventory, r/csgo, or a CSGO float market checker service.

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There are five float values or skin conditions. They range from 0 to 1, with 0 having the least wear rating and 1 having the most wear rating. We will showcase all five skin conditions below. 

Factory New

From 0 to 0.07 on the scale, you can consider the skin in Factory-New condition. It is the hardest to get skin via a case and will cost the most on any skin trading site.

Minimal Wear

From 0.07 to 0.15, you are stepping into the minimal wear zone. These skins aren’t new; however, if you want affordable Factory-New skins, these are the best choice.

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Field Tested

If you get a value between 0.15 and 0.38, your skin is in Field-Tested condition. These are the middle ground of skin floats. You will be able to start seeing scratches or some dents on the weapons. But this one offers the most value for money.

Well Worn

When you see values from 0.38 to 0.45, you have Well-Worn skin. In this condition, the damage is pretty noticeable. If they seem cheap, these types of skins aren’t worth it at all.


The final skin condition is Battle-scarred, which is the worst of the bunch and comes with values from 0.38 up to 1. On most skins, all coloured begins are faded.

What CSGO Float Is Good?

The more expensive skins you can get are either factory new or minimal wear. These two have a lower float value. It means there is harder to get from weapon CS:GO cases.

Field-tested skins are in the middle. They aren’t really damaged but aren’t new. It is the condition that most players go for because they aren’t too expensive.

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At the bottom, skins that will be cheap and pretty damaged are Well-worn and Battle-scarred. When you see floats are over 0.38, it will be time to pay the money.

If you start to trade skins CS:GO, on the Steam marketplace or on third-party websites like SkinCashier, look first with the cheapest CS:GO skins. Usually, go for field-tested or minimal wear conditions way. You won’t break your bank. You will have essential skins to trade up.

When you get into the groove of skin trading, there is a market for the lowest and highest float value skins. These collectors will search for floats close to the min and max float value, closer to 0 or 1.

In 2022, you won’t need to get a CSGO float checker chrome extension because you have a float checker CSGO feature.

How Does the CSGO Float Checker Work?

A CSGO float market checker works pretty simply. It first makes a general assessment, and the lower the number on the chart, the better the skin condition.

Before trading skin sites or using a browser extension, the only way players could check the float rank on their skins used to be by going in-game. Once you open a case and get a specific skin, you should head to your Steam inventory, right-click on the skin and select inspect.

Float check in game

Besides giving you a bigger picture of the skin, there will be more info on the bottom left. When you hover over the exclamation symbol, you will see both the patterns of the skin and the wear rating. With the number shown you can indicate in what condition your skin is.

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How Do I Check My CSGO Float at SkinCashier?

On SkinCashier, checking float value is a piece of cake. While you can see a float value abbreviation right next to the name of the skin, there is a small float value chart below the skin. There is no need to add an extension or check extra data. You will show up once you highlight items.

When you are trading, on the centre of your screen, there will be an exterior tab, where you can choose any of the five condition types. It, of course, doesn’t work for market item stickers or patches.

How Do You Check Float in CS:GO Mobile?

All of the features on SkinCashier that are available for desktop users are also available for mobile users. You visit the site, connect your Steam account, and start selling, buying, or trading CS:GO skins.

SkinsMonkey Exterior picker tab

Final Verdict 

Today, a trading skin site has all the tools needed to get a float value checked. You won’t need the steam inventory helper, a specific browser add-on, or other extensions. All cosmetic CS:GO items can be found on SkinCashier. 

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