TF2 Heavy: Best Items and Skills

The Heavy weapons guy, more commonly known simply as the Heavy, is one of the primary classes in the game, and a staple of the Team Fortress franchise as well, featured on the box art, as well as in most promotional material, like the Poker Night at the Inventory. Unlike other classes that often feature complex mechanics the Heavy is quite simple – just point your large gun at the enemies and fire.

With his extremely large health pool, survivability, and simple mechanics, the Heavy is often considered one of the best beginner classes in the game. However, while he might be somewhat straightforward to play, mastering Heavy takes skill and dedication. Here at Skincashier we present our TF2 Heavy guide!

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How To Play TF2 Heavy?

While many other classes in the game, such as the Spy or the Engineer, feature a number of different skills that you need to master before becoming an effective player, Heavy is a much simpler class mechanically and thus can be enjoyed by both experienced gamers, as well as the new players in the game. Gamers just starting their TF2 adventure will find that the incredibly high health pool will let them survive various displays and enemy snipers, while experienced gamers will be able to use all of the Heavy’s advantages to their full effect.

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The most important feature of the Heavy is his large health pool. At 300 health, Heavy has the largest health pool in the game, and is capable of surviving various attacks that would instantly kill other classes, like crit rockets or fully charged sniper shots. As you can imagine, with the overheal giving the Heavy a total of 450 health points, knowing how to leverage the Heavy’s tankiness is the most crucial skill in the game. Heavy can stand his ground against most enemy attacks, and continue to fire his weapon while taking a shot after shot. With the biggest hitbox in the game, the Heavy also works as a great walking shield, allowing other players to hug your back for protection.

Because Heavy is so tanky, he works great in a duo with a Medic. While overhealed his health pool allows him to take on effectively any weapon in the game. Most mediguns also work great with the Heavy’s main weapon, allowing him to mow down entire groups of enemies. When playing as a Heavy, remember to keep a Medic at hand at all times!

Finally, keep in mind, that Heavy features some of the most powerful weapons in the game. While his primary weapons significantly slow him down and require you to rev them up before firing, Heavy miniguns are still some of the deadliest weapons in the game, highly destructive and close range, as well as far. With the best firing speed in the game, the Heavy’s minigun can let him take down virtually any enemy in the game. However, it’s crucial that to become a good Heavy you practice aiming. This will help you keep your enemies in your sights as you take them down.

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Best Heavy Items TF2

Like other classes in TF2, the Heavy wears a number of different items in the game, with a large selection for every slot. If you’re wondering which item to take in every slot, here’s our suggestion for the best TF2 Heavy loadout.

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1. Natascha

Our suggestion for the minigun choice is the classic Natascha. One of the first minigun weapons added for the Heavy in the game, Natascha includes several features, that make your Heavy a much deadlier enemy in fights. For one, every enemy hit by Natascha will be slowed down. The slow is greater at close range and will make an easy target out of anyone. Once you catch an enemy in your sights with the Natascha equipped, it will make killing them easy work. Additionally, Natascha provides you with damage reduction at low health, making it great for defending and holding positions. While Natascha might have a slightly lower DPS, its slowing effects absolutely make up for it, allowing you to easily take out enemies at various ranges. It’s also one of the cheapest TF2 items on this list, so there’s really no good reason not to pick it up.

2. Family Business

Heavy has a large selection of different secondary weapons, so choosing one is a very difficult endeavor. Players can either choose a food item, which can be used to heal the Heavy himself or his allies, or a shotgun. While the classic Sandvich is a very useful versatile item, most of the time you’re better off employing a help of a Medoc to heal you. Family Business is the best choice for a secondary Heavy weapon, allowing you to quickly make a switch in situations where you can’t afford the time to spin up your gun. In addition to a larger ammo capacity, Family Business also features impressive firing speed, making it a great alternative in case you need to quickly change up your game.

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3. Killing Gloves of Boxing

Another old but classic TF2 Heavy item, the Killing Gloves of Boxing are widely considered by the community to be the best Heavy melee weapon in the game. Besides the classic look, the Killing Gloves of Boxing feature a highly versatile buff, which gives the Heavy guaranteed crits for 5 seconds after killing an enemy with the gloves equipped. This buff carries over to other guns, allowing you to quickly switch your weapon to the minigun and destroy your enemies with a wave of crit shots. Because of this, the Killing Gloves of Boxing are a highly versatile TF2 Heavy item, that goes great with any other gun in his loadout.

In Conclusion

Here’s our guide for the TF2 Heavy class. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out the rest of the Skincashier blog, where we regularly post more new, tips, and guides for Team Fortress 2!

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