Best Cosmetic Items for TF2 Heavy

Are you a big fan of playing with Heavy? Or have you just been thinking about trying out this friendly giant manufactured by the USSR? If so, we’re here to help you, as we present a complete list of the absolute best cosmetic items for TF2 Heavy. After all, nothing helps you warm up to a particular class more than creating the perfect look.

What Do You Need to Know About TF2 Heavy

Before we get into the TF2 Heavy Cosmetic Items, it’s important that we talk a bit about what’s so special about this character, and why it might be the right choice for you. In fact, even if you’re an experienced player, we suggest that you don’t skip this part, as you may find out something interesting here.

Heavy is, as the name suggests, the largest and “heaviest” class in Team Fortress 2. He hails from the USSR and is undoubtedly one of the most feared characters in the entire game. But that’s also what makes him so much fun. And while many players feel intimidated by his size, we certainly recommend giving playing this ridiculous ogre a try. Granted, your team will definitely rely heavily on you if you do so (get it?). This is because this character’s massive appearance allows it to not only easily destroy enemies, but also repel pretty much all their attacks. In fact, the Heavy has the highest HP of all characters, a whopping 300. Bear in mind, however, that the greatest strength of this class is also its greatest weakness. I mean, let’s be honest, when you’re this big, you have almost no chance to hide anywhere on the map, so Heavy is an extremely easy target for snipers. In addition, as usual with heroes of this size, he is extremely slow (77% to be exact), so don’t count on runnign away after being ambushed by an enemy spy or scout.

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Overall, we would recommend Heavy, especially if you like to play the first fiddle in a match. After all, if you choose this big guy, other players will expect you to go on the offensive. That said, if you prefer to stay on the sidelines, we advise you to stay with classes that play more of a support role.

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Top 10 TF2 Heavy Cosmetic Items

Now that you know the basics of TF2 Heavy, let’s talk a little more about what we’re really here for, namely the best cosmetic items for this TF2 class. As always, remember that Team Fortress is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so some of its best cosmetic items are also far from serious.

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Officer’s Ushanka

As befits an officer from the USSR, Heavy needs to wear a real ushanka during battle, and the Team Fortress 2 developers know this very well. For this reason, anyone who tries out this class in the game can get an elegant cap, typical of the combat attire of the time. The default Ushanka in TF2 is all brown and decorated with a characteristic gold star. Not only will it impress opponents, but it will also do a great job of protecting your ears from the cold.

Hard Counter

This time a slightly more innovative item, but that doesn’t mean that it’s inferior to the aforementioned ushanka. If you’re looking for the perfect headgear for your Heavy, the Hard Counter is the one. This beautiful umbrella will perfectly protect you from the rain, and potentially from sniper bullets (ok, well maybe that’s not exactly true). This is a great item for all TF2 players who feel young at heart.

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Toss-Proof Towel

Are you tired from running around the map and killing enemy scouts? Or maybe you’ve worked up a bit of a sweat? Fortunately, in Team Fortress your Heavy can just toss this elegant towel around his neck and quickly get rid of unwanted drops of sweat. We guarantee that nothing will piss off your enemies more than the fact that after dealing with them, you’ll look like you just did a quick workout at the gym.

Heavy-Weight Champ

It’s probably obvious that the only class that can become a heavyweight champion in Team Fortress is Heavy. That’s why one of its most popular cosmetic items is a beautiful belt worthy of only a true champion. So, If you want to show your opponents that there is only one Heavy on the map they should reckon with, this little thing will certainly get you there.

Reader’s Choice

There’s a lot of talk that Heavy is probably the dumbest Team Fortress 2 class, but the truth is that looks can be deceiving. In fact, this Soviet Union giant is actually incredibly intelligent. Now, you may believe us or not, but if you want other players to believe you, be sure to put on those sleek glasses on your nose when playing TF2. And while Reader’s Choice specks are available for every class, we think they look best on just this big guy.

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Wild West Whiskers

Okay, we know that this item can be controversial and opinions on it are likely to be divided, but for us it is just priceless. After all, what can go wrong if we combine a big giant with an idiotic mustache and sideburns? NOTHING! That’s why we think Wild West Whiskers is a cosmetic that everyone should have in their inventory. If only because of the great name.

Chicken Kiev

Okay, before you say anything, please give us a chance. We know very well that Chicken Kiev is not for everyone. However, if you are brave enough to appear on the map with a chicken head, we guarantee that the effect will be unforgettable. Still, we have to admit that despite the fact that we regularly review strange items from TF2, there is a good chance that this one tops everything.

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Minsk Beef

It’s safe to say that Heavy’s bulky size makes him a great laughing stock, and compering him with a bull is just another way to make fun of that. Still, putting big black horns on the top of his head and a beautiful cow ring on his nose won’t hurt anyone (plus, it looks amazing). So if you want to pretend you’re an angry bull and your enemies are just toreadors trying to get you, be our guest. Minsk Beef is the perfect item for this purpose.

Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul

Our lists can never be complete without limited edition festive items, which is why as the second-to-last entry we present you with our Halloween favorite, the Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul. This zombie outfit is one of the best objects that has ever appeared in the game, and even though you can only see it on the maps around the scariest day of the year, we still think it’s worth your attention.

Gift Bringer

Last but not least, we come to you with a Christmas classic – the Gift Bringer. This stylish jacket will make even a big guy like Heavy feel the Christmas spirit, which is why we recommend getting one this holiday season. If you want to pretend that by taking down your opponents you are actually giving them gifts, there is no better way to do it than with Gift Bringer.


As you can see, Heavy has a huge collection of great items that any TF2 player can use. If you’re looking for ways to improve your gaming experience, be sure to stock up on some (or all) of them. Remember that on SkinCashier you can both make extra room in your collection, but also sell unused items for quick cash.

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