What Is Inside Prisma Case in CSGO? – 2022

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Stay active this year as we are introduced to an expansion of the Prisma Case CSGO has prepared for us.

Like most CS:GO players, you are probably one of the many players who are attracted not just to the intensive First-Person shooter genre, but also the extensive range of CS:GO skins that exists in the highly popular esports game title. In fact, CS:GO is one of the most bankable game series, thanks to its CS:GO skins, which made its debut in 2013 through the “Arms Deal” update. Some may even say that the reason this game could stand the test of time is due to its valuable weapon skin collections, which have created a virtual item economy so massive that sees many third-party marketplaces catering to the sale of these cosmetic items.

Valve understood the demand pretty well, and have not failed to introduce a new collection this year to fulfill the demand of CS:GO players. Hence, in the first quarter of 2019, it is no exception for the Valve team to release another CS:GO skin case collection. Known as the CS GO Prisma case, it is the latest skin collection to hit the market. Although there was not much innovation this time around, the case did introduce a series of highly sought after Doppler knife skins and a bunch of newer weapon skins that seem to last in the realm of CS:GO skins.

Unsurprisingly, many CS:GO players have decided to go ahead with purchasing the key and case to get their hands on those stunning, weapon skin collections. “ChaBoyyHD”, a YouTuber who owns a dedicated channel covering various CS:GO topics, has recently opened five hundred (500) Prisma cases in one of his more recent videos. This was in response to an earlier video of his, in which he stated that he will open “a lot more than 100 (cases)” if the video gets at least 50,000 likes. Truth be told, he managed to garner enough likes for a follow up content to fulfill his promise to his viewers.

The favorable outcome (for most of us) gave his viewers an opportunity to see the amazing CS:GO skins that could have possibly been dropped from the Prisma Case, after spending close to $1,000 to buy those cases alone. In order for him to open these cases, he has spent an additional $1,300 on Prisma Case keys. But as most of his viewers believed, this is money well spent especially for many players who are keen to get hold of the latest CSGO skins in recent months.

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In this article, our team over at SkinCashier will be sharing more insights into the first 2019 Prisma case and the subsequent release of the Prisma 2 case this year.

Getting a Prisma Case in CSGO

When it was released in 2019, the Prisma case has been the talk of the town over its interesting lineup of CS:GO skins found in this collection. Further, players were given a chance to obtain the Prisma case after completing a match. The price of the case has been valued at a highly affordable pricing at around $0.04, and this has prompted many first-time and experienced case buyers to flock over to the Steam Market and third-party marketplaces to secure the case. However, it is worth noting that similar to other CS:GO cases, the Prisma case can only be opened with a Prisma Case key, and it will set you back at $2.50 for every key purchased. 

In the first iteration of the CS:GO Prisma case, players are given a chance to collect up to seventeen (17) case skins that are designed for a wide demographic. The following weapon skins are some of the more popular ones from the Prisma case, that you may consider in getting a more valuable Prisma Case skin.

M4A4 | The Emperor

m4a4 the emperor

As part of the Tarot card series, the design of the M4A4 | Emperor is in great contrast to the AK-47 | The Empress, as though they are a match made in heaven. CS:GO players who are attracted to a luxurious and “royal” styled weapon skin may be interested in this M4A4 skin. Currently, it is also possible to purchase a M4A4 | The Emperor skin from third-party marketplaces at a value between $10 and $580, depending on the wear level.

Five-SeveN | Angry Mob

five seven angry mob

Next up, we have one of the most popular pistol CS:GO skins in 2019. As far as the availability of CS:GO skin is concerned, Five-Seven are often criticised for having not enough CS:GO skins for users of this pistol. Fortunately, the Prisma Case has introduced not only a weapon skin that is meant for this pistol, but it is also a well-designed Covert weapon skin that has made it a more valuable skin as compared to other CS:GO skins on this list. Although it is not the most popular skin out there in CS:GO, the street art inspired Angry Mob skin has a decent popularity among players who are looking for a cool-looking Five-SeveN CS:GO skin. It can be bought from Steam Market and third-party marketplaces at a price range between $2 and $60, depending on the condition of the skin.

R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher

r8 revolver skull crusher

The Prisma Case seems to be an answer for players who are out looking for pistol skins, and the R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher skin is yet another example of an attractive pistol skin for users of the R8 Revolver in the game. While there is a divided view over the design of the weapon skin, it is suitable for any R8 Revolver user who would wish to add a bit of fun and pleasure into their overall appearance in the game with the colorful and wild safari-inspired design. For a price of $5, you will be able to buy a Field-Tested StatTrak R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher from Steam Market or trusted third-party marketplaces.

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AUG | Momentum

aug momentum

Coming back to your primary weapon decals, we have the AUG | Momentum that is sure to give anyone that likes to enhance their default AUG with a more aerodynamic physical outlook. Players who donned this CS:GO skin in the game have given much praise to its sleek look and fitting design to the AUG. Hence, if you are an AUG user, you may consider a StatTrak AUG | Momentum for a buy price of $120.

AWP | Atheris

awp atheris

Next, we have a CS:GO skin that is meant for the deadliest weapon in the game. So far, there is no lack of options for AWP, and many AWP skins have gone on to fetch an incredible price thanks to its design and rarity, such as the AWP Dragon Lore. The Prisma case’s AWP | Atheris is a beautifully-designed skin that has a design of a three-dimensional snake. Although this Restricted skin is not as rare as it seems, it is still a highly popular skin given the weapon that it is assigned to. For a price between $10 and $50, you may obtain a StatTrak version of the AWP | Atheris .

XM1014 | Incinegator

xm104 incinegator

Finally, the Prisma Case has an amazing weapon skin for shotgunners like the XM1014. Painted with a fire-spitting crocodile decal, you may consider getting this CS:GO skin for your XM1014 shotgun at your next game. There are users who claim that this particular skin do not wear off as badly as other skins do, and the Minimal Wear version will be the most ideal for players who wish to put on this bad boy decal, without burning their pockets. For instance, you could get yourself a Factory New StatTrak XM1014 | Incinerator at a price of about $50 on Steam Market or third-party marketplaces.

You could say so, but probably more because of its knife skin choice, not for its weapons. In CSGO Prisma Case chance of getting a peculiar knife is higher than in most cases. It results in Prisma Cases being opened more often, and quite a big volume of its skins on the market. On one hand, it means prices that are slightly lower than of other collections, but on the other hand, a lot of those are in circulation and are nice and obtainable alternatives for players who need a bit of a fresh look from time to time.

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Designed by the Community

At a glance, the Prisma Case may seem like the work of the Valve team. But what you may not know is that the entire Prisma Case skins collection is actually designed by the community, via the Steam Workshop. Thanks to the overwhelming praise over the 2019’s Prisma Case collection, it has provided newfound opportunities for up and coming skin artists to the scene, apart from some designs made from renowned artists, like the Five SeveN | Angry Mob. It is with such initiatives that has made CS:GO a game that is truly in touch with its community, giving everyone of us a platform and meaning to contribute to our beloved First-Person Shooter game. Another CS:GO YouTuber, “3kliksphilip”, has even interviewed several artists behind some of these Prisma Case skins and they have shared some interesting backstories on their works.

Fast forward to the year of the pandemic, many players are left with a drastic change in their lifestyles due to flight restrictions and quarantines. However, that has not deterred millions of players worldwide logging into Steam for more gameplays in CS:GO. Valve, on the other hand, has also continued to deliver new updates for CS:GO players. Earlier in April, we saw two maps, namely de_anubis and de_chlorine, which are said to be “treats” for players who are annoyed at the removal of Mirage from competitive matches. 

Apart from the addition of those maps, there is a new case in CSGO thanks to the April’s update. Known as the Prisma 2 Case, it is CSGO new case that is gaining extreme popularity among the CSGO community. There are a total of 17 CS:GO skins, with 2 Covert, 3 Classified, 5 Restricted and 7 Mil-Spec weapon skins for players to choose from. The latest Prisma Case comes in weapon skins that are brighter and filled with neon-styled decals for rarer skins, and M4A1-S | Player Two skin has stood out from the rest of the skin in the collection and raved about by many CSGO pros and on social media.

Experience Prisma this year

Combining the Prisma Case collection, there are now a total of 34 unique CS:GO skins from the Prisma and Prisma 2 Case which CS:GO players from all over the world were hyped about. It has now become a staple set of weapon skins that can be found in many collector’s inventory. Adding to its uniqueness is that skins from both cases are specially designed by the community, making the Prisma case a must-have for ordinary players and skins collectors alike. And it is evident by the demand over at SkinCashier as players are flocking to buy or sell these CS:GO skins while it is gaining popularity as the month passes by.

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