TOP 6 CS:GO Prisma Case Knives in 2022

csgo prisma case knives

Valve released the first edition of the Prisma case knives in the first quarter of 2019. It includes some highly coveted Doppler skins. In turn, the second edition of the Prisma Case brought 17 community-designed weapon finishes to the Market. For example, the Ursus, Navaja, Stiletto, and Talon knives.

CS:GO players need to buy a dedicated Prisma case key to open the loot. If you are curious how CS GO keys mechanics works after the last update, our CSGO case keys ultimate guide is for you. You can try your luck as the case knives value is high enough to take a risk!

In this article, we will talk about CSGO Prisma and CSGO Prisma 2 case knives. We will also explain the peculiarity of both releases. So be sure to read it through!

What Knives Are in the Prisma Case?

There are four different models of knives in the Prisma case. There is the Navaja, the Stiletto, the Talon, and the Ursus knife model. 

Below is a list of the most expansive knives from the Prisma collection:

6. Navaja Knife | Marble Fade

Navaja Knife Marble Fade

With metallic and smoke-like paints, the Navaja knife’s blade is embellished with an intricate design. There are a variety of colors of yellow, blue, and red in the skin’s color scheme. The handle has been left unpainted. Despite its exorbitant price, Marble Fade remains one of the most popular skins in the game today.#

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5. Stiletto Knife | Damascus Steel

Stiletto Knife Damascus Steel

Wavy lines of dark and light grey areas on the knife blade are comprised of two separate sheets. Unpainted parts of the guard and the handle are on the left. Currently, Damascus Steel is in the middle of the pack in terms of popularity.

4. Talon Knife | Tiger Tooth

Talon Knife Tiger Tooth

The knife’s blade is decorated with brown stripes resembling tiger stripes using yellow metallic paint. The handle has been left unpainted, and tiger Tooth is currently of average acclaim.

3. Talon Knife | Rust Coat

Talon Knife Skin Rust Coat

The knife’s steel blade has a rusty film covering it unevenly. Depending on how much wear it has received, the blade’s hue may vary from grey-blue to orange-brown. The handle has been left unpainted, and the Rust Coat’s popularity is around average.

2. Ursus Knife | Doppler

Ursus Knife Skin Doppler

With metallic and smoke-like paints, this knife’s blade is embellished with an intricate design. The skin’s color palette consists of a variety of tones of pink and purple that blend into one another. The handle has been left unpainted.

The “Doppler Phase 2” knife skin is among the most popular. A substantial percentage of people see the skin as more valuable than phases 1, 3, or 4 of the game.

1. Navaja Knife | Ultraviolet

Navaja Knife Ultraviolet

The skin has a paler tone than Night’s did. There is a black coating on the blade of the knife and the guard. Purple paint decorates the handle, and ultraviolet is now of middling acclaim.

How To Get the Best CSGO Knives from Prisma Loot?

  • Participating in CSGO giveaways is a great way to gain free CSGO skins. You can earn unlimited number of CS:GO items in this way.
  • Subscribing to the newsletter or watching live CS:GO streams is another way to win cool cosmetic items.
  • Buying the best CS:GO knives at the reliable CS:GO skins trading website.
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How to Drop Knife in CSGO from Prisma Case?

Unfortunately, there is no surefire way of dropping a knife from a Prisma case. The chance to get a knife from the CSGO Prisma case is meagre. The truth is that CS:GO players need to stack up on many Prisma cases and Prisma case keys. Popular CSGO streamers have tried to get a knife drop from opening Prisma cases. And some of them got stuck doing so for hours.

There are 24 unique knife skins in the Prisma 2 case in total. Each skin has an estimated drop probability of 0.26 percent. If you have your eyes set on a particular knife skin from a Prisma case, it would be much more convenient to buy or exchange your unwanted items into it. Otherwise, chances are that you would spend countless hours and money and hope to get the desired knife drop.

Final Verdict

The Prisma and Prisma 2 Cases now include different types of CS GO knives. Most CSGO gamers from around the globe are eager to get them. Many CS GO collections include so-called Prisma knives.

To sum up, the Prisma case is a must-have for casual gamers and skins collectors because community members created the skins for both audiences. 

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