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TOP 7 CSGO Sticker Capsules to Open in CS:GO

Updated: August 8, 2022

CSGO skins and cosmetic items have always been a big part of the CSGO experience. There are many different ways players can customize their character’s appearance and express themselves.

Weapon skins, glove skins, and even character skins are great ways to alter your character. However, the devil is often in the detail. When it comes to detail customization, the CSGO sticker capsules are second to none.

There are many CSGO Sticker capsules that players can get in the game. While we can’t cover every single CSGO sticker capsule, we can take a closer look at what we think are some of the best CSGO sticker capsules.

What Are Sticker Capsules CS:GO?

CSGO sticker capsules are tradeable in-game items that include a variety of stickers CS GO. Those stickers have a decorative role. They decorate your favourite weapon skins. 

Some of the stickers from the sticker capsules can be worth a lot of money. So, knowing more about them is essential if you are into CSGO trading. Just like weapon skins, CSGO stickers have their own varying degrees of quality, including Paper, Holo, and Foil.

How Do Sticker Capsules Work CS:GO?

CSGO sticker capsules work the same way as the CSGO weapon cases do. However, instead of weapon skins, they contain stickers inside. Every now and again, CSGO new sticker capsules introduced to the game players can buy from the market. And then use an appropriate key to open them. Once a sticker capsule is open, it will randomly provide a player with one of the CS:GO stickers.

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7. Perfect World Sticker Capsule 2 – 0.97

The Perfect World Sticker Capsule 2 was released in September 2017 and is currently an exclusive item for Perfect World players. The Perfect World Sticker Capsule 2 was created by the publisher Perfect World. It contains a collection of stickers that are unique to the Chinese market.

Perfect World Sticker Capsule 2

6. Pinups Capsule – $1.08

The Pinups Capsule is one of the most well-known capsules in Counter-Strike and features a collection of six vintage stickers based on old-school pinups from the World War Two era and the mid-1900s. The Pinup Collection consists of six women – Tamara, Ivette, Marietta, Martha, Kimberly, and Sherry.

Pinups Capsule removebg preview 

The stickers from this capsule are only available in paper and holo versions that change the hair colour of the women. The foil variants of these Pinup collection stickers don’t exist.

5. Sticker Capsule 2 – $11.32

The Sticker Capsule 2 is one of the best sticker capsules to open CSGO has to offer if you consider yourself a risktaker. All stickers within this collection are worth $7 or more, and some of them like the Crown(foil) can reach the price of $400. In short, the Sticker Capsule 2 is a high-risk, high-reward item.

Sticker Capsule 2 removebg preview

4. Chicken Capsule – $1.09

If you are a fan of the poorly drawn sticker capsule collection of chickens, then the Chicken capsule should be right up your alley.

Chicken Capsule

This sticker collection consists of goofy chickens in different funny scenarios, however, the stickers are not expensive, going for between $0.37 to $1.23 apiece. However, there aren’t many options to choose from holo or foil stickers.

3. Community Sticker Capsule 1 – $4.17

The Community Sticker Capsule 1 is filled to the brim with stickers made by Steam workshop artists and other members of the CSGO community. Many of the stickers contained inside this capsule are references to various memes or inside jokes regarding Counter-Strike.

Community Sticker Capsule

The Community Sticker Capsule 1 is the only sticker that players can open. Some stickers can be worth upwards of $100. For example, the Flammable sticker. In total, there are five community sticker series collections that you can purchase stickers from, and this one is currently valued at around $4.17.

2. The Boardroom Sticker Capsule – 0.95

The Boardroom Sticker Capsule is a recent addition to CSGO. It appeared in the shooter in February 2022. And contains a variety of miscellaneous stickers that were made by the Community. The Boardroom Sticker Capsule is the collection of 22 stickers:

  • with twelve of them being paper,
  • six of them holo
  • four of them foil quality.

The Boardroom Sticker Capsule

This sticker capsule is also one of a few that don’t require a key to open.

1. Slid3 Capsule – $1.11

The Slid3 CSGO sticker capsule is filled with stickers that depict the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist models in a cute way. The collection was made by a freelance artist from the Netherlands. He goes by the alias of Slid3.

Slid3 Capsule

The entire collection consists of only five stickers, them being the three miniature versions of the Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists in quirky scenarios, a single sticker that says BOOM, and one more sticker called Hard Cluck Life.

All CS:GO stickers are available in paper, foil, or holo form, and the entire collection is loved and adored by many players.

How Much is The CSGO Sticker Capsule Key?

When it comes to the price of a single CSGO sticker capsule key, the price can vary depending on where on the market you are browsing and the fees that the market charges for the transactions. However, regardless of whether you are using the official Steam market or one of the third-party trading websites, the CSGO sticker capsule key will usually cost between $3-$4, very rarely selling for anything over $4.5.

It combined with the price of a CSGO sticker capsule sale can add up to a sizeable chunk of change. However, you can make huge profits if you are lucky enough.

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This article will focus on the variety of sticker capsules CSGO. Additionally, it will provide detailed information about some of the best CSGO sticker capsules that players can obtain. 

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