The Best 5 Nova Skins CSGO Worth to Buy in 2022

nova skins csgo

In 2022, there are plenty of unique Nova skins CSGO can offer. The users can quickly grab some of those skins for no more than $1-$5.

Some players will say, “why would you ever want Nova skins in CSGO?” Nova is a pump-action shotgun for close-range combat that’s not expensive.

The best part about Nova skins in CSGO is that they are not expensive. To clarify, this doesn’t mean that they are ugly. On the contrary, the majority of them are remarkably unique and give a new look to the weapon.

In this guide, you can find a few of the best CSGO Nova skins. You can also learn how to get these skins with no risk whatsoever.

Is the Nova Good CS GO?

The Nova is a great ambush weapon that works perfectly on small maps where most situations require close-range combat.

If you’re playing on a CSGO map that requires you to shoot from further away, you’d probably be better off shooting with assault rifles or sniper rifles, and not a shotgun like the Nova.

Remember, the Nova shotgun in Counter-Strike Global Offensive can be both a right and a wrong choice, depending on the situation.

Does Nova Skin Cost Money? 

Yes, it does. All CS:GO Nova skins you find online will cost money.

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Unless you receive Nova CSGO skins from a random drop, a giveaway, or as a gift, you’ll have to either pay for them on the Steam marketplace or trade them for some other skins from your Steam inventory.

Do not really know what to do with the unwanted CS:GO skins? Sell CSGO skins for Paypal in one of the best trading platforms when and where you want. 

Top 5 Nova Skins in CS:GO

If you’re looking to find great picks for your collection of cool Nova skins in CSGO, then here are five popular options you can’t go wrong with.

5. Hyper Beast

The Hyper Beast is one of the best Nova skins in CS:GO. Due to its sharp jaws and psychedelic colours, this is a skin worth fighting for (and with).

nova hyper beast

  • Starting Price: $6.80
  • Case: Operation Wildfire Case
  • Collection: The Wildfire Collection
  • Added: 18 February 2016

4. Candy Apple

It is one of the cheapest Nova skins that you can buy. On the other hand, it’s also mentioned among the most expensive finishes on the Market. 

nova candy apple skin in csgo

Bear in mind that it is available as a Souvenir skin, which significantly ups its price on the market. 

  • Starting Price: $0.10
  • Case: /
  • Collection: The Italy Collection
  • Added: 27 November 2013

3. Toy Soldier

If this isn’t a unique Nova skin, then what is? From its unique flavour text, saying, “Pellets and soldiers delivered in bulk”, to its instantly recognizable design, this is another choice among the many cheap CSGO Nova skins to add to your collections.

nova toy soldier

  • Starting Price: $0.50
  • Case: Horizon Case
  • Collection: The Horizon Collection
  • Added: 3 August 2018
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2. Wild Six

The Wild Six Nova skin in CSGO looks like it has spawned straight out of the game RUST. Its unique design makes the gun look old and worn. However, it still retains most of its quality in all wear levels, even in Battle-Scarred condition.

nova wild six

  • Starting Price: $0.20
  • Case: Clutch Case
  • Collection: The Clutch Collection
  • Added: 16 February 2018

1. Plume

Plume is a unique Nova skin that would make any cash-strapped team look like they’re flowing in riches. Thanks to it the weapon looks like it’s made out of high-quality wood with countless custom engravings across its surface.

nova plume csgo skin

  • Starting Price: $0.20
  • Case: Shattered Web Case
  • Collection: The Shattered Web Collection
  • Added: 10 November 2019

Where Do You Find Most Nova Skins?

Nova skins are massively available. All best cases CS GO contain at least one type of Nova skin.

If you want a more detailed answer, here is the complete list of every CSGO weapons case that contains CSGO Nova skins.

  • Operation Wildfire Case
  • eSports 2014 Summer Case
  • Operation Phoenix Weapon Case
  • Operation Broken Fang Case
  • Horizon Case
  • Clutch Case
  • Glove Case
  • Operation Breakout Weapon Case
  • Winter Offensive Weapon Case
  • CS:GO Weapon Case 2
  • Snakebite Case
  • Shattered Web Case
  • Gamma Case
  • Danger Zone Case
  • Falchion Case
  • eSports 2013 Winter Case
  • Operation Bravo Case

How to Get CS:GO Skins for Nova in 2022?

The three safest, fastest, and best ways to get the best Nova skins in CSGO are:

  1. Buy them from the Steam market or another third-party CSGO skin site;
  2. Trade Nova skins for your other CSGO skins on secure trading bots like;
  3. Trade them with other players in exchange for some of your other items in your Steam inventory.
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There are also several other ways to get your hands on CSGO Nova skins. These methods aren’t always as fast, safe, cheap, or efficient. In any case, you can also try:

  • Playing CSGO matches to receive random drops;
  • Purchase CSGO cases or Souvenir packages from case opening sites supported by Valve corp and open as many of them as you can;
  • Participate in online CSGO skin giveaways on Twitch or Twitter.


Whichever way you choose to get your hands on some Nova skins in CSGO, know that the game is much more fun playing with a unique Nova shotgun rather than the default one.

Additionally, some of these skins also have a chance to increase in value over time, earning you a nice profit along the way.

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