10 Best CS GO Stickers: Hot Collection 2022

best cs go stickers collection

CS GO stickers are a great way to customize your weapon skins in the game. They serve no other purpose aside from allowing you and your skins to look more unique among other players.

On the other hand, some CS GO stickers can make your skins more expensive, especially when it comes to Souvenir stickers. Those stickers are some of the rarest CS GO stickers to obtain.

That being said, let’s explore some of the most popular CS GO stickers and find out how you can get them yourself.

How Do Stickers Work In CS:GO? 

CS:GO stickers are a cosmetic item that can be placed on any weapon skin, even the default vanilla skin of Counter-Strike Global Offensive weapons. The majority of weapon skins in CS GO can only hold up to 4 CS:GO stickers.

Once you place a sticker on the weapon, it will be removed from your inventory and only exist on the weapon you’ve applied it to.

CS GO Stickers Rarity

There are different types of stickers you can get in CS:GO. The main way to categorize CS GO stickers is by their rarity:

  • Blue (High-Grade Sticker)
  • Purple (Remarkable Sticker)
  • Pink (Exotic Sticker)
  • Red (Extraordinary Sticker)
  • Gold (Contraband Sticker)

There are also Souvenir stickers which are exclusive stickers that you can only get alongside Souvenir weapon skins.

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In addition, you can also get ahold of Autograph stickers, which are special stickers that have been autographed by various CS GO Major tournament winners such as S1mple, b1t, and others.

CS GO Stickers Quality

While CS:GO stickers may resemble weapon skins in some areas, the line stops when it comes to sticker quality. Stickers have no fixed quality in CSGO. However, you can still apply wear and tear effects on them by scraping them.

You can apply the “scrape sticker” feature multiple times until the sticker is completely peeled off and destroyed. Before this can occur, you will get a warning notification.

Aside from making your CS:GO stickers look more worn out and like they’ve seen a lot of action, scraping them can also allow you to unlock various hidden easter eggs.

CSGO Stickers Variants

Lastly, CS:GO stickers also differ in terms of variants. When you open a particular CSGO sticker capsule, you can usually expect a Normal sticker variant. However, some capsules will also drop CS:GO stickers in the following variants.

  • Paper – These are some of the most basic CS:GO stickers. Scraping these will reveal more of the solid backing paper underneath.
  • Glossy – Glossy stickers don’t have a baking layer at all. If you scrape these, it will directly reveal the skin underneath.
  • Glitter – The Glitter sticker has the same composition as the Paper sticker with the only difference being a fractured texture that creates a holographic form.
  • Holo – These are some of the most exciting CS:GO stickers. The Holo sticker has different patterns that create a unique holographic reflection. It is paper-backed and features extra texture layers underneath.
  • Foil – Foil stickers look like they are made out of metal. They are also quite shiny.
  • Gold – The Gold CS GO sticker is almost the same as a Foil sticker. The only difference is that this one is gold-colored.
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Sticker | Dragon Lore (Foil)

  • Starting Price: $13
  • Quality: Exotic Sticker
  • Capsule: CS20 Sticker Capsule

Sticker Dragon Lore

The Dragon Lore sticker represents one of the rarest and most expensive CS GO weapon skins of all time – the AWP Dragon Lore itself.

Sticker | Howling Dawn

  • Starting Price: $1400
  • Quality: Contraband Sticker
  • Capsule: /

Sticker Howling Dawn

Howling Dawn is among the best red stickers in CSGO. Not because of its ridiculously high price, but mainly because of its exceptional rarity status and unique design.

Sticker | King on the Field

  • Starting Price: $1600
  • Quality: High-Grade Sticker
  • Capsule: /

Sticker King csgo

Aside from being one of CSGO’s best stickers ever, King on the Field is also currently the most expensive one on the Steam market.

Sticker | Global Elite (Foil)

  • Starting Price: $13
  • Quality: Exotic Sticker
  • Capsule: Skill Groups Capsule

Sticker Global Elite csgo

You’ll definitely want to buy this sticker after you finally reach Global Elite status in CSGO to show off your hard work and determination.

Sticker | Perry (Holo)

  • Starting Price: $6.50
  • Quality: Remarkable Sticker
  • Capsule: Sugarface Capsule

Sticker Perry csgo

This is a unique and colorful skull sticker in CS GO that features an eye-catching holographic design.

Sticker | Natus Vincere (Gold)

  • Starting Price: $6.60
  • Quality: Extraordinary Sticker
  • Capsule: 2020 RMR Legends

Sticker Natus Vincere CSGO

If you’re a big fan of the pro CSGO team Na’Vi, then you definitely have to show it off with this unique edition of the CSGO 2020 RMR stickers.

Sticker | Infinite Diamond (Holo)

  • Starting Price: $5.30
  • Quality: Remarkable Sticker
  • Capsule: The Boardroom Sticker Capsule

infinite diamond sticker csgo

A mesmerizing holographic loop of shiny diamond reflections. Definitely one of the all-time best stickers in CSGO.

Sticker | Crown (Foil)

  • Starting Price: $799
  • Quality: Exotic Sticker
  • Capsule: Sticker Capsule 2
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crown sticker

Let other players in CS GO know that you are the king by showing off the shiny Crown sticker.

Sticker | Purrurists (Foil)

  • Starting Price: $6.80
  • Quality: Exotic Sticker
  • Capsule: 2021 Community Sticker Capsule

purrurists sticker

This is a colorful CSGO sticker for players who adore cats and prefer playing on the T-Side.

Sticker | Bish (Holo)

  • Starting Price: $3.50
  • Quality: Remarkable Sticker
  • Capsule: Sticker Capsule 2

item csgo bish

This is a bigger holographic CSGO sticker that is more easily visible compared to many others.

Do Stickers Add Value CS:GO?

Many types of stickers in CSGO add some value in a few different ways. The main added value stickers contribute is regarding a weapon skin’s price. In addition, CSGO stickers also make your weapons look more unique.

Lastly, autographed stickers and Souvenir stickers are among the rarest and most valuable. With this in mind, this type of sticker that is signed or has been owned by a professional CSGO player can significantly affect the price of a particular weapon skin in CSGO, e.g. a Souvenir Dragon Lore sticker.

How To Get Stickers in CS GO?

The main way to get CS:GO stickers is by acquiring and opening a sticker capsule. You can acquire a sticker capsule using the following methods:

  • Get sticker capsule drops via regular gameplay. These capsules require a sticker capsule key to be opened.
  • Purchase tournament sticker capsules from the CSGO in-game store. These sticker capsules do not require a capsule key to be opened.
  • Get a Souvenir sticker strictly by buying or trading a Souvenir weapon skin in CSGO.

You can also purchase stickers from the in-game store in Counter-Strike Global Offensive or the Steam Market.

And finally, the last way to get CS GO stickers is by trading them with other players

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