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CSGO Danger Zone, a Battle Royale game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), is known within the community as the improved version of PUBG and Call of Duty: Warzone

The success of Valve corporation can be traced back to its breakout game Half Life back in 1998. Since then, the team has wowed the gaming community with incredible feats such as Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, CSGO and the industry-disruptive Half-Life: Alyx. The game company has ensured that each game title under their helm is well taken care of, with regular and improved updates to fulfill the needs of their gamers.

One successful example would be CSGO, whereas the community has grown by leaps and bounds after their breakthrough 2013 “Arms Deal” update which introduced the world of CSGO skins and a highly lucrative CSGO skins economy, with items like Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore and StatTrak M4A4 Howl reaching record-breaking prices of $61,000 and $100,000 respectively in third-party CSGO skins marketplaces. 

The CSGO Danger Zone Update

Innovation never stops at Valve, as the community is constantly fed with new surprises as and when there is a demand to be fulfilled. For instance, December 2018 saw the release of Danger Zone, a Battle Royale game mode, during the same period when Valve announced that CSGO would be free-to-play. The genre that was popularised by PUBG and Fortnite, is a new gaming concept to CSGO, in which eighteen players scavenge for equipment and engage in combat with each other in a shrinking battle arena, and the last surviving player (or team) wins.

However, Valve went up a notch in this new endeavor. Leading Battle Royale game titles such as PUBG, Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warfare, do have their fair share of problems, and CSGO’s Danger Zone has brilliantly solved these problems by adding an interlocking hex-tablet-drone system, and have combined classic CSGO features like buying weapons, bomb planting and hostage rescuing into the 16 to 18-player Danger Zone game. Hence, Danger Zone is a clever blend of CSGO and the elements of battle royale.

Similar to the familiar gameplay of CSGO, there are strategies required for Danger Zone in order to emerge victorious in the battle royale game mode. Almost everyone enjoys the feeling of winning, thus developing the right strategies for Danger Zone will increase the odds of you winning the next challenge in the battle royale. 

CSGO Danger Zone Perfect Spawn Location

For a complete beginner to the Counter-Strike GO battle royale game mode, it is important for you to identify and pick the right starting location at the beginning of the match. In PUBG or Fortnite for instance, you’ll start the game in an aircraft, where it will fly over the entire map, and it is up to you and your teammates to pick the right area to begin looting for your battle equipment. While most players assumed that spawning at the edge of the map is generally safer at the beginning, we may have to factor in things like the odds of obtaining good drops in a specific area, and whether or not will we make it through the next “safe zone”, since this area is randomly generated and there is no way where any player can predict in any given match. 

In CS:GO Danger Zone, the only difference between other Battle Royale mode is the name of the map. In this case, it is called the Blacksite. Apart from that, the general mechanism is largely similar to other popular titles. Taking the earlier points into consideration, you may need to get familiarise with the different areas in Blacksite. With enough practice, you should be able to identify the ideal spawn location to get a lot of loot to get a first mover advantage at the start of the match. In general, identify at least 3 spots that you’d wish to spawn, in case if your opponent has already picked the one that you intended to go to. Your starting spot should be an area within the reach of your spawn, and has plenty of loot boxes which you’ll be able to obtain and equip yourself before others nearby do.

In addition to that, you’ll also need to identify areas where there is a high likelihood for automatic machine guns to spawn as they’re usually preferred throughout the entire duration of the match. To make sure that you do land on your spot before others do, click as fast as you can at the preferred spot as soon as the map appears on your screen. But it is worth noting that while you’re quick at choosing the spawn location, that also means that there is a greater odd of other players spawning near you, as you can see from the map and tablet in the game. 

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Team Up with Your Friends in The Danger Zone

Team-based games are also possible with CS:GO Danger Zone, so if you’re playing as part of a team, do make sure that you pick the location that has sufficient loot for everyone in your team, usually a team of three.

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After choosing your spawn location and evaluating the chances of suitable loot at the start of your match in that area, the next crucial decision to make is to choose the spot where you’d like to land from the helicopter. At times, you’ll be able to view the landing path of other players as they swing past or near you to their intended landing spot. Take some time airborne by controlling your movement keys as you tweak your direction prior to the landing. You may also use this opportunity to get yourself closer to your intended loot location upon landing, since whoever gets well-equipped will have an advantage over those who don’t. 

Alternatively, if you are unsure of the loot location, try to navigate yourself on top of roofs and balconies so that you’ll not be exposed to your opponents in the event that others got well-equipped earlier than you, while you’re still void of owning any weapon.

CSGO Danger Zone Loot Boxes

Upon your successful landing, the next immediate thing to do is to head to the closest loot boxes to equip yourself with some weapons and ammunition. This is where the whole game begins. As mentioned in earlier paragraphs, it is of utmost importance to gain an edge over your opponents by equipping yourself with weapons as soon as possible. If you’re unsure of which weapon to get in the beginning, head over to any nearby loot box and get any weapon like a pistol, which can be found by breaking a small red box with your bare hands.

In the Blacksite, you’ll have a chance to get hold of pistols that you’re already familiar with in the main CS:GO game. That includes Glock-18, Dual Berettas, P250, CZ-Auto, Desert Eagle, R8, USP-S and P2000. One major difference between CSGO Danger Zone and other Battle Royale games is that you’ll need to get your hands on a pistol first, before you can proceed to obtain more powerful weapons in the next loot box. 

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Once you’ve obtained a pistol, the next thing to look out for are red Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs) boxes. These loot boxes can only be destroyed by a pistol, thus keep in mind the sequence of obtaining your preferred inventory for the rest of your game. Available SMGs include MP5-S, PP-Bizon, UMP-45, MAC-10, P90, MP7 and MP9.

In addition to that, picking up a body armor or helmet along the way could also help to increase your defense as they could drastically reduce the damage made onto you during the game. You can also purchase them from your tablet for only $500, which will be delivered to you shortly after the purchase in the form of a blue box.

Since most inventory is scattered across the map, you’ll have to take note of picking up other essential items like a parachute, satchel charges and medi-shots to prolong your survivability rate as you venture deeper into the map.

If you’re very eager to eliminate your first opponent, do it by all means as well. Once you de-arm your opponent, you can knock their weapon out of their hand and pick it up as you move along to the next area.

How to use your Tablet in CSGO Danger Zone?

For those who’ve played Fortnite, you may be intrigued by the building feature where you can use tactically to defend yourself or to build a ladder to navigate around complex terrains. In CSGO Danger Zone, your Tablet is probably one of your most important lifelines, since you can not only use it to buy weapons, but you’ll be able to gain insights on your teammate location and other crucial information. 

Multiple hexagons cover the map and one will light up yellow if there is a minimum of one player including you. The yellow hexagon will be removed once you change hexagons unless there is still another player in the previous one you just left.

Missiles will be shot during the cam blocking out part of the map rendering it unplayable. Players within these locations will take damage over time until they die.

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In order to purchase items like Body armor and other weapons from your Tablet, you’ll need to hunt for money. Money can be found across the map in bags, in safes and from your dead opponents. If you complete one of the two missions assigned to you, you may also earn an additional $500. Like the main CS:GO gameplay, the fastest way to earn money is to eliminate your opponents. You can receive a reward of between $200 and $1,000 depending on how long the game has been running.

Once you’re able to purchase a weapon, you’ll receive the delivery from a drone. This drone will always reach directly above you when you’re fixated at the same spot as the time of purchase. Also, you’ll have to ensure that there is nothing between you and the incoming drone delivery. Get yourself in an area (preferably outdoor), otherwise, your purchase will deliver to your tablet instead. Because of how Drone works by delivering the location of where the tablet is, you may use it to your advantage as well, by luring your opponent closer to you. 

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Unlike the traditional CS:GO gameplay, the new gameplay format has a slightly different reward system. You’ll be tasked with two missions that allows you to earn $500 each upon completion. One of the them is the typical hostage rescue mission where you rescue your hostage and lead them to a rescue zone on the map. Along the way, you’ll also be rewarded with an additional $50 bonus.

The second mission involves you being tasked with a high value target. Killing the target will also earn you $500 reward. These targets usually can be identified on the tablet, with their hexagon marked for your reference.

How to use the Auto Turret?

Another point to note about the new map – Blacksite is the existence of Auto Turrets scattered across the map. These turrets are neutral and will shoot anyone within their line of sight, thus prevent yourself from getting targeted by these auto turrets. Fortunately, they’ve a slow reaction time and you can possibly avoid these Turrets entirely if you’re attentive enough to your surroundings.

During competitive matches, Auto Turret can also be tricked, as they’re used to attack moving targets too. You may turn the table by using the decoy grenade to divert the Turret’s attention away from you. If you’re ready to destroy a Turret, you may do so by shooting them. It’s health bar should go down until it’s completely destroyed.

How to win CSGO Danger Zone? TOP 5 Strategies

Similar to the familiar gameplay of CSGO, there are strategies required for Danger Zone in order to emerge victorious in the battle royale game mode. Almost everyone enjoys the feeling of winning, thus developing the right strategies for Danger Zone will increase the odds of you winning the next challenge in the battle royale. 

Our team at SkinCashier has compiled the Top 5 “Danger Zone” strategies  on how to win the Danger Zones in CSGO. Hopefully the following tips and tricks will help you to better navigate Danger Zone and with more practices and devotion, it can potentially lead you to a smoother and quicker victory.

  1. Ration your Ammunition

    In the battle royale world of Danger Zone, ammo is scarce as supply drop is the only means to obtain more ammo apart from grabbing them in random spots before your enemies do. While some may argue that players can buy ammo from the bots at any given time, the return of investment with upper tier weapons may prove to be viable in this case. Therefore, it is wise to keep sufficient back-up rounds wherever possible instead of spending thousands in-game just for a full ammo clip of a higher-tier weapon. Pursuing supply drops is worth the effort and time, as you could be rewarded with killer weapons like AWP and G3SG1 if you are lucky. 
    However, a point to note in the game where everyone is your enemy except yourself or your team members, some players may exploit the supply drop as a way to lure you into a “danger zone”, as they anticipate your arrival to retrieve the drop, before killing you on the spot from a nearby distance. Hence, before you dash towards the location of the drop, stay vigilant and ensure that you weed out potential sightlines before you make the move to retrieve the dropped supply. That being the case, it is crucial for you to take the necessary precaution for your safety and survival while pursuing the much needed ammo supply, which brings us to the next tip.

  2. Time your drop and take that first blood

    What happens if you are beginning a new round of Danger Zone with many players dropping around you, and you have to make that split-second decision to aid you in obtaining your gears quicker than your enemies?
    This is when you need to remind yourself that you are not alone in seeking for additional ammo or weapon drops. Your enemies may also be eyeing that prized possession in these crucial moments as well. While you approach that crate, try to reach that location earlier than your enemies do. In order to do that, hold “E” (by default) and timed yourself the moment to let go of the chopper’s rope before reaching the ground. It may take some practice to know that “exact moment” to execute the timed drop before your enemies, but it is definitely worth aiming for.
    Be careful though, as you may sustain fall damage if you drop too early in the helicopter’s ride, so build up on your timing to execute your drop for the first player advantage, and take that first blood for bonus cash.

  3. Shotguns and Sniper Rifles are your friends

    As an experienced CSGO player like yourself, you may be familiar with popular weapon types like rifles and machine guns, especially with your past encounter with players who made a killing with an AWP Dragon Lore or M4A4 Howl. But no, we are not focusing on the beauty of CSGO skins in this article. Unlike the conventional game in CSGO, shotguns are actually the grossly overpowered weapon in Danger Zone. Although shotguns’ range is pathetic and are known to inflict inconsistent damage to your opponents, they are generally a winner in the CSGO’s battle royale. This is because of their ability to execute lethal damage in two direct shots to the chest against a fully armored enemy. 
    Things might get complicated if you do take into account the weapon’s spread, since you might not be able to induce as much damage to your enemy as you thought, because a pellet often went astray and missed your target. But the battle landscape changes again when you realise that each shot from the shotgun shell is effectively up to nine opportunities to deal damage. In other words, you barely need to purchase ammo for your shotgun for the game.
    Alternatively, if you are not a shotgun-person, there are better weapons such as sniper rifles which have the same lethality potential in low ammo situations. If you could not get a chance to obtain either sniper rifles or shotguns from a supply crate, a pistol could do the job, as a backup weapon.

  4. Complete High Value Target Missions

    In-game economy is critical for CSGO, and in the Danger Zone it is equally important to seek out ways to earn that additional cash to upgrade your weapons and more. However, unlike the typical match in CSGO, rescuing hostages may not be ‘financially-viable’ unless you do come across a hostage inside two hexes of Hostage Rescue Areas (HRAs). The difference is that for every hostage that you rescued outside of the HRAs, you are entitled to a measly $500 reward and some extra cash for every 50 meters that the Non-Playable Character followed you. To make the prospect worse, everyone (including your enemies) will be notified of the location where the hostage is rescued, hence you are indirectly announcing to everyone in the game of your location. Not a very good idea.
    High Value Target (HVT) missions, on the other hand, is the preferred cash generating method over the former. By engaging in these missions, you will not only be able to earn that extra cash, but you could also gain some intel on your enemy. Afterall, Danger Zone is a survival of the fittest, and you are bound to eliminate anyone (excluding your teammates) who crossed your path. So, accepting a HVT mission is a no-brainer, and you get to kill two birds with one stone with this mission.

  5. Track your enemies with Drones

    Finally, let us not forget the power of drones. This tactical service is an integral part of Danger Zone and everyone should at least utilise drones in the game. For a mere $1,000, Drones can be used to track your enemies, speed up your drone’s delivery time, as well to know the location of your enemies’ drones. This could offer you an insight as to where your enemy is hiding in the yellow hexagon. In this case, a blue drone indicates your incoming drone, and grey drones represent your enemies’ drones. If you would wish to maximise the use of the drone, do use it towards the end of your game as you can track your enemy inside the reduced area on the map and plan for an ambush on the enemy.

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Get ready to compete in the CSGO Battle Royale 

Valve has always been a good sport whenever it comes to fulfilling the needs of CS:GO community. This gameplay format is created as a result of that, and it offers a brand new experience for the community to play with multiple people in the server, with new missions and new gameplay. In this new gameplay, not only do you need to worry about loot for yourself but also your teammates. A helpful strategy such as loading a teammate up with satchel charges can greatly alter the course of your play in Blacksite. Once they die and a player goes in to loot their body you blow the satchels up killing the enemy in the process If the last players are killed by a C4 bomb the furthest player from the C4 wins the match. Sounds fun already? Hop over to the server now and experience CS GO in a new perspective today. If you’re a fan already, don’t forget to check out the Danger Zone CS:GO skin collections. Valuable weapon skins from this case can also be sold via SkinCashier for real money instantly.

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See you on the Blacksite

Although Danger Zone is considered a recent addition to the CSGO sphere, it is certainly a fun and exciting game where players use their wits, skill, and resources to fight to the finish. While it is inevitable for you to undergo a series of practices before you get used to the mechanics behind the battle royale game, the time spent on mastering the Danger Zone can be a fulfilling experience for regular CSGO players.

If you do eventually become a fan of the Danger Zone, do check out the Danger Zone CSGO skins Collection! The collection consists mainly of community-made designs which are already in the game, but with slightly different designs. Those CSGO skins within the Danger Zone Case include the Asiimov (AWP, M4A4, and P250), Neo-Noir (M4A4 and USP-S), Mecha Industries (M4A1-S and FAMAS), Flashback (M4A1-S), and Oxide Blaze (Desert Eagle). If you ever obtain the Danger Zone case after a match, you quickly can sell these CSGO skins on SkinCashier for a good profit because of the current high demand for the case.

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