Best Surf Maps in CS:GO for 2023

Most players only stick to the classic competitive mode in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. With the addition of the battle royale Danger Zone the game now also has something for the players tired of the usual CS:GO gameplay.

Not all Counter Strike game modes are about shooting, however. Older Counter Strike players might be familiar with the plethora of different community maps in the days of CS 1.6 and CSS. One of these custom game modes has survived in the newer version of the game in the form of CSGO surf maps.

Thanks to the game community, CSGO surf servers are still doing great in 2023. If you want to try your surfing skills, here are the best CSGO surf maps to play in 2023.

What Is Surfing?

A quick reminder – surfing is one of the mechanics in Counter Strike, where you can abuse the Source physics engine to glide and quite literally surf in CSGO. Surf maps most often have special areas and courses prepared for the players, where they can slide on the right or left side of a rail, jumping and passing obstacles.

Surfing is actually very easy but takes a lot of skill to really master. While normally jumping on a 45-degree roof can be quite painful, in CS:GO if you hit the right spot your character will slide and gain speed, quite literally surfing down. From there it’s up to the surfing player to guide their player model so that they won’t fall to their deaths.

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Although this sounds very simple and is actually quite easy to pull off, CSGO surf maps still manage to surprise players with their difficulty. Most fun maps use very intricate obstacle courses to increase the challenge by giving the players a track that they can master. Surf maps were a part of the game ever since its early days, which is why the surf map community still remains alive and well.

If you want to play any of the surf maps available in the Steam workshop, you can do it very easily. To host a game with such a map, you would first need to download it from the workshop and then host your game. However, if you join any community server running a surf map, you should immediately download that map as you join.

Best 2023 Maps For Surf In CS:GO

There are many fun surf maps available in CS:GO. Here’s a list of some of them, so that you can pick a great map for yourself:


One of the best maps if you’re just starting your adventure with surfing, Surf_rookie contains all that you need to improve your surfing skills. This map was intended with beginners in mind, so if you know how to surf in CS:GO you probably won’t enjoy this one very much. However, if you want to start having fun with other surf maps, Surf_rookie is a great place to start. Also, when you finally develop some surfing skills, you can further try your luck with Surf_begginer, which slightly increases the difficulty level.

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One of the favorite maps of the CS:GO surf community, Surf_utopia lets you surf in a luxurious beach resort. The summer vibe fits great with the overall relaxed mood of surfing in CS:GO, letting you wind down from normal matchmaking. Although the background visuals are the key to this maps popularity, it also features quite challenging obstacle courses, allowing players to show off their skill.


An absolute classic in the surf community and considered by many to be the best surf map in CS:GO, Surf_kitsune still remains one of the most popular surf maps in 2023. With trippy visuals and a very difficult obstacle course, Surf_kitsune is probably the best option if you’re looking for a legitimate challenge. The minimalistic visuals let you focus on surfing and also show you exactly the spots where you can surf. This map will put your skills up to the test, however, there is no better surf map if you want to really check how good your surfing is.


Closing off the list is a map well-known in the surf community, but this time it is its continuation, Surf_ski_2_GO. As the title suggests, the map itself is shaped like a ski slope, allowing the players to surf down its slopes, rapidly gaining speed and making impressive jumps. This simple design has remained popular in CS:GO and this map is still a popular choice for surfers in 2023. In addition, Surf_ski_2_GO has also been popular among surf deathmatch players, so if you want to practice surfing headshots, you won’t find a better way to do that.

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