The Best P90 Skins for Your Perfect CS Loadout

The P90 is not the first choice of many players, however, contrary to popular belief, this unique-looking submachine gun actually has a lot to offer. Its capacious magazine and low recoil can come in handy in various situations. Unfortunately, not many realize this, which is mainly due to its high price. But if you are one of the lucky few who have had the opportunity to experience the capabilities of this weapon firsthand, we have great news for you. We have prepared a full list of the absolute best P90 skins in Counter Strike.

A bit more about the P90

The P90 is one of the submachine guns available in Counter Strike. In previous installments of the game, it was known as the ES C90 and is modeled after the Belgian FN P90 pistol. The original was a personal defense weapon used mainly during wars in the Middle East.

As for Counter Strike, it is not a particularly popular weapon, since it costs as much as $2350. Nevertheless, it is a really good SMG, and players who have used it praise its high-capacity magazine and low recoil. In addition to that, it also has a great firing rate of 857 RPS and a 3.7-second reload time. Unfortunately, the damage it deals is relatively weak and therefore, it is pretty difficult to score a quick kill with it. In addition, it is one of the heaviest weapons in the game and can significantly slow down the player.

Top 8 P90 Skins

Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with some of the basics of the P90, let’s get to the point – a full list of the best cosmetic skins for this amazing SMG.

  1. P90 || Grim

To start off strong, let’s open our list with this mil spec grade skin, perfect for anyone who likes things to be a little darker and spookier. This item was first introduced to CS:GO in 2016 along with the Double Exposure update. Since then, it has become a staple of many black loadouts, which isn’t surprising given that its exterior was painted exactly that color and covered with green depictions of what we can only suspect is a grim reaper. The original designer of the skin was a member of the community named “Gooba”.

  • First Added: 18 August 2016
  • Drops From Case: The Gamma 2 Case
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.05
  • Highest Steam Price: $0.51
  1. P90 || Run and Hide
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If you’re a fan of bold designs, there’s nothing more daring than the Run and Hide P90 skin. This funky item was first added to the game in December of 2020 and remains one of the most sought-after pieces on Steam to date. Its immense popularity is mainly due to its flashy exterior, which is fully covered in cheetah print. Admittedly, while this item probably won’t appeal to everyone, if you’re someone who likes to stand out on maps, it is the perfect object for you.

  • First Added: 3 December 2020
  • Drops From Case: The Ancient Souvenir Packages
  • Lowest Steam Price: $108.98
  • Highest Steam Price: $264.56
  1. P90 || Shapewood

It’s safe to say that there aren’t many wood-looking items in Counter Strike, which makes Shapewood not only very unique, but also extremely cool. This elegant skin is sure to elevate your inventory to the next level. So if you want to impress other players, this piece is perfect for that. First released to the game in 2015, the P90 Shapewood was originally designed by community member “de puiseau,” and luckily for you, it’s one of the most affordable CS:GO skins on our list.

  • First Added: 11 December 2015
  • Drops From Case: The Revolver Case
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.95
  • Highest Steam Price: $8.81
  1. P90 || Asiimov

When creating a list of the best skins of any weapon, it is impossible to omit the legendary Asiimov. Against the common belief, this finish looks great on all guns, not only the AK-47. As for the P90, it looks really great in a red and white cover, which is why we decided to add it here. This Asiimov variant has been available in Counter Strike for 9 years now, since 2014 to be exact. Its creator is “Coridium” and the item belongs to the Breakout collection skins.

  • First Added: 1 July 2014
  • Drops From Case: The Operation Breakout Case
  • Lowest Steam Price: $4.48
  • Highest Steam Price: $30.52
  1. P90 || Chopper
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Another great and unique skin on our list is Chopper. This is not only a great option for fans of black equipment, but also a great gadget for motorcycle enthusiasts. But why, you ask? Well, we can only guess that its author “EGO DEATH” was picturing some sort of vintage Harley in his head when he was designing this flame-covered skin. As for when it first appeared in the game, Chopper has been available since 2016 and to this day is a real favorite among P90 skins.

  • First Added: 15 June 2016
  • Drops From Case: The Gamma Case
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.26
  • Highest Steam Price: $1.20
  1. P90 || Forest DDPAT

Now we have a suggestion for fans of the classics for a change. So far, all the skins on our list have been aimed at more adventurous players, so this time we’re introducing something that will help you blend in with your surroundings on the map. Literally. Dessert DDPAT is an item covered in a traditional military pattern that will work great in any environment. It first appeared in the game in 2021 together with the Operation Riptide update. It is currently one of the biggest classics in the entire game.

  • First Added: 21 September 2021
  • Drops From Case: The Dust Souvenir Packages
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.24
  • Highest Steam Price: $0.30
  1. P90 || Neoqueen

Neoqueen is a true work of art. Interestingly, it is one of the most recent skins to appear in the game, as it only hit Steam in February 2023. Nevertheless, it has already managed to win the hearts of millions of players worldwide. What makes this unique item so popular, is the fact that it’s a true bomb of color, kept in a cyberpunk style. Its designer “Madeira” knew exactly what he was doing when he was creating it, and clearly his ingenuity has paid off. Today Neoqueen is one of the most popular weapon finishes in Counter Strike.

  • First Added: 9 February 2023
  • Drops From Case: The Revolution Case
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.59
  • Highest Steam Price: $1.97
  1. P90 || Emerald Dragon
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Our list would not be complete if we did not include Emerald Dragon. This skin is a beautiful combination of elegant colors and unique design. What’s more, since its introduction to Counter Strike in 2013, it has consistently remained on the lists of the most popular and expensive items in the entire game. Adding this weapon finish to your collection is not easy, but if you succeed, you can be sure that all the players on the map will fall in awe.

  • First Added: 19 September 2013
  • Drops From Case: The Operation Bravo Case
  • Lowest Steam Price: $92.24
  • Highest Steam Price: $285.09


The P90 is a great, but rather underrated SMG. If you’re interested in discovering its potential, be sure to check out our article and see what skins will make it look its best. On top of that, if you’re short of cash for the item of your dreams, then go to SkinCashier and sell your unused weapon finishes in order to get some quick buck!

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