Cool Butterfly Knives To Add To Your Collection

There’s no denying that knives play a key role in CS:GO economy. Knife skins have always been some of the rarest and most expensive. Many CS:GO players dream about dropping a knife skin from a weapon case. A knife skin of your own will definitely improve the look of any CS:GO loadout and can help you make some serious money.

While there were many different knives introduced to the game over the years, the CSGO Butterfly knife, also known as balisong knife, skins still remain some of the most valuable ones. Cool-looking animations and visual design definitely add to the popularity of Butterfly knife skins, further increasing their price on the market. If you’re wondering which knife skins to buy for yourself, here are some cool butterfly knifes that you can consider for your collection.

  1. Butterfly Knie | Lore

Lore skins are generally some of the most popular knives thanks to the great look of this finish. Lore items come in green, forest colors, with a Celtic pattern covering the edge of the blade. The green metallic handle also comes with white marble elements, giving this Butterfly Knife a look that is more fitting as an art piece in a museum, rather than on a battlefield. This is a fairly new skin, released in the Operation Riptide weapon case update on September 21st, 2021, but it’s still one of the best Butterfly Knife skins you can get for your inventory. If you like a luxurious look on your weapons, Butterfly Knife Lore is for you.

  1. Butterfly Knife | Damascus Steel

The mythical Damascus steel is well-known to any fan of knives or other types of blades. Swords made from Damascus steel were famous for their durability and strength. The steel itself was folded many times over, which resulted in a trademark pattern covering the blade. Although the source of iron used in its creation has run out and it’s no longer possible to forge real Damascus steel, you can still purchase a real Damascus steel Butterfly Knife in CS:GO. Added on 27th of May 2017, it comes with stylish black handles, as well as all the metallic parts made out of Damascus steel. It’s an absolute must-have in CS:GO for any fan of real blades and swords.

  1. Butterfly Knife | Marble Fade
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Added to the game on the 15th of March 2017, the Marble Fade finish for Butterfly Knife remains one of the best Butterfly Knife skins you can add to your loadout. It’s currently one of the most stunning knife skins in the game, sporting a bright, rainbow-colored blade. While it might look strange when combined with the standard military aesthetic of CS:GO, Marble Fade is a perfect knife finish to add to any colorful loadout. If you’ve got other colorful, rainbow skins in your inventory, a Marble Fade Butterfly Knife will be a perfect finishing touch to your loadout.

  1. Butterfly Knife | Gamma Doppler

Gamma Doppler finish for the Butterfly Knife was added to the game on the 15th of March, 2017. If you want something that screams expensive but is still toned and stylish, then Gamma Doppler is the skin for you. The green shades emulate a real-life emerald, with the light shining over the green emerald blade in various metallic-chrome colors. Gamma Doppler is a perfect combination of simplicity, as well as luxury and elegance. If you don’t mind the high cost, Gamma Doppler is a perfect addition to virtually any loadout in CS:GO.

  1. Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened

Butterfly Knife Case Hardened has been introduced to the game on July 1st 2014, and is definitely one of the more peculiar skins on this list. After all, the blade doesn’t really look that impressive since it’s just blotches of different colors. However, this is because the yellow blade with different hues is a result of a process called case hardening, where wood and charcoal are applied to a weapon in order to harden the blade. This leaves the signature blotches of colors, that you can see on this Butterfly Knife skin. If you’re considering adding a Case Hardened Butterfly Knife to your inventory, remember to get at least the Minimal Wear version, since at lower float values the knife is still expensive, but the signature case hardened visuals are completely unnoticeable.

  1. Butterfly Knife | Slaughter
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If you want a knife that screams that you’re dangerous, Slaughter is the best Butterfly Knife skins finish you can use for that purpose. Covered in bloody red and made to resemble a bit of gut slipping from the blade, this Butterfly Knife finish will give your loadout a look as if you just killed somebody, which is probably what you want to go for in an online shooter anyway. Introduced to the game on July 1st 2014 in the Operation Breakout update, this particular Butterfly Knife is a great choice for fans of all things gory and shocking. If you want a really murderous look, you can go for the Field Tested version, with its used-up blade to give you loadout some extra edge.

  1. Butterfly Knife | Tiger Tooth

The Tiger Tooth finish for the Butterfly Knife was introduced to the game on March 15th 2017 and is currently one of the most expensive Butterfly Knives you can get for your inventory. This stylish-looking knife skin has been anodized orange, and the blade has been covered with a hand-etched set of lines and scratches on the blade, made to resemble tiger skin. Tiger Tooth is currently one of the most expensive finishes for Butterfly Knife you can get, but if you do decide to buy one for your CS:GO inventory, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s very noticeable in-game. The yellow-range hues really stand out in contrast with the standard CS:GO color palette, so everyone in the match will know that you’re a holder of this weapon.

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In Conclusion

Butterfly Knives are some of the most expensive items in CS:GO, so finding an offer that doesn’t make you broke can be a difficult task. But if you ever need money for a CSGO knife, be sure to check out Skincashier, where you can sell CS:GO skins for best prices at any time!

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