TOP 10 Red CSGO Gloves in 2022

red csgo gloves

Red CSGO gloves are expensive skins that are not easy to find. They belong to the exceedingly rare category. Thus, the odds of unboxing such items is 1/400. However, some designs have affordable prices. And if you continue reading this review, you will find out the best CSGO gloves in red color. As a bonus, this article includes the right strategies to add them to your Steam inventory.

Are Red CS:GO Gloves Valuable Items?

The value of all red gloves CSGO has to offer is high. The cheapest CSGO gloves are worth a few hundred dollars, while the most expensive gloves CSGO are sold for several thousand. What is interesting, the best red gloves CSGO can cost even more. But that has something to do with their float value. The closer that value is to “0”, the more expensive the item.

Red CSGO Gloves

Of course, you can always buy cheap red gloves. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players often do that to own a pair. But these gloves are always Battle-Scarred. We recommend paying particular attention to Minimal Wear or even Factory New variety. The Field-Tested red gloves are not bad-looking either, but you can see they have all sorts of imperfections.

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A single dot on a Factory-new pair of red CSGO gloves can decrease the price by hundreds of dollars. Players are obsessed with owning perfect-looking gloves. So, a few will pay a lot for a top-quality item.

TOP 10 Red Gloves in CS:GO

The best red gloves CSGO has to offer are the following:

10. Moto Gloves | Blood Pressure

Red Gloves Blood Pressure

The Blood Pressure glove skin is one of the best you can buy. Of course, you still want to own a pair of red CSGO gloves. The price is relatively cheap compared to other skins. So you can get a high-quality Blood Pressure glove for around $400.

9. Specialist Gloves | Marble Fade

red skin gloves Crimson Web

The Marble Fade Specialist  gloves are not entirely red, but everyone knows them because of their highlighted red sections.

The market price for the Marble Fade is between $200 – 1600. If you own them, you can probably make a lot of money.

8. Sport Gloves | Slingshot

red skins slingshot

These are some classy red gloves. And their price reflects that: $350 – $1800

7. Sport Gloves | Scarlet Shamagh

red skin gloves Scarlet Shamagh

These gloves look nice and are among the cheapest variety. Consider these the entry-level red CSGO gloves. The average price is somewhere around $500. Be ready to pay even pay $800 for a Factory New item.

6. Specialist Gloves | Crimson Web

red skin gloves Crimson Web

These are excellent-looking gloves with a red color throughout the protective areas. Furthermore, they are full of red lines across the entire exterior, which makes them look neat.

5. Driver Gloves | Crimson Weave

Driver Gloves Crimson Weave

If you are searching for red Driver Gloves, CSGO puts at your disposal the Crimson Weave. The price is more than decent: $200 – $500. These gloves seem to be made of high-quality leather and can almost simulate the tactile sensation in your mind when you wear them. Driving gloves may bring a lot of memories to some players.

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4. Hand Wraps | Slaughter

Hand Wraps Slaughter

Not many players like these fingerless glove skins. In contrast, Slaughter costs a lot: $200 – $1000.

3. Specialist Gloves | Crimson Kimono

Specialist Gloves Crimson Kimono

These are among the best red CSGO gloves that you can own. They are very red and cost around $750-$1800.

2. Driver Gloves | Rezan the Red

These are some excellent-looking gloves but under one condition: that they have a low float point. The price reflects this fact. The Battle-Scarred version can cost below $100, while the Factory New one will cost more than $2,000.

Red Gloves Rezan the Red

Sport Gloves | Vice

Red Gloves Vice Skin

How To Get The Best Red CS:GO Gloves?

There are two main ways to get the best red gloves in CSGO:

Another method would be to follow professional CSGO players, hoping they organize CS:GO giveaways at some point. In such a way you cna get free CSGO skins

The last reliable method remains to buy a pair directly, ideally from someone who wants to sell them quickly and is willing to give you a generous discount. One important thing that you should consider is the float value. The lower it is, the more you will have to pay. It is probably best to aim for at least a Field-Tested model.

How To Get The Best Red CSGO Gloves

What Cases Contains Gloves Tagged as Red in CS:GO?

If you are interested in opening CSGO cases to unbox a pair of red gloves, these are your best options:

  • Glove Case
  • Operation Broken Fang
  • Snakebite Case
  • Clutch Case
  • Operation Hydra Case
  • Recoil Case
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All of these CSGO weapon cases contain red glove skins. On the other hand, the odds of getting a pair are low. However, that does not mean you cannot get other valuable items. 

If your goal is to obtain a pair of red gloves, you should buy the cheapest CS:GO cases containing such items.

Final Words

Red CSGO gloves are rare and valuable items that are worth having. You can use them to highlight your own unique personality. As an alternative, you can sell them when the price grows up. A pair of red gloves always goes well with a red or a blue knife skin.

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