CSGO Skin Mining Quick Guide

Crypto mining has been all the rage for the last couple of years. With the rise of bitcoin as well as numerous other cryptocurrencies, many people around the world have been looking to nab their piece of the crypto cake.

However, you might not know, that it’s actually possible to mine CSGO skins the same way you would a cryptocurrency. Sounds like something that might interest you? Here’s a quick guide to CSGO skin mining.

What Is Crypto Mining?

The most common way of getting new crypto is via a process known as mining. The process itself is highly complicated and requires high-end hardware, as crypto mining demands a lot of processing power. To put it short, when mining crypto, you have a large farm of computers plugged into a single network, performing complex calculations. This is done in order to discover a combination of numbers on the blockchain, which corresponds to a single crypto token.

Crypto mining requires a lot of advanced hardware, which is why most crypto farms are built with multiple high-end computers working day and night to generate new crypto codes. Starting a crypto farm like this would take a lot of money, however, and maintaining it with electricity bills would ramp up the costs even more. Because of this, one common criminal procedure in hacking groups is to create a sophisticated botnet, which infects multiple computers and runs a process in their background, which keeps mining crypto for the criminal group. The attacked person wouldn’t know that their computer is used for crypto mining by a criminal group unless they investigated why their PC has suddenly dropped so badly in it’s performance.

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Although this method is used by cybercriminals to gain illicit gains, some companies use similar methods, but in a more legal and legitimate way. These companies allow you to install their plug-in to your PC, which will simply use your computer’s processing power while it’s running, in order to mine crypto in the background. In return, you receive a number of possible rewards, with many companies of this type offering CSGO skins as a form of a payout.

Is Mining CSGO Skins Legit?

Yes, mining CSGO skins is not only an absolutely legitimate method of getting new CSGO skins, it can also be a completely effortless way to get money. The skins that you get from these services are yours to keep, and you can later trade them with other players, sell them on a market, use them in a trade up and do anything else you would with normal skin.

Mining skins for Counter Strike Global Offensive is also absolutely safe, provided you do this with a legitimate website. To redeem your free stuff, you might be required to login with your Steam account, however, this process is completely safe. The website will simply need to access your Steam inventory and the Steam trade id to trade you your skins.

What Are The Best Websites For CSGO Skins Mining?

There are currently multiple different websites, which offer users the possibility of mining free CSGO skins for their Steam account. All of these websites share the same basic principles, with slight differences. The best 2 of them are:


The oldest and biggest CSGO mining platform on the market, GamerHash offers all the basic necessities needed to start mining free skins. Players who use this service will receive points based on the amount of crypto they have mined, but GamerHash also includes a number of other rewards you can get for completing tasks in-game. Thanks to this system, you can mine CSGO skins slightly faster, than with other services of this type. With their mining feature enabled you will be able to get your CSGO skins fast, without needless work.

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Salad is another service, which allows you to mine crypto and complete tasks for free CSGO skins. The site features many similar elements that you can find in GamerHash, with some slight changes. Besides completing the in-game tasks, Salad also offers a wide selection of different tasks, such as watching short videos, completing surveys, or playing phone games, which allow you to earn points that you can later redeem for free stuff.

To Sum Up

CSGO mining is a great way to get free stuff with very little effort. All you need to do is rent out the processing power of your computer and you can enjoy your free skins.

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