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Last October, Valve unveiled a remake to the Cache map, designed by Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo. Counter-Strike fans were also treated to the introduction of the CS20 Case and Sticker Capsule, which marked the 20th anniversary of the game series.

Today, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the most frequent games on Steam. Even though 2020 Majors were cancelled or postponed due to the ongoing pandemic, close to a million players are still actively playing the game nonetheless. 

In fact, the game is still one of the leading online multiplayer First-Person Shooter games in the gaming industry. Its undeniably excellent shooter mechanism and its wonderful game level design has developed a highly loyal global fan base that a lot of modern-day shooters have envy for. 

Despite its flop when it was first released in August 2012, innovative updates such as the game-changing “Arms Deal”, which introduced weapon skins and stickers to the CS:GO ecosystem, has cemented its position as a leading game title in its own rights. It is a successor to the Counter-Strike series that was first released as a fan-modded map using the Half-life’s engine and later as part of the official game lineup by Valve.

As the game series celebrated its 20th anniversary on the 18th October 2019, Valve has released the CS20 Case and Sticker Capsule collection, along with the remake of the Cache map by Volcano.

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Players sentiment of the CS20 Case 

Just a day after teasing the Counter-Strike 1.6 knife on the CSGO Twitter account, Valve wasted little time in officially bringing back the nostalgic weapon, among other things in the CS20 case.

While the CS:GO community largely welcomed the return of the free Cache map (officially titled Cache and Release) designed by FMPONE and Volcano, many players were disappointed by the CS20 anniversary event as they were expecting Valve to drop other free items to commemorate the significant event. Instead, the company has decided to release a special collection – CS20 case and Sticker capsule, that wasn’t readily available to CS:GO players unless they spent their money on CS20 keys, just like other skin collections. 

As time passed, players were less bothered by the lack of complimentary items during the 2019 CS20 anniversary event. CS:GO skin traders and collectors are now looking at the CS20 anniversary collection as investable items since it holds a great significance for the game’s milestone in the industry. Given the highly affordable price of CS20 skins today, there is a renewed interest as evident in the growing trades over these CS20 case items.  

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What’s inside the CS20 case?

In appreciation of the strong community support, the CS20 case collection comprises many community-designed weapon skins that were selected from the Steam Workshop. The meaningful CS20 case collection has resulted in the price appreciation for many items, especially CS20 case knives. Hence, if you’re planning to collect these CS20 special items, do note that you may be prepared to pay slightly more for these 30 unique weapon skins as compared to 2019 when it was first sold on Steam Market and third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier. Alternatively, you may try your luck by unboxing the CS20 Case with the CS20 Case key, which has to be bought separately through Steam Market.

The CS20 weapon case features over 30 unique weapon skins, including 17 community-designed gun skins and 13 variants of the Knife, a tribute to the CS1.6 knife. Also, the CS20 sticker comes in varying rarity levels, which ranges from High Grade to Exotic. The rarest sticker in this collection has a design that immortalises two great stucked door moments in Counter-Strike 1.6 history, as well as the more recent Inferno map incident where a chicken blocked a door in a competitive match, which resulted in mousesports player Robin ‘ropz’ Kool getting killed during the round.

Like M4A4 Howl and AWP Dragon Lore, the CS20 case collection can be said to deliver different backstories, through the intricate design of each weapon skin that follows a Counter-Strike theme which we’ll explain later in the list below.

A rundown to the CS20 Case collection

Similar to other CS:GO collections, the CS20 case consists of items with different rarities, namely Rare Special Items, Covert, Classified, Restricted and Mil-Spec graded weapon skins. While the rarest CS:GO case skin (in terms of quantity) on Steam Market and third-party marketplaces could be that of the gold-plated Covert FAMAS | Commemoration skin, the most expensive item is likely the Classic Knife | Crimson Web, which will cost you as much as $900 today. Nevertheless, let us go through the entire list of CS20 cases and discover which item could serve your purpose well.

SCAR-20 | Assault

scar-20 assault

(From $0.09, depending on the wear level)

First up on the list is the Mil-Spec SCAR-20 | Assault skin. Based on the iconic blue create which can be found on the cs_assult map, this weapon skin also showcases the logo of a research facility that has been hand-painted in white color over a blue base

Tec-9 | Flash Out

tec-9 flash out

(From $0.09, depending on the wear level)

The Mil-Spec Tec-9 | Flash Out is another weapon skin that has drawn its design inspiration from earlier game elements. In this case, it features the classic flashbang as seen in earlier versions of the game series. The tubular shaped weapon is perhaps for a relevant CS:GO skin

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The Tec-9 | Flash Out is based on the look of a Flashbang, especially because of its tubular shape. The CS20 case skin has been custom painted to resemble a flashbang grenade.

MAG-7 | Popdog

mag-7 popdog

(From $0.09, depending on the wear level)

The MAG-7 | Popdog is a reference to the old defunct company, Barking Dog Studios, as it uses its old logo. The CS20 case skin has been custom painted to resemble a train car with Pop Dog painted on the side.

MAC-10 | Classic Crate

mac-10 classic crate

(From $0.09, depending on the wear level)

The CS20 Case’s MAC-10 | Classic Crate skin is based on the game’s crate model. It has been hand painted to resemble the green metal crates originally found on the de_dust2 map.

Dual Berettas | Elite 1.6

dual berettas elite 1.6

(From $0.09, depending on the wear level)

ELITE has been stamped on the side of these Dual Berettas as the CS20 case’s Dual Berettas | Elite 1.6 is based on the earlier game’s model of the Dual Elites.

FAMAS | Decommissioned

FAMAS  Decommissioned

(From $0.09, depending on the wear level)

The FAMAS | Decommissioned custom paint job is inspired by elements found on de_nuke from Counter-Strike 1.6, another CS20 case skin which has a reference to earlier CS maps.

Glock-18 | Sacrifice

glock-18 sacrifice

(From $0.13, depending on the wear level)

The Glock-18 | Sacrifice is based on professional player Olofmeister’s burning defuse in Overpass. Or more specifically, this CS20 case skin has a custom paint job that pays homage to olofmeister’s burning defuse on Overpass at ESL One Cologne 2014.

M249 | Aztec

m249 aztec

(From $0.35, depending on the wear level)

The M249 | Aztec is based on textures of the map de_Aztec. It applies the same concept as the P250 | Inferno and the map Inferno. Also, it has an official backstory which stated that it has been excavated from Aztec ruins, which resulted in parts of this CS20 case M249 skin to turn rusty and covered in moss.

Five-SeveN | Buddy

Five-SeveN  Buddy

(From $0.36, depending on the wear level)

The Five-SeveN | CS20 case skin has been custom painted with camouflaged patterns and a CT beneath the rear sight.

P250 | Inferno

p250 inferno

(From $0.36, depending on the wear level)

This CS20 case skin pays homage to the classic Inferno map. A custom paint job which reflects the ethos of de_inferno has been applied onto the P250.

UMP-45 | Plastique

ump-45 plastique

(From $0.35, depending on the wear level)

A custom paint job of wires, a green circuit board, and a number pad has been applied to this CS20 case skin.

MP5-SD | Agent

MP5-SD  Agent

(From $0.36, depending on the wear level)

The MP5-SD | Agent has been custom painted in FBI blue and finished with yellow accents, making this CS20 Case skin a must-have for those looking to complete the look of a low-key law enforcer in the game.

P90 | Nostalgia

P90  Nostalgia

(From $2.70, depending on the wear level)

The P90 | Nostalgia has all it takes to relive your memories of the good ol’ original classic. This CS20 case skin has been custom painted with a CT from the main menu of the original Counter-Strike.

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AUG | Death by Puppy

aug death by puppy

(From $3.10, depending on the wear level)

The AUG | Death by Puppy is a reference to the P90 | Death by Kitty in the ESports 2013 Case. This CS20 case skin has a multicolored Pop Dog pattern that has been applied onto the chassis of the AUG Weapon.

MP9 | Hydra

mp-9 hydra

(From $2.80, depending on the wear level)

The AWP | Wildfire and the MP9 | Hydra are based on the 2 latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operations, Wildfire and Hydra. A custom paint job referencing Operation Hydra, CS:GO’s 8th Operation, has been applied to the CS20 case’s MP9 skin.

FAMAS | Commemoration

FAMAS  Commemoration

(From $10.00, depending on the wear level) This is another community-designed skin that is included in the CS20 case. It has been custom painted gold and features various details celebrating 20 years of Counter-Strike.

AWP | Wildfire

awp wildfire

(From $26.00, depending on the wear level)

Adding to the extensive list of AWP CSGO skin is the AWP Wildfire from the CS20 case. Together with the MP9 | Hydra , they are based on the 2 latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Operations Wildfire and Hydra. The Operation Wildfire logo has been hand painted over a black and red base.

Rare CS20 Case Knives

cs20 csgo knives

(From $110.00, depending on the variant and wear level)

A total of 13 Possible Knives variation can be found in the CS20 case. They are, Fade, Crimson Web, Slaughter, Vanilla, Boreal Forest, Case Hardened, Night Stripe, Blue Steel, Urban Masked, Stained, Forest DDPAT, Scorched and Safari Mesh.

Of which, Fade, Crimson Web and Case Hardened Classic Knives are some of the most expensive of them all, while Safari Mesh and Boreal Forest within the CS20 case can be bought for under $150, unless you are really lucky to get it from the CS20 Case drop.

Is it worth it to get a CS20 case in 2020?

The CS20 case may be one of the most meaningful collections in recent years, it may not be the best CS:GO case to open for profit in 2020. However, that is not to say that it will remain the same in the future. In all honesty, commemorative CS:GO cases like the CS20 case is definitely a must-have for both traders and collectors, since it held a great significance to the highly popular shooter. Many die-hard fans of CS:GO may collect them as a way to remember the awesome past when Counter-Strike was all the craze in the predominantly LAN gaming world. Today, with other beautifully crafted cases such as the Prisma 2 case collection, many players are willing to spend that extra cash in order to complete the vast collection of CS:GO skin, and collecting all 13 weapon skins may be their goals. And if you do have these CS20 weapon skins, there is a growing demand among the community that you’ll be able to sell them easily as a result.

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