Flip Knife Skins in 2022 – Which Are the Best?

flip knife skins in csgo

With what started out as the default Terrorist Knife for Alpha versions of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), Flip knives are now one of the most popular knives in the game, with the Factory New Flip Knife | Doppler skin being the best choice amongst players.

Since 1999, Counter-Strike games have grown to become one of the best game series ever created, and is highly sought (high on the search filter) after for its intriguing and highly addictive gameplay between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. While the general game mechanics remain over the past decade, the latest addition of the game series – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), managed to win over the hearts of many shooter genre fans with its regular updates and CSGO decals, which are highly sought after by players and online game skin collectors alike.

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What is worth noting is that, while other online games have introduced cosmetic items for their respective players, CSGO is one of the first games which somewhat allow its weapon and sticker decals to be traded at real money value. Thanks to the 2013 “Arms Deal” update, it was imperative to lay the groundwork of the success of CSGO in the years ahead.

Today, CSGO boasts an impressive number of active players monthly, with an average of close to a million players logging into the game daily and battling it out in a Bomb Defusal or Hostage Rescue match. Whether it is in Majors, or casual servers, players sort of have the time now to customise their agents and weapons with visually attractive CSGO skins to outshine others in the area of their weapons’ appearance. The highly customisable cosmetic options have also resulted in the abundance of CSGO skins for knives as well. The Flip Knife, being the second most purchased CSGO knife type, has an equal share of CS:GO skins that are available for players.

Why should I buy a CS:GO skin for my Flip knife?

Currently, there are close to 10 different types of knives in CS:GO. According to a past email rumor that was circulated within the CS:GO skin traders space, it was mentioned that a Factory New StatTrak Karambit | Case Hardened was worth and sold for as high as $50,000, sort of, making it the most expensive CS:GO knife skin ever existed. On the other hand, Flip Knife skins are known for its wide range of affordable blade decals, despite its rarity in general. Hence, there is a great demand in Flip Knife skins these days as players are looking to customise their in-game appearance while keeping to their budget.

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With an aggressive-looking blade with a slightly serrated edge, many Flip Knife skins are designed to compliment its fearsome appearance. After Gamma and Gamma 2 case collections were released in 2016, Flip Knife decals gained popularity with various amazing designs introduced in these cases. For instance, Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler skins became an instant hit, and the rarity of this covert skin quickly became a darling for many CS:GO skin traders. Thus, it is a good idea to sell CS:GO skins such as these cosmetic items on third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier for a good real money profit. After all, no matter how a knife skin looks and deteriorates in wear conditions (float value), there is still a demand due to blade decals being harder to find than weapon decals, thereby making them valuable in its own right. Although Flip Knives may look oddly-shaped, their decals are certainly great to have.

This year, while most people are pretty much still affected by the effect brought about by the global pandemic, more CS:GO players have made time to not only regularly play the game, but also spent more time to consider getting CS:GO decals, such as Flip Knife skins. The following list (Sort in no particular order) curated by SkinCashier is meant to show you the hottest Flip Knife decals in 2021 that are on Steam Market and third-party marketplaces, as well as to give you an idea or filter, on how much it is worth today. 

So, let’s check it out!

1. Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler

flip knife doppler
(From $310 for a Factory New version)

As mentioned earlier, the rise of Flip Knife item is largely attributed to the Gamma case series. The Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler skin was part of the Gamma Exposure’s 2016 update and has been decorated with black and silver metallic paints using a marbleized medium. Our first recommendation is sort of the golden fleece of Flip Knife decals. In fact, Gamma Doppler skins are split into multiple categories: Phase 1 to 4, and Emerald. 

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These radioactive green appearance vary in the gradient pattern, with Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler Emerald showing the most green out of the 5 categories. It’s rare, and a Factory New StatTrak version could be worth as much as $1700. If you don’t drop precisely the Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler Emerald , don’t worry – other versions are available from $310 for a Factory New version. It can be found in both Gamma and Gamma 2 cases.

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2. Flip Knife | Fade

flip knife fade
(From $230 for a Factory New version)

Depending on how you perceived the design, Flip Knife | Fade skin is reminiscent of a dusk sky. With a warm and well-faded gradient of purple, red and yellow, the OG of Flip Knife skins are bound to get the conversation going in the game. It is pretty low in supply on CS:GO skin marketplaces and a Factory New version costs $230 upwards. The skin can be found in 11 cases.

3. Flip Knife | Marble Fade

flip knife marble fade
(From $210 for a Factory New version)

If the Flip Knife | Fade skin represents dusk, then Flip Knife | Marble Fade skin definitely resembles a dawn sky. Designed with a well-balanced color gradient of navy blue, yellow and red, the base metallic paint of black and silver could bring out the best of the marbleised medium. The skin can be found in all 3 Chroma cases.

4. Flip Knife | Doppler

flip knife doppler
(From $200 for a Battle-Scarred version)

Not to be mistaken with the Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler skin, this skin lacks the glowy color qualified to be part of the Gamma and Gamma 2 case collections. The Flip Knife | Doppler was first introduced in the 2015’s Full Spectrum update, and it can be found in all 3 Chroma cases.

5. Flip Knife | Lore

flip knife lore
(From $180 for a Battle-Scarred version)

We all know that it is super rare for anyone to get hold of an AWP | Dragon Lore, given its limited supply on third-party marketplaces, as well as the price to actually own a Factory New version of it. Fortunately, for those who are seeking a blade skin similar to the Cobblestone collection, then the Flip Knife | Lore is certainly the right fit for you. The skin has been custom painted with knotwork, which will be the perfect blade skin to go with the AWP | Dragon Lore.

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This knife skin was released as part of the Gamma Exposure update and you can get a Battle-Scarred version from $180 onwards. Otherwise, consider unboxing Gamma and Gamma 2 cases for a chance to earn this elegant Flip Knife skin.

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6. Flip Knife | Autotronic

flip knife autotronic
(From $170 for a Battle-Scarred version)

The term “Autotronic” is not purely coincidental, as the Flip Knife skin has been anodised red, complete with the gunsmith finish. This knife skin is ideal for those who are growing tired of classical, glossy and vibrant design may just find this skin appealing. Cheapest ones cost around $150, the rarest floats reach around $400. It can be found in both Gamma and Gamma 2 cases.

7. Flip Knife | Slaughter

flip knife slaughter
(From $165 for a Minimal Wear version)

It has been painted in a zebra-stripe pattern with aluminum and chrome paints with various reflectivities, and has then been covered with a tomato red candy coat on the blade.  Search them up in over 11 cases.

8. Flip Knife | Tiger Tooth

flip knife tiger tooth
(From $160 for a Factory New version)

It has been anodized orange and hand-etched in a tiger stripe pattern.   It can be found in all 3 Chroma cases.

Other Honorable Mentions

Of course, there are tons of other Flip Knife skins which you may take a fancy of, here are some notable mentions of other Flip Knife skins in 2021 that Flip Knife users have been looking for:

  1. Flip Knife | Crimson Web (From a low price of $120 for a Field-Tested version)
  2. Flip Knife | Case Hardened (From a low price of $100 for a Well-Worn version)
  3. Flip Knife | Stained (From a low price of $100 for a StatTrak Field-Tested version)
  4. Flip Knife | Damascus Steel (From a low price of $95 for a Field-Tested version)
  5. Flip Knife | Ultraviolet (From a low price of $80 for a Field-Tested version)

Give your Flip Knife a Character with the Best CS:GO skins this year

Flip Knives are a meaningful part of a whole menu of rare knife decal range in a search of high filter. You can search for these Flip Knife skins through drops and loot of CSGO best Flip Knife decal to make your gameplay a bit more interesting or to earn a buck on the skin market. Otherwise, head over to third-party marketplaces such as SkinCashier and start filtering, Either way, they are a valuable find you should be happy about with the potentially to selling it at a high price.

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You could also want to sell one if you’re happy to loot one but are not keen on playing it. The same rules apply as above. Selling it on Steam will be quick, but cheap, plus it filter and frozen your income on Steam Wallet. Third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier can have some more lucrative offers (email us perhaps?), but you’d need to browse those and look out for new trends that could possibly dictate the prices, where you buy low, sell high.

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