Most Expensive CSGO Knife Skins in 2022

most expensive csgo knife skins

While the most expensive CSGO skin ever would in the history Counter-Strike is the AWP Dragon Lore skin, there are many other CSGO skins that can sell for a very high price on the official Steam market as well as other third-party markets such as SkinCashier. While any gun skins such as ones for AK 47 may make you some serious many, time and time again, it has been proven that amongst the most expensive CS:GO knife skins available which in the worst of conditions may possibly net you tens, even hundreds of dollars. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most expensive CS:GO knife skins that are available in the game. If you are looking for a place to sell CS:GO skins, even the most expensive knife skins, remember that SkinCashier accepts even the most expensive items in the game!

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What Is The Most Expensive CSGO Knife?

The Most Expensive CSGO Knife is the StatTrak M9 Bayonet Crimson Web Factory New which sold for over $60,000 which makes it the most expensive knife to have ever been sold in the history of Counter Strike Global Offensive. A few other CSGO knives have been sold for tens of thousands of dollars, but the already mentioned bayonet knife was the most expensive one that we could find.

When talking about CSGO knives, a high price pretty much goes hand in hand with the topic, and since there are so many expensive knife skins out there, it’s only natural to ask “What is the most expensive CSGO knife skin?” and while over the years, many expensive knife skins have been available on the market, we have compiled a list of the TOP 7 Most Expensive CSGO Knives!

Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem

When it comes to CSGO knives, amongst the most expensive CSGO knife skins are the Karambit skins, however, in general, among the most expensive skins ever is usually where one would find Case Hardened skins. Case Hardened skins are very rare and unique, in fact, they are so unique that every case hardened skin is different due to the amount of visible blue hue. Those skins that have a better float of blue in them are rare and the price tends to reflect that. Once you combine these two rare factors, you get a Karambit Case Hardened Factory New skin which is one of the rarest if not the rarest CSGO knife skin in the game.

karambit case hardened blue gem in game

The Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem is pretty much a legendary CSGO knife and if you were to stumble upon one during your CSGO career, you would have a very expensive CSGO knife, and we do mean very, very expensive. In fact, if a Karambit Case Hardened skin with a completely blue side would pop up, it is estimated that it may be worth around $50000 which would not make it the most expensive knife in CSGO but would definitely put it up there with the other most valuable CSGO knives in the game.

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StatTrak Karambit Crimson Web Factory New

The Stattrak Karambit Crimson Web Factory New knife is considered to be a generally expensive skin, and regardless of the actual skin design of the knife, or the condition, this curved blade has been known to very expensive on both the Steam market and other third-party markets as well. However, this is not the only reason why this CSGO knife is among the most expensive CSGO skins that you may currently get in the game.

StatTrak Karambit Crimson Web Factory New in game

Another thing that makes this karambit one of the most expensive CSGO skins is the Factory New Crimson Web skin which is amongst the most cool-looking skins out there. These two facts combined with the perfect factory-new condition as well as the StatTrak technology can make the price of the Karambit Crimson Web Factory New reach around $10000.

StatTrak M9 Bayonet Crimson Web Factory New

M9 Bayonet is definitely one of the more desired CSGO knife skins, but when it comes to the best of the best, the M9 Bayonet Crimson Web Factory New skin is the one that comes to mind. While the Crimson Web skins are generally considered to be expensive, this particular knife skin is one of the most sought after skins on the market.

The design of the knife itself consists of a black handle and a red blade with a black spider web pattern which makes it look like a weapon that may cause some serious damage, and is definitely a knife that anyone would be proud to own. This is further enhanced by the black spider web pattern which if it is good, and if the knife is in perfect condition and equipped with StatTrak may just make the StatTrak M9 Bayonet the most expensive knife on the Steam market and the most sought after knife in the game.

StatTrak Butterfly Knife Doppler Factory New (Sapphire)

The first butterfly knife to appear on this list and is one of the CSGO skins that can fetch a pretty penny is the Butterfly Knife Doppler Factory New, and while it is not the rarest or the most expensive blade that you can buy, it is definitely one that you can be proud to use and show off.

StatTrak Butterfly Knife Doppler Factory New sapphire

The overall design of the butterfly knife is beautiful and curvey, and the sapphire hue on the blade is perfectly contrasted with the overall black design. When equipped with StatTrak and in factory new condition, this weapon is available for purchase for upwards of $900

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StatTrak Karambit Gamma Doppler Factory New (Emerald)

We weren’t kidding when we said that Karambit is considered to be one of the best knife skin designs in the game and further down the list, you will see quite a few of the popup, and for good reasons.

StatTrak Karambit Gamma Doppler Factory New emerald

The look of the blade simply screams that you are somebody who shouldn’t be messed with, and the Gamma Doppler design improves on this concept with the simple pure black design and a greenish glow.

StatTrak Karambit Fade Factory New

StatTrak Karambit Fade in factory new condition is definitely among the top 10 best skins in CSGO and as such, Karambit Fade can get you some serious money on Steam and other markets.

StatTrak Karambit Fade Factory New

This curved weapon that features a chromed finish and a red hue to it is very popular among players and may reach prices of up to $1200 on the Steam market which earns the Karambit Fade skin one of the top spots on this list.

StatTrak Karambit Lore Factory New

The Karambit Lore Factory New knife may be the final item on our list but is in no way, shape, or form the least valuable in Counter-Strike.

StatTrak Karambit Lore Factory New

On the contrary, this item is considered to be one of the best looking knife skins that you can use and is a very popular CSGO skin that you can get.

We have already stated everything that puts the karambit knife among the best CSGO skins and the most popular CSGO knife so we will only focus on the Lore design aspect of the skin, and it is way more complex than all the other karambit that you can get your hands on. The blade and the ring of the karambit knife are both golden yellow which beautifully contrasts the black handle and complements the shape of the blade. This alone makes the knife one of the best skins available that you can get on the market, however, the design of it is taken one step further.

Both of the curved sides of the knife contain a beautiful inlay pattern which is why many players like to use this knife and show off with it, which in turn raises the price of this karambit, and while it is not the most expensive CSGO knife of all time, it is certainly one of the more expensive CSGO items in the game.

Why Are These CSGO Knives so Expensive?

When it comes to reasons why these knives are so expensive, there are a few of them. While multiple things affect the value of the knives, rarity is definitely the biggest one. If a specific knife is rare, there won’t be many of them on the market available which in turn will raise the price. The rarer the item, the higher is its market value, and csgo knives are notorious when it comes to expensive CSGO knives.

Aside from rarity, another thing that hugely impacts the price of knife skins are skin patterns and things such as the float level of the blue hue in case hardened skins. A knife with a good spider web pattern will sell for a lot more on Steam and other markets than a knife with a random one. The same goes for the blue hue when it comes to case hardened karambit knife. The more blue hue it has, the more valuable it will be, and the more money it will be worth.

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The last couple of things, that many use to determine the value of a certain knife skin, is the condition of the skin and the additional technology the skin is equipped with. Knife skins that have StatTrak technology on the and are in good condition can be sold for a lot more than those without such commodities.

Is it Worth to Buy The Most Expensive Knife Skins?

Buying expensive knife skins such as the ones mentioned on this list is not something that everyone can afford and whether it is worth buying one of these expensive knives comes down to the matter of personal opinion. While some players may argue that the knife skins don’t really affect gameplay in any way shape or form and consider them to be just a waste of money, others would claim that looking cool and having the bragging rights is totally worth the high price.

Finally, there are those players who consider the knife skins as a form of investment. Since many people buy expensive knives and keep them in their collections, the supply of such knives only keeps getting smaller as fewer of these are sold on the market, which means that their price is only getting higher. Regardless of what group of people you fit in, when it comes to whether it is worth to buy these skins, it simply comes down to whether you think they are a good value for your money.

Another factor that hugely impacts the price of any knife skin is the float value. The float value is what determines the specific details of knives and it affects things such as the amount of blue value in the Case Hardened skin or the Spider Web pattern in the Crimson Web knives. A case hardened skin with more blue hue will be worth a lot more than the one that barely has any, just like a Crimson Web with nice web patterns will be a lot more desirable than one with a random pattern.

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This article focused on some of the most expensive CSGO skins, specifically CSGO knives and the information around them. It focuses on the most expensive CSGO knife as well as other notable CSGO skins that may be worth a lot of money. We also talk about where you may be able to get some of these CSGO knives, as well as the prices you may expect to pay for them.

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