most expensive csgo knife 2020

Rarest and Most Expensive CSGO Knife Skins in 2020

September 4, 2020

The most expensive CSGO knife are probably the ultimate status symbol for bragging rights, thanks to its highly popular weapon skins that was introduced since the Counter Strike “Arms Deal” Update in 2013

Many in the Counter Strike scene may be aware of the record-breaking sale of the $100,000 factory new StatTrak M4A4 Howl this year. This transaction has superseded the previous record holder for the most expensive CS:GO skin – the Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore. Despite the ongoing pandemic situation, it does not seem to stop players and collectors from investing in these CS:GO weapon skins. However, when it comes to CS:GO skins, knives are actually the cream of the crop as they do possess the most number of rare and expensive skins that no other weapon types have enjoyed so far. Although knife have yet to gain the reputation the most expensive CSGO skin, they are surely exclusive in terms of how expensive CS:GO skin is in the ecosystem.

Those who are familiar with CS:GO could agree without hesitation that the CSGO knife skin are the ultimate status symbol in the game. They are so scarce in quantity that anyone who went on a battle with these customised knife decals are bound to make an impression among his or her teammates, and even opponents. But what it exactly takes to achieve that “elite” status by being a proud owner of a knife CSGO skin is what we will be discussing in this article. Additionally, our team at SkinCashier has also prepared a list of the rarest and expensive CS:GO skins in 2020, just to show you how insane some of these knives could cost in the CSGO skins marketplace.

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Reasons behind the rarity of these CS:GO skins for knives

Similar to guns, the rarity of CS:GO skins for knives are largely influenced by factors such as the wear ratings (or float values), grading levels and the odds of obtaining them from case drops. The very first factor that we will look into is the grading levels of knife skins. Unlike guns, knife skins are not graded into 7 different grading systems. Instead, all knife skins in existence are categorised into the highest Covert grade, which indicates that all knife skins are one of the rarest CS:GO skins around. Regardless of the price, model or finish, all knife skins are deemed as exceedingly rare and expensive CS:GO items. Hence, the next thing that we look for is the wear ratings, which is one of the factors that determine the price of each skin.

All CS:GO knife skins are subject to a realistic “wear and tear” condition, otherwise classified in float values. Generally, CS:GO players identify the wear intensity of each CS:GO skin through a float value range from 0.00 to 1.00. A general rule of thumb is that the smaller the value, the more pristine is the condition of the CS:GO skin, thereby the more valuable is the skin. Moreover, there is actually a more readable way to distinguish the wear condition, with Factory New and Battle-Scarred versions as extremes. Aside from that, knife skins can also be equipped with additional features like StatTrak, which not only allows the player to display his or her frags on the knife, but also to increase the overall value of the knife skin. To put it into better perspective there is only a 10% chance for you to obtain a StatTrak version of a knife skin from case openings, which by the way, cost quite a sum of real money to unlock them.

What is the most expensive CSGO knife skin to date?

Now that you have learnt how to differentiate the rarity and potential value of CSGO knife skins, you may be intrigued to hear about the most expensive CSGO knife skin that was sold thus far. As mentioned earlier, a knife with valuable CS:GO skin is probably the biggest flex in the game (unless you’re the owner of that StatTrak M4A4 Howl of course). Since everyone ought to carry a knife in every match, you might want to set yourself apart with a covert knife to outshine your opponents. Also, it is inevitable that you will be withdrawing that knife of yours at some point in the game. So, if you need something that can be a bragging right, a CSGO knife skin will certainly help you in that.

If you are thinking of putting on an expensive CSGO knife skin, do prepare an amount of at least a high four-figure sum (in real money). Ambitious individuals can pursue the most expensive skins for knives – the StatTrak M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (Factory New). Although this knife skin neither has an interesting story to back up its price, nor an insanely rare M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web skin (as it can be unboxed from Chroma cases), a Factory New version of this StatTrak knife generally costs between $10,000 to $15,000, depending on its float value. Thankfully for those who wish to get a StatTrak M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web, you may not need to resort to getting a Factory New M9 Bayonet version if the wear condition does not affect you much as you can obtain a much cheaper option, in this case, a Battle-Scarred M9 Bayonet skin for about $300 on Steam Market. It seems that the depreciation of this skin may put off some to use them in battles. But for collectors, Factory New versions are the way to go, as we are expected to see a further climb in its price over time.

Other rare and expensive CSGO knife skins to consider

Thanks to Valve, we are treated with more than a dozen different knife types to choose from. Some players may be more inclined towards getting a Butterfly Knife or Karambit. Therefore, it is not surprising to find knife skins catered to other knives that you may consider to include in your inventory. If you are a player who is intending to sell valuable CSGO skins, other knives may favor you as well.

Our following list of 5 different CSGO knife skins for Karambit, M9 Bayonet and Butterfly Knife that are eye-catching, rare and valuable at the same time, should give you a better idea for some of the best knife skins currently available on the Steam Market or third-party marketplaces for your own usage. At the same time, you would be able to distinguish those skins that could potentially sell CSGO skins for a great real money value.

Karambit | Doppler Black Pearl

karambit doppler black pearl

One of the sexiest knife finishes there is! The Black Pearl looks awesome on any knife model you can imagine, however it is one of the rarest if not the rarest knife in CSGO when considering Karambit skins. Well, maybe beside Karambit | Urban Masked. Still, if you want to put on this fancy cosmetic skin, you should be expected to fork out a price from $1500 onwards, with Factory New fetching as much as $5000 in the market. Still, there are only a few known pieces in existence, so if you have one, do consider donning them in your next match, or sell it for a good profit.

karambit doppler black pearl in game

Karambit | Crimson Web

karambit crimson web factory new

When it comes to the most expensive CSGO knife, the Karambit will often be in contention. With a curved blade and mesmerizing animations as you draw and use the knife, it is truly in a class of its own. Similar to the Doppler Black Pearl, the same can be said for the Karambit Crimson Web. Uniquely deep in its colors and with a pleasant red-black contrast that is considered pretty rare among the entire skin collection. Combining both attributes of the skin design and the popularity of Karambit, this skin can cost you from anywhere from $1,500. So, if you have the cash to spare, sprinkle your inventory with some cool Crimson Web skin and become the envy of all your friends in CS:GO.

karambit crimson web in game

Karambit | Urban Masked

karambit urban masked

We could not help but to place yet another Karambit skin onto this list, as Karambit are simply the “Ferraris” of CSGO skins. Players often associate expensive and rare knife skins with Karambit. Furthermore, this piece of cosmetic item is probably the most expensive CSGO knife when it comes to the Karambit model. Although the demand for the Urban Masked pale in comparison to the Karambit Crimson Web or Case Hardened, it is still considered to be a rare gem in CSGO. FYI, a Factory New, Urban Masked skin could cost you above $1000. Also, the rarely seen StatTrak Factory New Urban Masked skin, could easily be deemed as the rarest and most expensive CSGO knife among the Karambit series, as its price is expected to command a whopping five-figure sum, in real money value.

karambit urban masked in game

StatTrak Butterfly Knife | Crimson Web

stattrak butterfly knife crimson web

If Karambit is the king of CSGO knives, then Butterfly knives are definitely a close second among the popularity polls, if there is any for CSGO knives. This Butterfly knife’s StatTrak Crimson Web skin combines the awesome aesthetics of the knife itself with the rare and expensive skin series. This well-favored skin can reach up to $5000 which is totally not surprising at all, considering the scarcity of this skin’s version. In fact, there are less than 5 of these in existence thus far. Of course, we are referring to the Factory New version, as higher float numbers tend to be valued less than its more pristine counterparts, commanding a more attainable price point of between $500 and $1000.

stattrak butterfly knife crimson web in game

M9 Bayonet | Ultraviolet

m9 bayonet ultraviolet

Finally on our list of the rarest and most expensive CSGO knife skins in 2020, let us pay tribute to a particular M9 Bayonet’s skin. Known as the Ultraviolet, it encased your M9 Bayonet with a Purple handle and a deadly Jet black blade. These two colors are perfectly paired to make the M9 Bayonet’s Ultraviolet skin one of the most visually attractive in the game. Oh, did we mention that it is also an insanely rare M9 Bayonet skin, since it will be like finding a needle in a haystack when it comes to procuring a Factory New, M9 Bayonet Ultraviolet these days on both Steam market and third-party marketplaces. And if you do find one, be prepared to pay at least $1,000 for the stunning skin.

m9 bayonet ultraviolet in game


Today we have shared and explored some of the rarest CSGO knife skins or at least some of the options that can assume that title. There are players who are keen to buy these CSGO skins, although very rarely due to financial reasons. Unlike weapon skins, knife skins are priced at a level that only the mainstream media would be interested to cover.

But that is not to say that there are no one buying these skins, as those who could afford them will consequently use it to accentuate their elite status or bragging rights. Collectors may also find these knife skins an attractive investment as having the rarest knife in CSGO is worth every cent for the long haul. For some, this is a good way to invest in luxury goods – think gold or silver. Others treat CSGO skins as a type of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Hence, if you are into the area of CSGO skin trade, knife skins are something that should not be ignored, marketplaces like SkinCashier are known to accept these rare and most expensive CSGO skins for a decently good amount.

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