Which Weapon Cases Drop Butterfly Knives?

CS:GO knife skins are some of the most valuable digital items you can currently have in your inventory. Some of them knife skins are worth thousands of dollars, and if you have even a single CS:GO knife in your Steam account, you might be sitting on a small fortune, without even realizing it.

While all CS:GO knives are worth good money, some of the rarest and most expensive ones are the butterfly knife skins. The butterfly knife in CS:GO comes in many different finishes, some of them worth a lot of money. Because of this, buying butterfly knife skins of your own can be quite an expensive investment.

However, there are other methods to get your own Butterfly knife. If you’re feeling lucky, you can try opening the different weapon cases. Here is a list of all the cases, which can drop a Butterfly Knife.

What Is A Butterfly Knife?

The butterfly knife is a custom-designed balisong, with a freely pivoting blade allowing rapid deployment with its fan-like opening. Its defining characteristic is the signature shape and opening method, making it a great choice for when you need to bring a knife with you to a camping trip or are simply looking for effective utensils, which won’t take up space when stored in a backpack.

In CS:GO, however, the butterfly knife is first and foremost a highly desirable skin, featuring many expensive finishes. The butterfly knife was added to CSGO skins in a game update on the 1st of July, 2014. This update introduced Operation Breakout to Counter-Strike, together with its weapon case. Players who had the weapon case in their inventory could purchase the appropriate key to open it and receive one of the weapons inside. Getting the specific item that is the special rare butterfly knife, however, is very difficult. The odds of getting butterfly knife skins are extremely low, around 0.26%. This means that opening a weapon case that can have a butterfly knife skin is a real CS GO lottery. Still, if you get lucky, you can get a lot of money, with almost zero effort on your side.

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There are some butterfly knife finishes, which are generally sold for a very expensive price. The Butterfly Knife Doppler, Fade and Tiger Tooth are only a couple of Butterfly knife skins finishes, which have crossed the $1000 barrier over the last couple of years. This means that, if you get really lucky, you can easily become rich by just opening the right CS:GO weapon case.

Weapon Cases With Butterfly Knives

Like many other CS:GO knife skins, the butterfly knife is a special rare item, which means that every time you open one of the relevant weapon cases, you have a chance to obtain a butterfly knife in one of the available patterns. If you want to take your shot at opening a butterfly cases, CSGO currently has 4 of them, which can get you butterfly knife skins at special rarity:

  • Operation Breakout weapon case
  • Spectrum case
  • Spectrum 2 case
  • Operation Riptide case

In Conclusion

Butterfly knife skins are some of the best-looking and most expensive items you can own in CS:GO. If you want to gamble a little with the weapon cases in CS:GO, try one that has different butterfly knife skins inside. Chances are that, with a little luck, you can become richer by simply opening the weapon case. Also, if you’re looking to make some money for a Butterfly Knife, be sure to visit Skincashier, where you can quickly sell CSGO skins for an instant payout!

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