Cache Map in CS:GO (Guide & Callouts)

cache map csgo

Cache is one of the biggest maps in CSGO that has seen quite a lot of remakes and re-designs over the years. It’s not the biggest in terms of the number of callouts but it is rather large in terms of space, open areas, and travel routes. Cache was created by Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo and was introduced to CSGO originally in 2012. There have been recent updates that have added small changes that we will cover here today as well.

Brief Overview of Cache Layout in CSGO

There are a total of 52 callouts to remember regarding the CSGO map known as Cache. As usual, some are more important than others, such as Site A and B, Mid, and a few others. Don’t get discouraged when you discover that the layout of this map can get confusing and difficult to learn, as once you’ve mastered it you will leave all the competition in the dust.

The bomb sites on Cache are placed on opposite sides of the map. Site A is located at the top left corner of the map and Site B is placed at the bottom of the map. The same goes for the team spawns as well. The T Spawn is located all the way to the right side of the map and the CT Spawn is on the left. As usual, CT Spawn is much closer to both bomb sites but there are still quite a lot of areas the Defenders must go through to reach each bomb site, same as the Attackers.

One of the most exciting features about the Cache map in Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the number of hiding spots, vantage points, holes, and ledges that exist all around. It’s easy to get lost on this map but it’s also easy to outsmart the enemy once you’ve learned all the main callouts. Previously, the map favored the T Side significantly more. However, thanks to recent reworks, Cache’s layout is relatively equally balanced for both sides now.

Bombsite A

Site A is one of the most open areas on Cache. This means that it can be seen from various points which makes it hard to hide there for long. As we mentioned, Site A is located at the top left corner of the map and is very close to the CT Spawn.

The Counter-Terrorists can reach Site A by just exiting the CT Spawn through the CT Hall, turning left, passing the Truck or Car, and they’re right at bombsite A. This is the closest route for the CT Side.

The T Spawn, however, has a longer route that forces them to go through Long, pass the hallways, and through the blue door area known as Squeaky. This area is great if the Attackers want to enter the site, but a Defender will almost always be watching it.

There is also a great vantage point at Site A. There is a balcony on one of the buildings that’s also known as Heaven. Underneath this platform is a Forklift where you can take cover or jump on the balcony.

How to Hold Site A on Cache

Being a Defender on Cache means you can get to the bombsite hotspots much faster. For Site A, you can rush and try to take up defensive positions behind the Forklift. This will give you a decent vision of the blue door at Squeaky and the one at A Main, which are both points where the Attackers can come from. The Forklift area can also allow you to hear if the enemy is pushing through A Main, giving you or a teammate time to throw a flashbang just as they are approaching the door.

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One of the worst things you can do while holding Site A is stand out in the open, especially in front of the doors. There are so many hiding spots to take cover, coordinate smokes and flashbangs with your teammates, and catch the enemy off guard, so take advantage of them.

One of the best plays for defending Site A on Cache is as follows. Just as the round begins, whip out a smoke grenade, go stand next to the front left wheel of the white truck in front of Site A, and aim at the tip of the sickle above the A Main doorway. This will block the enemy’s vision of Site A perfectly until you get closer and take up defensive positions.

If your team is rushing through the A Main entrance, it’s a great idea to throw a flashbang inside before they enter to either force the enemy back or blind them. This is great because it’s difficult to avoid the flash grenade if they’re already inside the hallway. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on Attackers coming through Mid and from the Highway entrance. But, that’s not as likely because you will usually want to send one or two players keeping an eye on Mid before the fight begins.

One of the last but definitely not least tips is to avoid taking up the same defensive positions and waiting for the enemy at the same place every round in a row. Remember to switch it up or else you will become too predictable and the Attackers will always know how to deal with you.

How to Attack Site A on Cache

Don’t let the fact that there are many hiding spots on Site A fool you into thinking it’s easy to attack this area. Of course, it’s difficult, but there are also ways to flush out the Defenders and pick them off with ease.

First of all, there are three main ways you can reach Site A on Cache. The entrance through A Main, the Highway entrance through Mid, and the blue door from Squeaky. If the Defenders don’t know where you’re coming from, it’s very easy to pick them off as most of the hiding spots don’t protect them from all sides and leave them vulnerable as much as they protect them.

The first order of business is not to rush into the Site. Instead, try to scout out any players that are waiting for you behind various objects like the Forklift or the Red Box. The Quad area at the back is also a potential hiding spot for a Defender waiting to kill you. So, use Molotovs to clear out these areas before entering the site. This will drive the enemy out in the open and make it easier to kill them.

If you’re attacking Site A through Mid and onto the Highway, make sure to use smoke grenades to block the enemy’s vision at the Connector. After that, use another smoke next to the Truck at the Highway area and rush easily by blocking much of the Defenders’ vision of that path. After that, it all comes down to who is a faster and better shooter.

Tips for Controlling Site A on Cache

  • Don’t stand out in the open
  • Do block vision at the entrances when attacking and defending
  • Do use Molotovs to force Defenders to come out of hiding
  • Don’t use the same hiding spots in a row as a Defender
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Bombsite B

Site B on Cache is a more closed-up area than Site A but features more access points through various vents, shafts, doorways, hallways, and rafters. Unlike Site A, this area features less visibility from afar and forces the Terrorists to move through various structures to reach it. There are 4 entrances in total that lead to Site B, making it especially exciting to both hold and attack.

How to Hold B on Cache

Usually, most teams like to send only one player to defend B Site which also results in one Attacker being sent to control it. However, if you know what you’re doing, you can easily defend Site B but you can just as easily take it.

When you’re on the CT Side and are waiting for the Attackers to reach B, one thing you mustn’t do is stand static at areas like Headshot. This is a great way to get killed instantly through one of the main entrances.

Some of the most effective places to be for Defending Site B on Cache are the off angles on the levitated platform where the bomb is supposed to be planted. There are enough objects strategically placed there so that only one entrance would be open to you at each position. This means that you can be open to only one doorway and be hidden from all the rest at each positioning you take up.

This makes it easier to kill one Attacker at a time easily since you know where to look while waiting, and they don’t. If the Attackers come from the B Main entrance, the entrance from Checkers won’t see you hiding, and vice versa. Although, having a player covering you and keeping an eye out on the entrance from B Lower and the platform above known as Heaven is advised.

The goal with defending B Site is to take up a position that allows you to rotate easily between all 4 entrances. Just beware, the enemy can throw Molotovs and force you to move. In that case, you will see where the Molotov comes from and will know the enemy’s position.

How to Attack Site B on Cache

Even though there are various strategies for reaching Site B and attacking, the main goal here is to force the enemy out of hiding and pick them off. Since there are various places to hide in Site B, you will need to take advantage of a few Molotovs.

If your team decides to Rush B, use smokes and flashbangs to make your way through the routes towards B and use Molotovs through various entrances and block the areas around the boxes on the levitated platform on Site B. This will force the enemy out of hiding and allow your team to run inside and pick them off out in the open.

It’s important to remember that B Site is one of the most unpredictable areas on the map. Anything can happen so be on your guard and try to keep focused on the few hotspots that we mentioned here.

Tips for Controlling B Site on Cache

  • Don’t stand out in the open
  • Don’t stand static at Headshot, Heaven, or directly on the plant platform
  • Do hide behind the off angles on the platform and behind the boxes
  • Do throw Molotovs at the levitated platform when attacking to flush out the enemy
  • Don’t just rush inside B without blocking the enemy’s vision with smokes or flashbangs
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CT Spawn

The Counter-Terrorists have it very easy when it comes to spawning and entering any of the bombsites with ease. The CT Spawn is located on the left side of Cache and is almost equally apart from both bombsites. Once spawned, CTs can enter the CT Hall where turning left leads them straight to Site A and turning right goes into Site B.

Going straight ahead from the CT Hall leads to the Window area and then into Mid. From there, various routes can be taken to flank, surround, and ambush the enemy. This is why controlling Mid is very important on each CSGO map.

T Spawn

Located all the way across the other side of the map, the T Spawn resembles a large area that immediately splits into two paths leading to both bombsites on Cache. Turning right and keeping right all the way leads you through A Long and into the Squeaky area. Switching to the left at the Boost point gives you access to the A Main Entrance and lets you hop into the Mid area as well.

Going left after spawning at the T Spawn leads you to the large Tires area, then to B Hall, B Main, and right inside B Site. Going left when you’re inside B Hall also gives you access to the Sun Room, from where you can also jump to Site B and use Molotovs to catch the enemy off guard.

Going forward and passing B Main will lead you to the Checkers area, from where you can also enter the B Site.


On the Cache map in CSGO, like in most maps, the Mid area is where you can expect lots of battles due to the high value of the location. Mid is a crucial site to control because it gives access to almost any part of the map. Whoever controls mid will have easy access and fast routes to most sites on Cache. Holding the area means that the other team will have to travel around the entire map to reach either one of the bomb sites on Cache.

Each team has a relatively similar route towards Mid, allowing both to reach it at the same time. It’s always smart to send a player or two to either keep an eye on Mid or try to take control if the enemy doesn’t swarm it instantly. From there, you can control the enemy’s movements more easily.


Garage is a large area where fights can often break out. This is because Garage allows easy access towards Mid. It’s located right next to the T Spawn and serves a similar purpose as the CT Halls on the other side of the map. One should always be careful while moving through this location, as it’s quite easy to get picked off.

CT Halls

The CT Halls is an important area for the Counter-Terrorist team because it gives access to various locations on the map. It’s located next to the CT Spawn and resembles a long and wide corridor splitting the path into three ways. One path leads to A Site, the other leads to Mid, and the third leads to B Site.

A Main

This location is another crucial one when it comes to controlling Site A. A Main is an important connector on Cache mostly used by the Attackers to rush into Site A. Defenders won’t usually wait inside A Main to hold it but they can have decent vision inside from the A Main entrance if they’re waiting for you at Site A, especially near the Forklift area. Be careful when moving across the entrance or you will become an easy pick-off.

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