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Top of the Top: Best 10 Butterfly Knife CSGO Skins in 2022

Updated: August 29, 2022

A custom-designed balisong or a butterfly knife can be outlawed in many countries. But it sure does not in Counter-Strike. A fan-like opening and a freely pivoting blade allowing rapid deployment are just some characteristics of why so many players long for this knife.

The CS GO butterfly knife appeared in the shooter in July 2014. Later, it became one of the most wanted and used in-game knives. The cosmetic finishes for butterfly knife CSGO are ones that collectors from all over the world pay big money to have in their Steam inventory. 

Let’s explore together what are the cheapest butterfly knife CSGO has and also the best butterfly knife CSGO offers.

Is There a Butterfly Knife in CS:GO?

As we mentioned, the butterfly knife was introduced to CS back in July 2014. Today, there are five butterfly knife cases CSGO has where players can unbox a butterfly knife:

Keep in mind, that some CSGO cases with Butterfly knives inside can cost more than regular cases. 

Apart from getting a CSGO butterfly knife case or box and opening it, you can buy them from the Steam Market or CSGO skin trading platforms with bots for automated trading. 

Top 10 Butterfly Knife CSGO Skins

All the Butterfly knives you are about to see are our picks. Thus, you may not be your style or may not suit your specific inventory.

Apart from showing you the skins, we will also give info on which butterfly knife case CSGO has for specific skins and what will it cost you.

10. Butterfly Knife Damascus

Butterfly Knife Damascus

First on our list is the Butterfly knife Damascus Steel skin, which you can obtain from the Spectrum or Spectrum 2 Case. It was first implemented in CS: Go in March 2017, and today you can buy it from the Steam Market for $1178 in Factory New.

9. Butterfly knife Marble Fade

Butterfly knife Marble Fade

The Marble Fade, or the Rainbow Fade, as many know, first came to CS back in March 2017. If you are not up to opening hundreds of Spectrum and Spectrum 2 Cases, you can get a butterfly knife Marble Fade on the steam market for a price of $2395 in Factory New.

8. Butterfly knife Slaughter

Butterfly knife Slaughter

The Butterfly Slaughter was one of the original knife skins that Valve dropped back in July 2014. This knife can be found in the Operation Breakout Weapon Case or bought on the steam market for a price of $1515 in Factory New.

7. Butterfly knife Doppler

Butterfly knife Doppler

The skin can be unboxed from the Spectrum and Spectrum 2 cases. Remember, the price can vary depending on its phase. There are four phases with the butterfly doppler and another 3 specific colorways: Ruby (full red), Sapphire (full blue), and Black Pearl (black, purple).

Regarding the prices, some phases will be worth more than others, and while some may cost you around $1900, the prices on others may rise way above $4000.

6. Butterfly knife Lore

Butterfly knife Lore

One of the newer Butterfly knives on our list, the Butterfly Lore came out in September 2021. This knife is a part of the Operation Riptide case or the Dream and Nightmares case. You can also get this gold-painted knife on the Steam marketplace for a price of around $1810. However, it will be beaten down in Well-worn condition.

5. Butterfly knife Black Laminate

Butterfly knife Black Laminate

The Black Laminate is one of the Butterfly knife skins that if the condition is worse, the black sticks out more. On the Steam market, a Factory-New Butterfly Knife Black Laminate has a price of $2130, while a well-worn one will cost about $980.

4. Butterfly knife Autotronic

Butterfly knife Autotronic

Another newer added knife to CS is the Autotronic, which appeared in the game in September 2021. You can open Operation Riptide or Dreams and Nightmares cases to obtain one. On the market, you can get one in Minimal Wear for $1700, or go for a well-worn condition for about $2050, which is more expensive. However, the red stands out more.

3. Butterfly knife Scorched

Butterfly knife Scorched

The cheapest butterfly knife that you can get is the Butterfly Scorched. It was included in the July 2014 update, and you can find it in the Operation Breakout Weapon Case. On the steam market, battle-scarred condition Butterfly Scorched go for around $440, and in factory new, there are sales around $850.

2. Butterfly knife Tiger Tooth

Butterfly knife Tiger Tooth

The Butterfly Tiger Tooth came into the CS: GO scene in March 2017. You can unbox one from the Spectrum or Spectrum 2 Case. The price for Factory New condition for about $1500.

1. Butterfly knife Case Hardened

Butterfly knife Case Hardened

The Butterfly Case Hardened skin is one of few knife skins that the pattern matters when it comes to price. There is something called a blue gem Butterfly knife. It means most of the blade on the play side is blue. Based on many experiences from players, the chance of getting a blue gem is pretty low. While there are listing for Butterfly Case Hardened on the steam market for $1150, the price can go up close to $5000, if it is a blue gem.

What is the Butterfly Knife Command in CS:GO?

There are several commands that you will need to type in the console.

First, you start with sv_cheats 1, then you add mp_drop_knife_enable 1 and give weapon_knife_butterfly, and lastly, we put ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”.

This way you can get a butterfly knife in your private CS:GO server.

How to Get Butterfly Knife CSGO for Free?

One way to get Butterfly knives for free is by participating in CS:GO giveaways. They are regularly organized on CSGO skins trading platforms. One site that is particularly popular for hosting giveaways is SkinsMonkey. Log in using your Steam account, and conduct simple tasks to top up your wallet with free cash. At the same time, you can participate in the daily, weekly and monthly giveaways and get the most expensive CSGO knife skins, including Butterfly knives.

Another way is to hunt for the best CS:GO cases and open them with CSGO case keys. Although you get knife skins for free from the case drop, you need to pay for the loot and special keys associated with them. Thus, we cannot say that this method is free.

Final Verdict

If you want a Butterfly knife skin or any other expensive CS items, it is better to save up money or trade-up skins. Opening cases drops random knives are the hardest to get. Choose your preferred CS:GO Butterfly skin, do some good research, and check the prices before buying it.

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