Top 10 Best XM1014 Skins in CS:GO

Well… Today’s article is definitely not scrooge-friendly, as we are going to talk about an item that has already managed to rip open the wallets of many CS:GO players. The XM1014 is a fully automatic shotgun, which for years has occupied the position of the most expensive shotgun in the entire game. According to the official description, it “…. justifies its heftier price tag with the ability to paint a room with lead fast“. However, is this really the case?

Yes, actually it is.

That’s why today we have prepared for you a list of the 10 Best XM1014 Skins, which you can proudly show off once you have succeeded in adding this weapon to your inventory. After all, there is nothing that will impress your opponents more than the most expensive shotgun combined with the best-looking skin.

All About the XM1014

If you have never come into contact with the XM1014, it is worthwhile for you to become thoroughly familiar with the features of this weapon. By doing so, you will understand why it is actually worth the investment.

Let’s go through some of the basics

The Origins of the XM1014

The XM1014 is a fully automatic shotgun available in Counter Strike: Global Offensive for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. It was previously known as the Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun and its inspiration was believed to be the Benelli M4, whose prototype’s official name was the XM1014. The Benelli was manufactured by the Italian company Benelli Armi SpA.

The Combat Features of the XM1014

The XM1014 is a powerful fully automatic shotgun that is able to deal very high damage in short-range combat. On top of that, it offers a high rate of fire of 240 RPM (which is extremely rare in this category of weapons) and a fairly efficient reload time of 2.8s. Unfortunately, it also comes with a pretty intense recoil, which, along with its hefty price, is one of the shotgun’s main drawbacks. Given that it costs as much as $2,000 in CS:GO, buying the XM1014 is no small investment. However, its high quality and combat advantages make up for the money spent.

The Best XM1014 Skins:

Now that you’ve made a fully informed decision that you ABSOLUTELY MUST have this shotgun in your inventory, let’s get straight to the point, which is the list of the top 10 XM1014 skins we’ve compiled for you. Luckily, unlike the weapon itself, most of them are very budget-friendly.

  1. XM1014 || Black Tie
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This skin is exactly as elegant as its name suggests. Black Tie first appeared in CS:GO in 2016 with the Trichromacyupdate. It is part of The Chroma 3 Collection and its exterior is a combination of black and white chrome, which adds a futuristic vibe to the weapon. It may not be the flashiest XM1014 variant out there, but it certainly is a great option for all enthusiasts of the classics.

  • Flavor Text: We have Izaki and Cocinero. You need them for anything or can I just kill them now? – The Mercenary and The Serpent Part 1
  • Lowest Steam price: $0,20
  • Drops From Case: the Chroma 3 Case
  • First Added: 27 April 2016
  1. XM1014 || Teclu Burner

Unlike the previous skin, the Teclu Burner is the go-to option for more adventurous players. Its design combines an orange base coat with green flames painted on with metallic paint. It first appeared in the game back in 2015 with the CS:GO Winter Update. It was designed by community designer “PTP“. So if you’re looking for unique options for your loadout, this is the perfect option for you.

  • Flavor Text: Sometimes a bunsen isn’t enough…
  • Lowest Steam price: $0,45
  • Drops From Case: the Revolver Case
  • First Added: 11 December 2015
  1. XM1014 || XOXO

XOXO is a skin perfect for all neon enthusiasts and crazy pattern lovers. Originally created by community designer “SA_22“, it is the perfect combination of pink and green, which together create a truly pyschodelic mix. The skin first appeared in CS:GO in 2021 with the Snakebite Case update. It belongs to The Snakebite Collection and is an absolute must-have in any player’s inventory (especially If you’re eager to create the perfect pink loadout).

  • Flavor Text: Yeah, right…
  • Lowest Steam price: $1,12
  • Drops From Case: the Snakebite Case
  • First Added: 3 May 2021
  1. XM1014 || Tranquility

Are there any Sakura fans out there? Tranquility appeared in CS:GO in 2014 as part of The Vanguard Collection. This beautiful hand-painted skin depicts a woman surrounded by cherry blossoms. Some may interpret it as a reference to Japanese culture, while others may simply regard it as a beautiful image. Whichever you think is right, no one can deny the fact that community designer “SerQ 🔥” did a great job creating this XM1014 version.

  • Flavor Text: I’m not here for what I need; I’m here for something I want – Imogen and The Oni Part 2
  • Lowest Steam price: $2,48
  • Drops From Case: the Operation Vanguard Case
  • First Added: 11 November 2014
  1. XM1014 || Blue Steel
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Coming back to more classic designs, we present you Blue Steel. This skin is a combination of a black base with elements of blue steel (as its name clearly suggests). The overall design looks incredibly elegant and is able to captivate any CS:GO minimalist. This variant of the XM1014 made its first Counter-Strike appearance in 2014 as part of The Lake collection. If you are in the process of building your perfect sleek-looking loadout, this skin is an absolute must-have.

  • Flavor Text: This is the malbec of weapon design – Booth, Arms Dealer
  • Lowest Steam price: $0,04
  • Drops From Case: the Souvenir Packages
  • First Added: 27 November 2013
  1. XM1014 || Slipstream

If you are a blue inventory enthusiast, then Slipstream is the perfect skin for you! First added to the game in 2016 alongside the Double Exposure update, this skin is a true CS:GO masterpiece. It was created by community designer “dabes” who has decided to paint it in various shades of gray and blue. In addition, the Slipstream contains pieces of military design, which will make any player eager to show it off on the battlefield.

  • Flavor Text: Patience, Elliott; they still have a role to play… – The Mercenary and The Serpent Part 2
  • Lowest Steam price: $0,04
  • Drops From Case: the Gamma 2 Case
  • First Added: 18 August 2016
  1. XM1014 || Watchdog

This XM1014 is a true fan-favorite. The Watchdog was first introduced to the world of CS:GO in September of 2021 alongside the infamous Operation Riptide update. Originally created by the community designer “Zaphk“, the skin features a truly unique design of two lions on a jade green base. It looks like something you would find in an ancient South American temple. All the more perfect for your collection as well!

  • Flavor Text: Protect and prosper
  • Lowest Steam price: $0,07
  • Drops From Case: the Operation Riptide Case
  • First Added: 21 September 2021
  1. XM1014 || Blaze Orange
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Anyone who has ever tried to build the perfect orange inventory should be aware of Blaze Orange. This incredible-looking skin is part of the Militia Collection and was first introduced to the CS:GO world in 2013, as part of the legendary Arms Deal update. According to the official description, it was created using “…photographic hunting camo hydrographic”. Well, whatever they used, it sure looks great!

  • Flavor Text: none
  • Lowest Steam price: $6,04
  • Drops From Case: none
  • First Added: 14 August 2013
  1. XM1014 || Banana Leaf

No compilation would be complete without adding a skin from the St.Marc collectionBanana Leaf is a beautiful dark green skin with a banana leaf motif (as you might have guessed). It first appeared in CS:GO back in 2019 together with the Operation Shattered Web update. Since then, it has been winning the hearts of players and climbing the Counter-Strike popularity charts. Anyone would be happy to add it to their inventory!

  • Flavor Text: Blood on the leaves
  • Lowest Steam price: $8,44
  • Drops From Case: none
  • First Added: 18 November 2019
  1. XM1014 || Oxide Blaze

Oxide Blade is the younger (and slightly darker) sister of Teclu Burner. It first appeared in the game in 2018 as part ofthe Clutch Collection. Continuing the theme of its predecessor, this skin is covered in a flame motif. However, the whole thing is kept in rather dark colors and, in addition, looks a bit tarnished. This is an ideal option for players who like their inventory items to have a certain ” rough” look.

  • Flavor Text: Not to be used as a load-bearing support
  • Lowest Steam price: $0,03
  • Drops From Case: the Clutch Case
  • First Added: 14 February 2018


The XM1014 can be quite expensive, but its combat qualities and the skins offered definitely make up for the money you have to spend on it. If you are looking for interesting items to add to your inventory, be sure to read our article and then visit There you will be able to find all your dream skins at the best prices.

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