The Best Mac 10 CSGO Skins To Upgrade Your Collection

best mac 10 csgo skins

The Military Armament Corporation model 10, or the Mac 10, is a machine pistol. It is only available to Terrorists in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Even though it has a high rate of fire, the poor spread accuracy, and high recoil bring it down. Most of the time Terrorists pick it up in early rounds or half-buys. This weapon allows charging enemies due to its first shot accuracy.

Mac 10 CSGO skins are also popular with the CS Community. Today a wide variety of Mac 10 CSGO skins can be found in the best CSGO cases. Follow us as we showcase TOP CSGO MAC-10 skins, their rarity and if the MAC 10 price CSGO placed is fair.

7. Mac 10 | Case Hardened

Mac 10 Case Hardened

To start our list of Mac-10 skins in CS:GO has the Case Hardened. The case appeared in September 2021. Now, like any other Mac 10 skin, this one is relatively cheap, coming in at about $25 on the Steam Market.

However, like other cases of hardened skin, the pattern matters a lot. If you happen to unbox a CSGO Mac 10 blue gem in any Dust 2 collection, with the right pattern and float, then we are talking about a price well over $600.

6. Mac 10 | Fade

Mac 10 Fade 1

The Mac 10 fade CSGO skin was introduced back in May 2015. It happened during the release of the Operation Bloodhound update in the Chop Shop Collection. 

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You can get this mil-spec skin for a decent price of about $13 in Factory New condition. As you assume the item is affordable. So many players do have it in their inventory.

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5. Mac 10 | Stalker

Mac 10 Stalker

Another Mac 10 CSGO skin that you will probably want in your inventory is the Stalker. This Covert SMG skin was a workshop submission. It appeared in the shooter only in November 2019 with the Operation Shattered Web update.

It is on the expensive side of the Mac 10 skins CSGO family, however, sporting the neon blue cat and yellow and black stripes. In Factory-New condition, the $49 price tag doesn’t seem a lot. You can also try your luck opening the Shattered Web case. On the other hand, it is smarter to buy it on the CSGO trading site.

4. Mac 10 | Graven

Mac 10 Graven

The Mac 10 Graven is another high-rate finish in CS:GO. The cosmetic item was implemented into CS in September 2013 with the Operation Bravo update.

You can drop this skin for free from the Operation Bravo Case. Or you can buy it for $45. Keep in mind that Operation Bravo Cases are expensive and can go for $40 each.

If you are going all out and even want a Factory New StatTrak Graven, will cost you somewhere around $120.

3. Mac 10 Gold Brick

Mac 10 Gold Brick

This glitter, box-looking skin was implemented in Counter-Strike with the Ancient collection in December 2020.

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You can get the skin by opening Ancient Collection Packages. The current market price is about $34 per item. The skin also has Souvenir variants that drop with Ancient collection packages. In this quality, it can cost around $44 in Factory New conditions.

2. Mac 10 Red Filigree

Mac 10 Red Filigree

Our penultimate Mac 10 skin that we will showcase is the Red Filigree. Brought into CS with the Canals Collection in November 2019, it is considered one of the more expensive Mac 10 skins right now.

On the Market, currently, you can get the skin in Factory New condition for about $60. The price wasn’t that high when it got released. But because the skin is pretty rare nowadays, it is normal for the price to go up.

1. Mac 10 Hot Snakes

Mac 10 Hot Snakes

Last but not least, we have the Mac 10 Hot Snakes. Today, this is considered to be one of CSGO’s best Mac 10 skins. With the Operation Broken Fang update, the Havoc Collection was released and with it the Mac 10 Hot Snakes.

You can get the skin in Factory New condition for about $200. While trade-offs can be done, it is best to stick to market prices, because it will only take you more time and money to do the complete trade-up.

Is a Mac-10 an Uzi?

It is considered an upgrade from the Uzi. In CS, some disadvantages always make players shy away from the gun. For example, while it is full auto, it has a high rate of fire with poor spread, plus low armour penetration.

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The Mac 10 SMG boasts a high recoil as trade to the high fire rate and the number of bullets and extra ammo the mag has. Don’t get us wrong, if you are planning to rush a site, it is way better than using weapons like pistols and assault rifles, because of the movement speed and first shot accuracy.

This SMG is a proper choice for those who want a mid-range weapon that deals a decent amount of damage to an enemy in the head or torso. Sure you learn the CSGO Mac 10 spray because it differs from previous games.

How to Get Mac 10 Skins in CS:GO?

There are several ways players can get a hold of Mac-10 skin:

  • to open CS:GO loots that contain Mac-10 skins with a CS GO key.
  • to purchase them on the official Steam Market
  • to hop on a legit bot CS GO skins trading website.

» Check this gamer’s guide to be aware of how to get keys in CSGO in 2022. This knowledge will help you become a professional trader in CS: GO.

Final Verdict

We hope you learned more about this T-sided SMG, and we introduced you to some of the best skins for the Mac 10. We did leave out some industrial-grade skins like the Calf Skin, Candy Apple or Commuter. On the other hand, we did a showcase of the best MAC 10 CSGO skins.

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