What Are The Best Dual Berettas Skins in 2022?

best dual berettas skins

The CSGO Dual Berettas pistols have an incredibly high RPM. They hold a lot of bullets. It is not a surprise that they are some of the best weapons in the game. 

What if to change the design of these pistols? And make them look even cooler than the default look? That’s where the best Dual Berettas skins come into play. This list will reveal the ten best Dual Berettas skins in CSGO. Consider yourself lucky if you already have some of them in your inventory.

TOP 10 Best Dual Berettas Skins

The CS GO Dual Berettas have some of the most incredible skin designs on the skins trading market. Below you will find the list of features of the most popular and expensive skin for Berettas. The cheapest Dual Berettas skins are included in this list as their designs are epic in many senses.

10. Dual Berettas Melondrama

You read the name correctly. It is a Melondrama skin, not Melodrama. If you look closely at this Dual Berettas skin, you will notice that it features one watermelon character on each pistol. Plus, the background is full of tiny details and unique texts.

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Dual Berettas Melonrama

  • Starting Price: $1.80
  • Quality: Classified
  • Case: Dreams & Nightmares Case
  • Collection: The Dreams & Nightmares Collection
  • StatTrak: Yes

9. Dual Berettas Cobra Strike

The Dual Berettas Cobra Strike resembles the cobra skin in color and surface texture. You can also see a neon green strip on it. It resembles the deadly cobra’s venom.

Dual Berettas Cobra Strike 1 1

  • Starting Price: $36
  • Quality: Classified
  • Case: Operation Hydra Case
  • Collection: The Operation Hydra Collection
  • StatTrak: Yes

8. Dual Berettas Twin Turbo

Out of all the skins listed here, this is definitely among the CSGO Dual Berettas’ best skins for racing car fans. Twin Turbo features a unique racing car-themed design. It is available as s Souvenir skin and features a float value range from 0.00 to 1.00.

The Dual Berettas Twin Turbo

  • Starting Price: $3.40
  • Quality: Classified
  • Case: /
  • Collection: The 2018 Inferno Collection
  • Souvenir: Yes

7. Dual Berettas Balance

The Dual Berettas Balance is a slick, clean, and elegant Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin. It has a shiny metallic paint finish and a couple of roses painted on the pistols’ handles.

The Best Dual Berettas Skins

  • Starting Price: $0.24
  • Quality: Mil-Spec
  • Case: Shattered Web Case
  • Collection: The Shattered Web Collection
  • StatTrak: Yes

6. Dual Berettas Urban Shock

If you like blue Dual Beretta skins, you will also love the Urban Shock model. This skin’s custom paint features a single shade of blue paint and some elegant black and grey camo patterns. Urban Shock is available in all CSGO wear levels. It is currently among the best cheap skins for this pistol on the Steam market.

Best skins for Dual Berettas

  • Starting Price: $0.80
  • Quality: Restricted
  • Case: Chroma Case
  • Collection: The Chroma Collection
  • StatTrak: Yes
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5. Dual Berettas Royal Consorts

The Dual Berettas Royal Consorts is a prestigious-looking skin. Just look closely at the highly detailed engravings. It makes the skin really elegant. The design is available in Factory New, Minimal Wear, and all the other wear levels. It stands out from the rest of Dual Berettas standard skins.

CS GO Skin Royal Consorts

  • Starting Price: $0.38
  • Quality: Restricted
  • Case: Glove Case
  • Collection: The Glove Collection
  • StatTrak: Yes

4. Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz

The Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz is another unique skin that completely transforms the default look of these pistols. The skin is available as a Souvenir. On the other hand, there are very few listings for it on the Steam market. Additionally, the Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz is not available in Battle-Scarred condition.

CS GO Skin Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz 1

  • Starting Price: $0.23
  • Quality: Restricted
  • Case: /
  • Collection: The Lake Collection
  • StatTrak: Yes

3. Dual Berettas Flora Carnivora

The Flora Carnivora has been among the best Dual Berettas skins for a while now. It is a popular item thanks to its incredible design. The weapon’s surface is covered with carnivorous plants that look very hungry.

CS GO Skin Dual Berettas Flora Carnivora

  • Starting Price: $2.07
  • Quality: Restricted
  • Case: Recoil Case
  • Collection: The Recoil Collection
  • StatTrak: Yes

2. Dual Berettas Cartel

If you want a simpler weapon skin that won’t distract you or other players, the Cartel skin for the Dual Berettas is the best choice. This one is simple, clean, and features minimalistic engravings of skeletons, serpents, and flowers. You can get it in Factory New, Field Tested, or any other quality you wish.

CS GO Skin Dual Berettas Cartel

  • Starting Price: $0.14
  • Quality: Mil-Spec
  • Case: Operation Wildfire Case
  • Collection: The Wildfire Collection
  • StatTrak: Yes
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1. Dual Berettas Dualing Dragons

One of the most iconic Dual Berettas skins is the Dualing Dragons. The laser-etched dragons on the weapon’s slide and barrels age wonderfully. Even in Battle-Scarred condition, you can still see them. Out of all the other weapons skins here, this one tends to stand the test of time best.

dual berettas dualing dragons

  • Starting Price: $0.20
  • Quality: Mil-Spec
  • Case: Shadow Case
  • Collection: The Shadow Collection
  • StatTrak: Yes

How to Sell Unwanted Dual Berettas Skins CS GO on SkinCashier?

By using the SkinCashier website, you can instantly get rid of your unwanted Dual Berettas skins and earn some cash in return. The process is simple.

  • Visit SkinCashier
  • Click on the green “Sell Your Skins” button
  • Sign in with your Steam account
  • Make sure your Steam profile is switched to Public
  • Then choose the skin you want to sell and list it on SkinCashier

This system is legit and trusted by thousands of members worldwide. Your skins and the cash that you earn will be safe. Best of all, the transactions are instant. So, you can withdraw your earnings anytime you want.

Final Verdict 

As you can see, the Dual Berettas have the cheapest skins on the market. Even the Dual Berettas best skins out there cost under $100. Take this opportunity to obtain as many as you are able to. We recommend waiting for their prices to increase. While you wait, you can show them off in a match or two in CS:GO.

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