Gamer’s Guide: All CS:GO Train Callouts and Locations in 2022

all csgo train callouts guide

Bomb-defusing map Train has been around since Counter-Strike version 1.6. It is considered one of the most challenging maps to master team strategy and callouts. Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists feel that the CT train side has an advantage here, making it one of the most divisive maps in the game.

Despite its size, Train map CS GO has a lot of open space. To effectively protect and attack the two bomb locations, you must be familiar with the Train callouts on this map.

So, in this article, we will give you all the CSGO Train callouts for it!

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The Most Important CS GO Train Callouts

In order of importance, below is a list of the most frequently used Train CSGO callouts:

  • Yellow train: It is located at the B site Behind the Bomb Train.
  • Blue train: At A Site, outside of A Main / T Con, is the blue train spot.
  • Pop dog: Just before B Halls, there is a tiny staircase. It goes down to A Yard, which is situated adjacent to E Box. As a broad term, the Pop dog is used to describe the stairway chamber and the region above it, which is the ladder room.
  • Brown halls: Outside the B bombsite, the T Spawn and T Stair are located in a small hallway that links B Halls. Showers and the brown steps are segregated by a wall.
  • Red train: Z Connector is exactly adjacent to the red train at B Site.
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Other CS:GO Train Callouts

  • Upper B: Upper B is the entrance to the B Site is higher than Lower Ramp and farther from the T Spawn.
  • Green train: The green train on A Site, just outside of the Ivy /A3 area.
  • T spawn: The spawn point for terrorists is in the upper left corner of the map.
  • T stairs: The stairwell leading up to B Halls and the B bombsite is immediate to the right of T Spawn.
  • CT tunnel: Behind Ivy, the CT Stairs, and the A bombsite. Ts who have seized control of Ivy may utilize it to encircle and assault the B Site from CT Spawn, using this tactic.
  • CT spawn: This is where the CTs begin their journey across the map. Players might be positioned in the rear of B Site, which has two entrances that can be accessed from CT Spawn.
  • White train: The white train is found at Lower B/B Ramp on B Site.
  • CT stairs: The stairway from CT Spawn to Ivy.
  • Showers: Along with Brown Halls, a series of Showers can be found above the T Connector/A Main stairwell.

Why Train is Removed from CSGO?

There are three main reasons why this popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map is not longer available in the shooter:

1. Low Popularity

All Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps are extremely popular or not popular at all. Dust 2, Mirage, and Inferno are all classics. And over 70% of games are played on them.

In turn, Vertigo, and Cache, Train, Overpass, Nuke map are second in popularity. Even though the later map isn’t used in Majors, it’s a fan favorite for several players. Five maps host half as many games as the three we mentioned before. Thus, it’s understandable that they would cut it. Still, the Train map isn’t the least popular on the list, leaving fans devastated for being removed.

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2. Balance

Remember Dust 2’s open roof? If you can toss HEs from the tunnels to B Site, you can simply toss the map. Recall. This feature changed a little leaving Dust 2 still balanced.

Consider significant tournament statistics. Almost all maps feature 51-53% one-sided wins, and Dust 2 is superior at defending by a small margin. Two exceptions are nearly always obvious – Train and map Vertigo.

The train has a greater defence with a disparity of at least 10%, not 3-5%. And it’s not the worst, but it’s still a close second. We already mentioned that the Train map layout heavily favors the defence. So it’s a very unbalanced map.

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3. New Content

2020 was Counter Strike’s most exemplary year. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shattered Internet records and moved online quickly. The coach camera scandal didn’t affect the pro scene.

Players have been playing the game for years and have grown tired of the same skins, maps, and gameplay. The developers addressed this demand by adding agents, stickers, skins, and maps. It seemed that the Train map was abundant, so Ancient replaced it.

What Side is Train CS:GO?

The Train map favors the CT side, as we said previously in our analysis. Without a doubt – CTs have an edge. Consequently, it is up to you to maximize the potential of this endeavour.

While there are a variety of settings to choose from, the A site is the preferred choice for many professional teams and top-tier players. It’s common for them to send four individuals to A and leave just one person on B. Even though this strategy seems hazardous, having a large number of CTs on site A gives for more control over subsequent assaults.

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Who Made Train CSGO?

The CS train map was designed by Chris Mair and debuted on December 23, 1999. It has been part of the CSGO maps for over two decades. If not the most popular one, it was favorite map in CS GO for many players.

Final Verdict – CSGO Train Callouts

Communication is maybe the most determining aspect of playing in a team. It is possible to improve one’s chances of winning matches by exchanging information through CS GO Train callouts. Please use them, and watch how much more synchronized the game gets.

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