ABSOLUTE Best Rust Halloween Skins and Items

Halloween is coming at the end of October, and to prepare for it, Rust players need to stock their inventory and bases with all sorts of the best Halloween items. And since Facepunch Studios. has released many Halloween-related events over the past few years, this amazing survival-based game is packed with fun objects and spooky skins, perfect for a big scary gaming party.

Read this article to learn about all the best Rust Halloween inventory pieces and get ready for the best holiday of the year.

Halloween in Rust

Few games on the market celebrate Halloween as well as Rust. Developers at Facepunch Studios are evidently fans of the spooky holiday, as every year the game features a special event to help players get in the mood for October 31.

Then, a lot of limited-edition items and other types of attractions come to Rust. These might include NPCs dressed as zombies, candy scattered all over the map, or special features such as the ability to revive your dead pet. Halloween is probably one of the most fun times for the Rust community, and if you haven’t had a chance to experience it yet, be sure to do so this year.

Will a Rust Halloween Event Be Held in 2023?

There has not yet been an official announcement as to a special Rust Halloween update this year, however, we are sure that the game’s developers are already preparing something special for their users. Usually, news about this comes somewhere around mid-October, and the event itself should start a few days before Halloween to get everyone in the most spooky mood.

Also, if you happen to be short of funds, get ready for the Halloween event and sell some of your old skins to Cashier to gain some extra cash.

Top 10 Rust Halloween Skins and Items

Although Facepunch Studios has not yet released any news about the new Halloween event, in preparation, we wanted to show you our favorite skins and items from previous editions. So if you’re already looking forward to all the scary updates coming in October then this list is perfect for you.

  1. Zipper Face

Zipper Face is a lovely limited edition item that appeared in the game way back in 2015. It was one of the first Halloween-themed objects available in the game which makes it a kind of legend in the Rust community. Its price is also a testament to that, as today on Steam you can get it for around $70.

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Nevertheless, if you show up on the map on October 31 with this mask on your face, we guarantee you’ll be one of the best-prepared players for Halloween.

  1. Freshly Dug Grave

Are you tired of the classic sleeping bag? If so, we have something perfect for you. No bed is as comfortable as the freshly dug grave, which joined the game in 2015, just like the Zipper Face. In fact, whether they want to sleep at their base or not, this item is perfect for any sleeping head in Rust. This is because not only is it equipped with a soft pillow, but you can be sure that no one will want to interrupt your sleep if they see you under a quilt of wet ground.

Having such a sleeping bag will certainly guarantee you a peaceful rest.

  1. Carvable Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is probably one of the best parts of Halloween. Every year, walking down the neighborhood streets, you can see an amazing variety of designs, from spooky smiles to entire fairytale scenes. And now it’s possible in Rust, too! Buy the carvable pumpkin and decorate your base. The only thing that limits you is your imagination

  1. Spider Webs

Some people find them disgusting, but nothing adds to the creepy atmosphere of a house more than a few artificial spider webs scattered in various nooks and crannies. It instantly gives the place an old and spooky feel, which is perfect for the year’s scariest holiday. Fortunately, thanks to the many Halloween events held in Rust, your base can also be decorated for the 31st of October. Just hang a few spider webs around it and invite your friends for a joint gaming or pumpkin carving session. We guarantee the effect will be dazzling. 

  1. Wooden Cross

Usually during the Halloween season, the map of Rust is full of these wooden crosses, which give it a bit of a unique graveyard feel. They may not seem anything special or spooky when you look at them during the day, but we guarantee that when night falls on the island, stumbling upon such a cross is the last thing you want to do. The week leading up to Halloween is a busy one for the entire community, and these kinds of small trinkets only add to the creepy atmosphere. It’s a really cool item that, along with others, creates one spooky whole. 

  1. Butcher Knife

Of course, in addition to various cosmetic items, Facepunch Studios added some cool Halloween-themed weapons to the game. And since there is probably nothing more associated with horror movies and ghoulish tales of murderers than the traditional butcher knife, it was one of the first. After all, how many times have we watched innocent victims fleeing from killers chasing them with this kind of blade in hand? Probably many.

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That’s why the developers decided to add thisi iconic knife to the game. They wanted to see players chasing each other around the map just like Michael Myers in the Halloween movies.

  1. Frankenstein Head

A few years ago, in one of the Halloween events (specifically in 2021), a Frankenstein table appeared in Rust, which allowed you to create your own zombie, provided you had the right resources. If you combined the proper head, torso, and legs, you could craft your own unique pet that would help you survive on the map. 

This was by far one of the most popular updates added to the game in October, but unfortunately, it did not return after 2021, despite the high hopes of the entire Rust community. Nevertheless, the Frankenstein’s head is still an iconic item. 

  1. Scarecrow

Scarecrows are an important part of many horror films. After all, nothing conveys the spooky atmosphere like a lone puppet standing in a cornfield, surrounded by a flock of creepy crows.

That’s why the developers of Rust decided to add it to the game’s servers in 2017. It may not be the most practical item, as it basically has no use except perhaps cosmetic, but still…. On the map, it looks just great. We guarantee that combined with all the tombstones and zombie NPCs, even seeing such an inconspicuous scarecrow will give you chills. 

  1. Pitchfork

Another important Halloween-themed weapon is the iconic pitchfork, which at one time was a favorite of many players. Associated with peasants running after witches, this rural trident is a real staple of many horror movies. Whether you’re chasing a werewolf, Frankenstein, or some other monster, it always works great.

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That’s why we recommend adding it to your inventory during the Halloween season. After all, nothing works as well on creepy NPCs and scary enemies as a good-old pitchfork. Unfortunately, we don’t know if it will appear in the game this year, but we really hope it will. 

  1. Creepy Clown Bandana

Bandanas are some of the most popular items in Rust. Many players love to wear them because they are both minimalistic and effective, and the creepy clown variant is a perfect example of that.

This item proves that you don’t necessarily have to put a pumpkin on your head or dress up as Frankenstein to still follow the Halloween theme. If you’re not a fan of changing your entire persona for one holiday, this piece is a great option for you. Other players will still be impressed with your look, and you won’t spend a fortune on a bunch of new skins. 


Rust is a great game for all Halloween fans, as every year its developers introduce a ton of new content that adds an eerie spooky atmosphere to its map. If your dream is to fight for survival in the company of zombies and murderers running around the woods, be sure to look out for any updates on the upcoming event in October. 

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