CS:GO Wear Levels – How Does It Work?

csgo skin wear levels

CS GO wear levels are a huge part of the game’s ecosystem. Without this, there would be no way of knowing the quality of CS:GO skins. And, without knowing the skin quality, we wouldn’t be able to effectively determine its value.

For this reason, it’s crucial that you learn how to read CSGO wear levels of cosmetic items.

What Is a Skin Wear Level in CSGO?

In short, wear levels of CSGO skins (aka. skin’s float value) helps determine the price of a skin.

This isn’t the only factor that estimates the value of a skin in CSGO. But it is a quite important one that is never excluded from the equation. Other factors that come into play when analyzing the price of a specific skin are: skin rarity, whether it’s a high-grade skin, whether it’s a StatTrak skin, and other quirks.

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What Are The Levels Of Skin Wear In CSGO?

There are five levels of CSGO wear in the shooter. The higher the skin quality, the more it is typically worth on the Steam market and on other third-party sites.

The same skin wear level can also be presented with numbers, known as a skin float value. A lower float value represents a higher quality skin.

skin wear level csgo

The order of the following CS:GO skin wear levels is from best to worst quality. And it includes the following values:

  • Factory New (FN)
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Factory New skins are the best quality skins in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Such skins always have the best exterior quality, are the cleanest, and have no scratches or other wear and tear marks.

The CSGO float value for a Factory New skin ranges between 0.00 – 0.07.

  • Minimal Wear (MW)

A Minimal Wear skin in CSGO usually doesn’t look too bad. Minimal Wear skins are the pick of the litter because they’re the best of both worlds. To clarify, these skins look just as good as Factory New ones but are more affordable.

The float value for a Minimal Wear weapon skin in CSGO ranges between 0.07 – 0.015.

  • Field-Tested (FT)

Field-Tested skins are where you’ll start to notice some damage. Even though they feature more noticeable scratches, dents, and other marks, a Field-Tested skin still offers the most value for the money for most CSGO players.

The float range for these weapon skins is between 0.15 – 0.37,

  • Well-Worn (WW)

The bright side when it comes to Well-Worn skins in CSGO is that they are cheap. The not-so-bright side is that most of them look terrible.

With a float range of 0.37 – 0.44, a Well-Worn skin features a very noticeable wear level.

  • Battle-Scarred (BS)

Battle-Scarred skins are what you’ll want to stay away from as much as possible. Certain skins in this condition aren’t too bad to look at, while other skins look absolutely terrible with most of their unique design completely scratched off.

Battle-Scarred CSGO skins range in float values between 0.44 – 1.00.

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How To Check CS:GO Float Value?

There are two ways to check the CSGO levels of wear, or the float of a particular skin:

  1. through your Steam inventory. All you have to do is find your weapon skin and check its stats. However, this method only tells you the wear level by its name, (e.g. Battle-Scarred).
  2. via third-party sites such as SkinsMonkey.com. Find the skin on the website, hover over it, and click on the yellow exclamation mark.
check csgo float value

What Else Do You Need to Know about CSGO Floats in 2022?

Contrary to popular belief, the wear levels of weapon skins in CS:GO can never be changed. You can not fix them or damage them further with use. To put it differently, you can’t turn a Factory New skin into a lower weapon quality skin by using it more in CSGO matches.

The only way to change the float value on the same skins is to trade it for the same weapon skin, but just with a different quality. For example, it’s completely normal to trade a Factory New AK-47 Bloodsport for a Well-Worn AK-47 Bloodsport, as long as you throw in another skin to match the value.


The main takeaway here is to never neglect the wear condition of CS:GO skins, especially when you’re trading your own skins. This crucial factor can tell you a lot about the value of a weapon skin in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

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