Top Of The Top: Best CS:GO P250 Skins Loadout

best csgo p250 skins loadout

Like the majority of skins in Counter-Strike, Valve introduced the first portion of P250 skins during the Arms Deal update. It was almost a decade ago. Today in-game cosmetic items are valuable digital goods. Certain skins are traded for thousands of dollars on the trading sites and official Steam Market.

CSGO P250 skins are also widely popular. It might play an important role in the first rounds of the shooter. Plus, there are a lot of popular P250 skins. Collectors hunt for them to make a profit from skin trading. 

This article explains why the P250 is so important in-game. On top of that, it showcases some of the best skins for P250.

What is the P250 in CSGO?

Available for both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists, the P250 is one of the pistols available in-game. It is a semi-automatic, low recoil firearm. Most of the time Ts use this weapon in pistol rounds. Thanks to its low price, it gets picked up at the beginning, when players meet unarmored opponents.

Now let’s dive into the P250 CSGO skins theme. And check out what you can get from the Steam market and at what price. 

P250 | Sand Dune

skin P250 Sand Dune

We will start things off with the iconic P250 Sand Dune. Now, if you head to the Steam Market, you will see that the Sand Dune is the cheapest P250 skin, even in Factory-New. It is because, for quite some time, the CS community was considering the Sand Dune as a meme skin.

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Coming from the Dust 2 Collection, the Sand Dune was and still is one of the skins you would constantly get from drops after games. There was even an initiative a couple of years ago. That time you have to prove your love for CS: GO by keeping P250 Sand Dune in your loadout.

You can get this skin on the Steam Market for a few cents or unbox one from any Dust 2 Souvenir packages.

P250 | Nuclear Threat

P250 skins csgo Nuclear Threat

The Nuclear Threat might be a massive upgrade for your inventory. It was one of the first P250 skins CSGO introduced in August 2013 within the Nuke Collection.

To own the p250 Nuclear Threat you can purchase it from the Steam Market for about $250. As an alternative, try to get it from any Nuke Collection souvenir package.

P250 Supernova

P250 skins csgo supernova

P250 Supernova is another stylish cosmetic item. It belongs to the Breakout collection. Regarding the design, it is famous for space, black circular patterns, and stars.

You can buy it for quite a low price. It first hit that market back in July 2014. Now, you can get it from the Steam Market for about $1 in Factory-New. Or you can drop it from an Operation Breakout Weapon Case.

P250 | Muertos

best csgoskins P250 Muertos

Added as a community submission, the P250 Muertos is a quality skin that came back in January 2015. It is not a high rate skin as the Nuclear Threat, however, it is another fan favorite.

It is a part of the Chroma collection, and you can get it from the Chroma Case. You can also purchase it for about $7.50 in Factory new.

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P250 Wingshot
best csgoskins P250 Wingshot

Introduced in September 2015, the P250 Wingshot is part of the Shadow Collection. When it was first available for purchase, prices were high, however, today you can get the skin on the market for about $3.80 or about $12 in StatTrak.

Many players like the Wingshot because of the white skull, and different grey fire patterns. Because of its price, you will rarely see someone having a Wingshot in a lower condition than Factory New condition.

P250 Whiteout

best csgoskins P250 Whiteout

The p250 Whiteout is a mil-spec pistol skin that came out back in May 2015. This sort of all-white, painted skin in the game is quite popular amongst players.

While it might not cost a lot of money in minimal wear or lower, for those that want that Factory New P250 Whiteout, they have to pay up close to $120.

P250 | Modern Hunter

Modern Hunter

Currently, the p250 Modern Hunter is the most expensive p250 skin. Even though it is a mil-spec skin, because it is one of the first P250 skins introduced in August 2013, in the Militia Collection, collectors are hunting for this pistol skin.

You can get the skin now for about $283 at the Steam Market, or any skin site.

While they might not be as popular as knives or gloves, P250 pistol skins have a fair share of collectors. 

In our opinion, P250 CS GO skins became popular when the best pro players such as S1mple, ZywOo, and more recently m0NESY, started using the gun in T-side pistol rounds. It is a known fact, and data can show that whichever skin S1mple exploits at a tournament, its price goes up instantly.

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Final Verdict

P250 pistol skins can’t be up to par with knives, gloves, or even some other weapons like AWP skin or AK-47 skin. On the other hand, some CS GO collectors will spend bags of money to get the rarest items for P 250 available on the Market.

While pistol skins won’t improve your skills, they will make you more stylish in the early game. There are more than 40 different P250 pistol skins available. Visit our trading site, sign in and get one that suits your CS:GO inventory.

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