CSGO Flip Knife: IRL Weapon

Flip knife is one of the most famous weapon skins in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Like many other knife skins, all Flip knife finishes can cost a couple of hundred dollars. Many players are willing to pay the high price to add this knife skin to their collection, however, as everyone wants to have their piece of this legendary weapon.

Like many other weapons in the game, however, the flip knife was inspired by a piece of real-life military equipment. Here’s what you need to know about real-life version of the CSGO flip knife.

What Is The CSGO Flip Knife?

Flip knives in CSGO are knife skin, which replaces the default knife on both teams with a different one. The Flip knife is a piece of tactical equipment, where, as the name suggests, the blade of the knife pops out of its handle. The Flip knife blade is slightly curved and serrated at the bottom, making it a great choice for easily cutting through tough material. The handle itself is curved as well, giving the Flip knife a nice, deadly look.

Equipping the Flip knife in CS GO doesn’t help you in any significant way, the animation has the same hitbox, lasts just as long and the damage isn’t improved in any manner as well. Flip knife, like other CSGo knife skins only provides a visual change to your game.

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What Is Flip Knife IRL?

The Flip knife that’s available in CSGO is actually designed after a real-life piece of military equipment. The Benchamde 860 Bedlam Folding Knife was used as a n inspiration for the CSGO weapon. The Benchmade Bedlam knives are higher end gear useful for many different tasks. Although the solid stainless steel can find a use in many different households, the sturdy blade of Benchamde Bedlam knives, together with their compact nature, make it a great addition to any survival equipment. Thanks to it’s small size you can easily carry the knife on your belt, meaning that you’ll never lose it. The Bedlam Folding knife is also quite expensive, with some versions costing up to $300.

How Much Is Flip Knife In CSGO?

As you can see, getting a Flip knife irl could put you behind couple hundred dollars, but that’s still nothing, compared to the Flip knife prices in CSGO. Although the cheapest Flip knife you can get, the Safari Mesh, can be purchased for as low as $150, While there is a number of skins, which stay below the $150 threshold, most Flip knife skins in CSGO cost way over that. As a matter of fact, some Flip knife skins like Fade or Gamma Doppler can easily cost two, if not three times as much as the real life Flip knife.

How To Obtain The Flip Knife In CSGO?

There are two easy ways to obtain your own Flip knife in game. First, you can try opening weapon cases with CSGO keys. This is the easiest method with which new weapon skins are introduced to the economy, but if you plan on getting a Flip knife, or any other knife of your own, then opening weapon cases isn’t the best way to go about it. There are may different knives you could also obtain this way, such as the Gut knife, Ontario knife, Huntsman knife and many, many others. The problem is that weapon case drops are almost completely random, meaning that you’d have to get very lucky to open a Flip knife skin that you want.

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Another option is to trade for it with other players. Flip knife skins are always in high demand, since this is a favorite skin of many different players. Because of this, there are always many different offers on the Steam community market. If you want to purchase a Flip knife for your Steam account, you can also try a third-party website, such as OPmarket, which often aloes you to score better deals. This is especially important in knife trading, where there is always a lot of money on the line.

Finally, you can always purchase a Flip knife from Skinsmonkey. This website allows you to quickly purchase any of the skins that you might want for your collection for the lowest price available on the market. The website also takes many different forms of payment, such as normal money transfers, but also crypto or PayPal funds.

How To Get A Flip Knife IRL?

If you want to get your hands on the real life copy of this CSGO knife, you are in luck. Although the original Bedlam Folding Knife is no longer available for purchase from many retailers, getting a collector’s copy will not only be cheaper then the original knife, but also many times cheaper than owning it’s virtual copy.

Thanlfully, currently there are many different companies, which make it easy for players to purchase a real-life functional replica of their favorite CSGO knife. Players can purchase a real-life version of any of the skins they would want for all CSGO knives, including Falchion knife, Karambit and of course, the Flip knife.

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Each knife copy you purchase is perfectly functional, meaning that you can use it for cutting all kinds of things. The knives behave and look like their Counter Strike versions, but are many times cheaper. An IRL Flip knife will put you behind around $50.

To Sum Up

Flip knife is another CSGO weapon, which has it’s own real-life equivalent. Although the original Bedlam knifes are quite expensive, if you want a replica of your favorite Flip knife for daily use, you can easily get it for cheap.

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