Best Graffiti Skins In CS2

Sprays have been a classic element of the Counter Strike gameplay, ever since the days of CS 1.6. In the previous versions of the game, players had the option to upload any image they wanted, including moving gifs, to their spray slot in the game’s settings. Players had an option to put their spray on any surface in the game, and this feature became one of the favorites of the Counter Strike community.

While it provided a lot of freedom, many gamers would upload vulgar or inappropriate sprays to the game, often spamming the map with pictures that were not safe for work. Because of this, in Counter Strike: Global Offensive Valve has removed the spray feature and replaced it with graffiti boxes.

Players receive graffiti boxes by leveling up, but they can also purchase them on the marketplace from other players who sell CS2 skins. Once you’ve obtained a graffiti box, you have to equip it in your inventory. Each graffiti box has fifty uses, after which it disappears from your inventory and has to be restocked.

Although not as popular in the Counter Strike 2 community as sprays, graffiti skins in CS2 still offer a nice way to personalize your CS2 gaming experience. Here are some of the best and most unique and stylish graffiti you can get today on the Steam community market!

1. Howling Dawn

The M4A4 Howl is possibly one of the most controversial skins in the game. The person who uploaded the skin to the CS2 Steam workshop ended up not having the rights to the image, and the skin was promptly removed from the weapon case. Since it was already in many players’ inventories, the skin itself couldn’t just be wiped from the game, and instead was moved to the Contraband quality and remains in its limited number in select inventories of those who were lucky to open it before it got removed. This beautiful graffiti skin is a reference to the legendary M4A4 Howl, featuring the flaming-red howling wolf, which you can paint on the map’s walls. You can get the Howling Dawn graffiti box for $4.34.

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2. Crown

A simple yet deadly design, the Crown graffiti will let you sign off every kill in style. Featuring a simple graphic design of a skull with a crown on top of its head, this was a player favorite for years, which is why so many copies of this graffiti box are available on the Steam community market. Whether you like showing off to your team or threatening your opponents, the Crown graffiti will let you do both. It’s also often available in low prices, and you can get a Crown graffiti box for around $1.43.

3. Unicorn

The Unicorn was originally available as one of the sticker drops from the Enfu Sticker Capsule. Thanks to its colorful design and relatively low rarity it became an instant hit among gamers, and many players would start covering their guns with the hilarious Unicorn stickers. Many Counter Strike fans though taking kills with a colorful unicorn on your weapon was hilarious, which is why Valve has eventually released the sticker in a graffiti form. You can get the Unicorn graffiti very cheap, for around $0.75.

4. Rekt

Want to tell your opponents to get rekt with a single click? This graffiti will let you do just that! Often used by gamers to sign off after a trickshot or an ace, the Rekt graffiti is a perfect way to tease your opponents. While it might not be on the level of vulgar sprays that many gamers loved to shove in their opponent’s face after taking them out, it still adds a nice touch to your every kill. The Rekt graffiti prices start at around $1.54.

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5. Kawaii Killer CT

In CS 2 anime stickers are quite popular, and many gamers love to combine them with CS2 anime skins for awesome visual effects. If you’re an anime fan and want a loadout that will show off your love for your favorite medium, the Kawaii Killer CT is an absolute must-have. This graffiti features an anime-style redhead girl, dressed in the traditional CT uniform and carrying an M4A1-S. If you want to add this awesome finishing touch to your CS2 anime loadout, you can get this awesome graffiti for around $1.84.

6. Noscope

If you enjoy playing around with CS2 sniper rifles, then the Noscope graffiti is exactly what you need. It’s one of the cheapest CS2 graffiti in the game, but it actually hides a hidden feature. When you hold the graffiti button with Noscoped equipped, you’ll actually get a rough estimation of where your crosshair should be positioned to land a noscope. If you’d like to check it out yourself, this graffiti skin is available starting from $0.01.

7. Drug War Veteran

Another sticker-turned-graffiti, the Drug War Veteran was a popular sticker, known for its slightly explicit content. Still, it was a favorite of every stoner in Counter Strike 2, as well as anyone who wants an edgier look for their loadout. While spray painting graffiti with marijuana leaves seems to be a common past time in many cities around the world, you can now do it in CS 2 for only $3.52.

8. Fire Serpent

The AK-47 Fire Serpent is not only one of the best AK-47 skins but also one of the most expensive CS 2 skins in the game. It’s current prices start around $679, and considering that the skin is quite rare not many players have managed to get a hold of it. Just like the Howling Dawn graffiti, this one is a reference to an expensive skin, and features the flaming dragon that’s the signature of AK-47 Fire Serpent. Maybe you own the AK-47 Fire Serpent and would love to show off even more, or just want something that will let you glimpse the awesomeness of the rare AK skin, either way, you can get the Fire Serpent graffiti for around $1.32.

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9. Guardian Dragon

Another Asian-themed piece of CS2 content, the Guardian Dragon graffiti was added in September 2017 to celebrate the Chinese release of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This graffiti continues to look just as great after the CS 2 update, and if you’re collecting dragon themed skins, Guardian Dragon is the graffiti for you. You can get this commemorative graffiti for around $2.84.

10. Clutch King

We’re closing off our list with another graffiti that’s a perfect fit to drop at the end of a victorious round. You probably had an experience where you had to clutch a round, and know how awesome it feels when you manage to pull it off. If you want to do some extra dabbing on the enemy team, the Clutch King graffiti is available from $1.76.

In Conclusion

Graffiti might not be as popular as sprays, but they still allow you to personalize your loadout. If you enjoyed this guide, make sure to check out the rest of the Skincashier blog, where you can find more awesome CS 2 content!

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