Cheapest Glock-18 Skins in Counter Strike 2

Counter Strike 2 has been with us for a few months now, so it’s high time to clean up, or at least refresh your in-game inventory. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to do this, and as we all know, skins can be REALLY expensive. Therefore, today we come to you with a list of the best weapon finishes for the iconic Glock-18. With us, you can put together a top-notch collection and save your wallet!

What Do You Need to Know About the Glock-18?

The Glock-18 is one of the most iconic weapons in the Counter Strike series as it has been present in every game. It was based on a variant of the Glock-17, a weapon manufactured in Austria in the early 80s. Its official CS description states that it “is a serviceable first-round pistol that works best against unarmored opponents and is capable of firing three-round bursts.

As for its combat capabilities, the Glock 18 is a fan favorite. It is the spawn pistol for Terrorists, but people can also purchase it in the buy menu. In fact, we highly recommend you do that since this is one of the two weapons that has burst firing mode, and it’s actually really fun to experiment with. You get more power and more power rate, which works great for short range. However, if you’re planning to battle it out in longe range, that’s also fine since you can just use the semi auto mode. All you need to do in order to use it is quickly press the alternate fire key, and the weapon will switch.

In general, the Glock-18 offers a rapid fire rate, short reload time and a huge magazine, larger than any of its counterparts. It comes with high recoil and fairly poor armor penetration, but we still suggest you give it a try. It’s hard to say you’re a CS2 player without firing this gun at least once.

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Why Are Some Glock-18 Skins Expensive?

The skin market in Counter Strike 2 is governed by the same principle as any major market, namely the law of supply and demand. This means that the prices of items depend on their popularity and availability. Thus, if one weapon finish is much loved by the gaming community and players have difficulty finding it, it is likely to be very expensive. However, if many copies of a particular article are available and people are not as interested in it, its price is bound to drop.

Of course, there are specific factors that affect this, namely:

But in the end, if the community chooses to do so, even a Battle-Scarred skin can fetch incredible prices.

Top 5 Cheapest Glock-18 Skins

Fortunately, with us you don’t have to worry, because we have prepared for you a list of best Glock-18 skins, which not only are cheap, but also look great. With us, your inventory doesn’t have to be expensive or dull.

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Death Rattle

Death Rattle is a fun spin on the traditional camo print that is perfect for all fans of the classics who feel like experimenting a bit. The item was added to the game in 2014 and is part of the Bank Collection. Its exterior was painted with a snakeskin patterned hydrographic, making it one of the most unique pieces available CS. Still, it seems that players haven’t yet fully grasped its uniqueness and are still sleeping on it a bit. Therefore, you should take advantage of this and buy it today to sell it at a profit once all Source 2 users realize how brilliant this Glock-18 weapon finish is!

  • Flavor TextI know you don’t believe in the cause…and when I expose you, Valeria will have your head – The Shield and The Serpent Part 1
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.07
  • Highest Steam Price: $0.08
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Off World

At first glance, the Off World appears to be nothing special, but when you take a closer look, you’ll understand how exceptional this skin actually is. Applying it to the Glock-18, you will find it covered in intense blue paint, topped with many scratches that provide it with a distinct rough character. With such an item, your entire inventory will rise to a new level. Puffin, the community designer, has made sure of this. So, if you want to refresh your collection at a low price, this item, added to the game in 2017, is perfect for that. Buy it today for less than a dollar.

  • Flavor TextThe topcoat is still drying
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.06
  • Highest Steam Price: $0.49

Oxide Blaze

Oxide Blaze is a skin that is very well-known in the CS2 community, yet its price is still very low (all the better for you). This Glock-18 variant features a black base layer overlaid with a silver flame pattern that almost looks like the gun is blazing when fired. On top of that, a small target stamp has been added near the grip. It doesn’t get much better than thuis. This Oxide Blaze skin was added to Global Offensive in 2018 with the “Welcome to the Danger Zone” update, and now it will help you improve your equipment.

  • Flavor Text“The subject claims this washed up on shore”
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.04
  • Highest Steam Price: $0.23


It’s winter, so we decided that we couldn’t NOT add Winterized to our list of best skins. Not only because it clearly refers to the best season of all, but also because it’s just a super nice item. Interestingly, this Glock-18 variant is the most recent addition to the game, of those included in the article, as it only appeared on the servers in 2022, along with the Recoil case. Its author is the community designer “hexeth“. If you’re looking for a cool version of a classic military print, Death Rattle isn’t the only great option for you. Now you can also reach for a brilliant camouflage pattern in winter colors!

  • Flavor Text“Freeze!
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.04
  • Highest Steam Price: $0.21
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Clear Polymer

Clear Polymer is a real treat for all the minimalists in the Counter Strike 2 world, so if you’re not a fan of fancy patterns and like simplicity, then you have to add it to your collection. It first appeared in the game in 2021 as part of the “Snakebite Case” update. As for its design, it was made entirely of clear polymer and topped with a tan slide and blue trigger. At first glance, you may say that there is nothing special about it, but the truth is that you won’t find another skin like it in the game, and that’s what makes Clear Polymer special.

  • Flavor TextWhat you see is what you get
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.05
  • Highest Steam Price: $0.39


As you can see, Counter-Strike 2 is full of affordable Glock-18 skins, which cost less than a dollar, but at the same time still can add great value to your collection. So if you’re looking for a way to refresh your inventory for the new game, be sure to browse through our list and then stock up on your favorite items from it.

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