Top 10 CSGO Revolver Skins

The R8 revolver is one of the weapons that you can equip in the pistol slot in CS:GO. Although less popular than it’s big brother the Desert Eagle, the R8 Revolver and its incredible point blank stopping power still make it a popular choice for some of the players that need a versatile gun. Besides firing rapidly up-close, players can also perform a lengthy trigger pull for a highly accurate shot.

Since it was introduced to the game, the R8 revolver has gained a considerable number of new skins. Although it’s not the weapon with the largest number of skins by far, it still has some impressive weapon skins that would make a great fit for any collection. Here are the top 10 R8 Revolver skins available in CS:GO.

  1. R8 Revolver | Crimson Web

A stylish yet simple design, the R8 Revolver Crimson Web combines a crimson red body with black elements for a more toned look. Covered with a black spiderweb, this R8 Revolver skin also contains a bonus spooky factor. This weapon skin is also on the cheaper scale since a Factory New version will put you behind by only $2.34.

  1. R8 Revolver | Bone Mask

Perhaps most players will turn their heads on this skin, since it doesn’t look anything like the newer flashy weapon skins, but the classic R8 Revolver Bone Mask skin absolutely deserves an honorary spot on this list. This skin might look bland, but it also happens to be the best choice for fans of the classic military look. If you want a skin for your R8 Revolver that won’t stand out from the general CS:GO aesthetic, you can get a Factory New Bone Mask for $0.09.

  1. R8 Revolver | Crazy 8
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Introduced as a part of the recoil collection, Crazy 8 is one of the more flashy skins that you can get for your R8 Revolver. With number 8 being the most obvious visual theme, the Crazy 8 skin has all kinds of small details, which make it look great in-game. If you want to add this piece to your collection, you the Factory New version of this skin lists for around $2.67 on the Steam community market.

  1. R8 Revolver | Amber Fade

One of the Amber Fade skins, the R8 Revolver version doesn’t stay behind other weapons regarding looks. The Amber Fade can give your R8 Revolver that’s signature chrome metallic look which reflects the in-game light very well. This is a skin perfect for fans of a slightly more tasteful look that doesn’t stand out with various flashy features. A Factory New Amber Fade R8 Revolver will cost you around $1.14.

  1. R8 Revolver | Reboot

This skin is for the players who want to completely change the looks of their gun. The Reboot skin for the R8 Revolver gives your weapon a robotic look, turning the usual gun into something straight out of sci-fi. The skin is black, with tiny red and metallic details, giving your revolver a menacing look. You can buy a Factory New Reboot skin for only $3.11.

  1. R8 Revolver | Grip

The Grip skin for your R8 Revolver is the best option if you enjoy the look of traditional police TV shows from the 80s and 70s. That is because this skin gives your R8 Revolver a very retro look, with silver metallic finishes and a blue-white grip. If you want a Revolver Factory New version of this gun, you will only need $0.23.

  1. R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher
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Skull Crusher is the best option for players who enjoy monster trucks and other big rigs. With a paint job that’s a combination of tiger stripes on the handle and flames on the ammo chamber, the Skull Crusher will definitely let others in the match know you’re not messing around. If you want to get your hands on this dangerous R8 Revolver skin, you can get the Field Tested version for $1.84.

  1. R8 Revolver | Llama Cannon

One of the more hilarious entries on this list, the Llama Cannon R8 Revolver skin is one of those weapon skins combining guns with ill-fitting elements. For example, players that opt to use this gun have a tiny llama frolicking on the barrel of their gun. Besides the cute detail, Llama Cannon also has a pretty color pattern and makes your gun really stand out. It is also one of the more expensive skins on this list since a Factory New version of the Llama Cannon is listed on the Steam community market for $7.97.

  1. R8 Revolver | Blaze

One option for fans of all things fiery in CS:GO, the Blaze skin is a perfect addition to any fire-themed loadout. Visually the skin is very simple, you have a flame on a black background of the gun barrel. Although the graphic itself is not the most visually impressive one in the game, it’s still one of the best R8 Revolver skins for someone looking for a flame-themed weapon skin. Blaze is also very cheap, you can get Factory New Blaze for about $0.80.

  1. R8 Revolver | Phoenix
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Closing off the list, at spot number 10 comes to a Revolver skin called Phoenix, one of the dark blue skins available for the R8. A popular choice for darker-blue load-outs in particular, the Phoenix skin will give your gun a darker-blue hue. With words ‘Phoenix’ written in graffiti all over the body of the gun, it can look a bit mysterious as well. If you want Phoenix for your collection the Factory New version will cost you around $1.

In Conclusion

Although not as popular as other guns, the R8 Revolver skins also contain some impressive entries. If you found any of the skins mentioned on this list interesting, remember that you can buy them at for the best prices on the market.

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