How to Choose The Best CSGO Gloves in 2022?

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CSGO skins have made up a huge part of the CS:GO experience ever since the game’s release back in 2012. Over almost a decade now, each update or patch has introduced many new skins, including the glove skins.

The skins for CSGO gloves are an important part of your character’s outfit. Moreover, the gloves in CS GO provide the players with an important option to express their personality. As such, CS:GO gloves come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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So whether you are looking for a pair of red CSGO gloves, blue CSGO gloves, or anything in between, there is bound to be a perfect pair for you in CSGO. In this gamer’s guideline you will find our the top choices of CSGO glove skins.

What Cases Have Gloves CS GO?

Glove skins in CS:GO are extremely rare. It means that it is quite difficult to obtain them through random CSGO drops. In fact, the only way to get any of the CSGO gloves is to open one of the cases that contain them.

Currently, there are only three CSGO weapon cases that can contain glove skins. These are the following:

  1. the Clutch Case
  2. the Operation Hydra Case
  3. and the Glove Case.

The price of the each of these cases is around $0.03. However, the skins that they drop are not the same. Furthermore, there are no guarantees that you will receive one of the gloves in CSGO. In terms of contents, the Clutch Case contains a better variety of popular and more valuable skins such as M4A4 Neo-Noir and USPS Cortex.

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In order to open any of the CSGO cases, including the three mentioned above, you will need an appropriate key. Bear in mind, you can buy CS GO keys only via the Steam market.

How Do You Get Gloves In CS:GO?

To get a pair of new CSGO gloves, you can do so by opening one of the three cases that have a chance to contain them. However, there are easier ways of obtaining all CS GO gloves.

  • to visit one of many CSGO marketplaces and purchase your favorite pair of CS:GO gloves
  • to buy csgo gloves on the Steam Market.

However, many players choose to buy and sell CSGO skins on one of many third-party websites due to better prices and more payment options.

Regardless of whether you opt to purchase your CSGO glove skins on the Steam market or a third-party website, it is important to keep in mind that CSGO glove skins are extremely rare and therefore can cost a lot of money.

Top 5 Must-Have CS:GO Gloves

5. Specialist | Gloves Fade

Specialist Gloves Fade is a pair of blue gloves in CSGO. They were introduced to the game back in February 2018. These Specialist gloves are extremely durable. Howeevr, they ensures that your hands remain comfortable while at the same time being able to take a beating. Remember that they also come in three exteriors: Field-Tested gloves, Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred gloves CS:GO.

Specialist Gloves Fade min
  • Flavor Text: None
  • Lowest Steam price: $225.39
  • Drops From Case: Clutch Case
  • First Added: 16 February 2018

4. Moto Gloves | POW!

Moto Gloves POW! is a pair of gloves protecting the owner from injury in case of a motorcycle accident. This specific pair are cosmetic in-game items in CS GO since 2018. What is interesting, their design is inspired by comic book onomatopoeia. Moto Gloves are available in four exteriors, excluding Factory New.

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gloves csgo min
  • Flavor Text: None
  • Lowest Steam price: $194.13
  • Drops From Case: Clutch Case
  • First Added: 16 February 2018

3. Sport Gloves | Vice

Sport Gloves Vice is a pair of gloves in CSGO made out of synthetic fabrics. Their color scheme consists of a combination of pink, blue and black fabrics. The skins appeared in CS:GO in 2018. Finally, Sport Gloves Vice are only available in two exteriors – Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred.

Sport Gloves csgo min
  • Flavor Text: None
  • Lowest Steam price: $950.69
  • Drops From Case: Clutch Case
  • First Added: 16 February 2018

2. Driver Gloves | King Snake

Driver Gloves King Snake is a pair of driving gloves in CS:GO. Made out of leather and snakeskin, these gloves become a part of CS GO economy in 2018. They feature a sleek white design. Besides that, they offer great protection from the elements. All in all, they are available in three exteriors in the Market: Field-Tested, Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred.

skins csgo min
  • Flavor Text: None
  • Lowest Steam price: $346.72
  • Drops From Case: Clutch Case
  • First Added: 16 February 2018

1. Hand Wraps | Leather

Hand Wraps Leather is a pair of fingerless gloves. They were added to CSGO back in 2016. Their design is very simplistic and features a pair of leather strips wrapped around bandages that go over your hands. These gloves are available in all five exteriors, ranging in price from $100 to $1000 on the Steam Market.

Hand wraps csgo min
  • Flavor Text: Become Notorious
  • Lowest Steam price: $134.29
  • Drops From Case: Clutch Case, Operation Hydra Case
  • First Added: 29 November 2016


This gamer’s guide provides detailed information about some of the best CSGO cases containing glove skins. Read until the end to know the best gloves price, value, flavor text, and different ways players can obtain them. Additionally, the article will provide information on which weapon cases can contain skins for those CSGO gloves. 

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